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Why do we have to choose?

We believe Business is no good without pleasure. Work would be worthless without play.

There’s no success without passion, no beauty without love. There’s no me without you, and no future without the present.

So, whatever you do, do it playfully and passionately. Whomever you meet, meet them with a smile. And wherever you’re going, you’re here now.

So be here now. Take a breath. Stay awhile. Enjoy this beautiful day, this beautiful life

Business or pleasure?

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Mediterranean is our

And here too!!enjoying these landscapes full of light and color...

passion It reflects everything we love and what we live for.

Sunny days laying on the beach, spending hours watching from a terrace the harbor’s bustle, long walks on the pier as the sun hides behind the horizon…

Such impressions get their “Mediterranean sense” only when they are enriched with certain values, like being close to the family, meeting friends, sharing unforgettable moments with a relaxed smile on your face…

I want to be here

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not who the world wants you to be

(lieve in) Life has as many colors and shades as you want to see.

We are Mediterranean, modern, colorful, professional, life-passio-nate, funny, fresh, accessible and open to all. This is our identity, our character, and our JISCO design.

Whatever you do, believe in yourself, follow your dreams and above all, be yourself.

The key to Mediterranean soul lies in its people

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We started JISCO with a desire to create a different kind of company. A place where everyone contributes and everyone matters, where we all respect one another and celebrate our differences. A place where promises are kept.

Our Jisco eyewear collection is designed with passion for you. We design and manufacture each model down to the last detail to ensure maximum comfort:

- Using only high quality materials

- Italian acetate produced exclusively for Jisco

- Ultra-light titanium from Japan

- Handmade finishing and polishing process, making each piece unique and original

- Over 250 color combinations

As you walk, eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life


Comfort and wearable, personal style is always more important than fashion.

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Special Eyewear pocket

Original acetate details

I wish I could freeze this momento right here, right now, and live in it forever.

Jisco bags are the last expression of our PASSION for fashion and design, and our love for the Med Style.

The collection is a fresh combination of urban & business designs made with authentic Italian and Spanish leather, using vibrant colors and nice ace-tate accesories, versatile, and ready-to-wear in all occasions.

Our bags are the perfect accessory to accompany you throughout the day. The external eyewear poc-ket and internal compartments to store technolo-gy both protected with neoprene lining, and the exclusive acetate details on the zips, add a unique touch to these extraordinarily wearable bags.

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Tel. Germany: +49 341 962 19917

Tel. France: +33 5 82 84 03 60

Tel. Spain: +34 931 760 053

Tel. Italy: +39 049 798 5522

Fax: +34 931 763 988

Skype: jisco.eyewear

E-mail: [email protected]

www. jiscostyle.com