7B Unit 4 Finding your way

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7B Unit 4 Finding your way. Task. Where will you have the party? What food will you have? Who will you invite to your party? How will you invite your friends to your party?. Free talk : When is your birthday? Do you have a birthday party?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 7B Unit 4 Finding your way Task

  • Free talk : When is your birthday?Do you have a birthday party?

  • Listen to Suzys invitation letter and answer the questions:When and where is Suzy going to have her birthday party?

    What time will the party start?

    What will her parents prepare for the children?

    What will they do at the party?

    What else is in Suzys invitation?Shes going to have the party at home this weekend.Itll start at 2 p.m. on Sunday, 21 April.Her parents will prepare plenty of food and drinks for them.They will play some games.A map and directions.

  • How to write an invitation letter? greetingmessageclosingsignature

  • How to write the message?placetime typedateactivity

  • Draw a mapRoute guide

  • underground leftrightnext to / beside

  • A

  • I would like to invite you to a party. invite sb to sp./ to do sth. /She invites most of her classmates to her birthday party.MillieAmyMillie invites Amy to do some shopping together.

    Language points:

  • (2) I am looking forward to seeing you at home. look forward to sth./doing sth to-ingWe are looking forward to a day out.Im looking forward to wring a letter about my school life to my pen friend.

  • (3) prepare for get sth. ready for sb.We must prepare the room for the meeting.All the students are busy preparing for the mid-term exam. (4) plenty of /plenty of water/books

  • 1Dear parents ,teachers and classmates (who) 2.We are happy to invite you to ____________ party for ____________. 3 We will hold the party in ____________ (where)4 from 1p.m. to 6p.m. on Saturday ,26th April (when )5We will meet at ________ gate. 6 We will_____________. (what) 7. Im looking forward to seeing you at________

    Useful expressions:

  • ---I want to go out, can you tell me where the () is? ---Look, its over there.2. ---Excuse me, is there a () near here? ---Sorry, I have no idea.3. The neighbours are () for a party.4. Go () the street, and youll find the police station.5. Turn left at the t lights.exitbankreadyalongraffic

  • 6. You can go (cross) the street when thelights turn green.7. There are plenty of (pen) on the teachers desk.8. The lion is a (danger) animal. Dont you think so?9. I like teachers who are (fun) and can laugh with their students.10. Remember (return) the book to the library when you finish reading it.acrosspensdangerousfunnyto return

  • 1. Our teacher the lessons every night.

    2. I have time every day.

    3. Traffic safety is very important. We should when we .

    4. This is my home.

    5. My parents food and drinks us. prepares forplenty ofbe carefulcross the roadthe way towill prepare plenty of for

  • 6. I would like you the party.

    7. A the . Exit A.

    8. , walk the .

    9. You will see a you.

    10.I am you at the party.to invite to Take undergroundGet out atTurn leftstraight on to traffic lightbank in front of looking forward to meeting

  • 11. the house, and the path next to the river.

    12. .Turn right at the second turningTake the second turning on the right.Walk past turn left walk along

  • An invitation lettera Christmas party 4:30 p.m. , 24 December

    PS: The map below shows how to get to my home.3Autumn StreetAutumn StreetOrange StreetHappy Time Supermarket.