8 Things That Attract A Man To A Woman! By Cucan Pemo

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  1. 1. 8 Things That Attract A Man To A Woman! By Cucan Pemo Learning how to attract girls doesn't need to be as complicated as us guys can sometimes make it. But sometimes it just feels hopeless! As soon as you feel that you may have a real chance with a girl, sure enough, she ends up leaving with that #%%-hole! What to do...? Well, take a look at these basic tips that will help put you in the driver's seat and get the girls hopelessly attracted to you! More and more men are coming out of the closet by admitting the fact that they want to be cared for by a woman. So, let me say it on behalf of all the men: we want to be taken care of. We want someone who can take care of us, dispel our fears, and absolve our worries. So, if you find your man physically attracted to another inordinately hot female, you can rest assured knowing that you alone can provide the one thing man needs more than anything, and can get only from you. Love. Your level of confident will determine how far you can go about attracting women of your choice. Show youare confident when you are walking around by standing straight. Your body posture will always show whether you are condiment or not. Some who is confident will stand straight and look into the eyes of anybody around him.
  2. 2. The important ingredient of attraction is non-neediness. The best way to learn how to project non- neediness towards women is by getting into the habit of sharing your playfulness and your curiosity with women. Believe it or not, it is possible for you to project your playfulnes and your curiosity purely through the lenses of your eyes before you even open your mouth and say anything to the woman that you're attracted to. Here I'm talking about the phenomenon of using "smiling eyes" because of which I got to enjoy my first ever experience of being able to make a hot girl flirt back with me and chase me without me even saying a word to her at the very beginning. These tips will certainly help you understand a Taurus man better. And then, making him fall in love with you, wouldn't be as difficult as it seems now. You now know almost everything about a Taurus man , so be patient with him. Once this man falls for you, he is bound to get possessive, a trait that you will have to always deal with. Other than that, he will always be there for you, and will see to it that your happiness is taken care of, at all times. He will give you everything you deserve in the relationship, without you having to ask for it. What more could you ask for? Best of Luck! Have a mental picture or vision of your type. To be honest, I didn't use affirmations or prayers to meet my type (although you can), I just had a mental picture of what he was like (looks, personality, etc). I ingrained that image in my head. And then my favorite song came on, Rihanna's Only Girl , and I forgot all about the image and focused on having a great time. Yup, and right after the song, lo and behold, my type walks up to me. Whyyy hellllllllloooo Mr. Type.
  3. 3. Because since you can't avoid texting girls about similar stuff, why not take note of which replies you sent got the best reaction? If you tease a girl about sunbathing in a certain way and you notice she's laughing her ass off, then save that text message somewhere or write it down. There's something that you have to face if you have broken up with your girlfriend recently. The longer that you wait to do something about what you are feeling, the longer that you put off learning how to attract her back... the more likely it is that the breakup will stay and you will end up finding out the she is in love with someone else. Is 9 times out of 10 better odds than you are getting now? That is because you have been doing what everyone else does in a club. If you have had a lack of dates it is evidence that their way stinks. This way has been proven to work. So if you want to be successful at meeting gorgeous women try it out and you will see.