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KONICA 8031Office Colour Document System


Colour is our whole life: It dominates nature, television, fashion, in posters and advertisements, magazines, in the internet, and so on. Colour motivates, impresses, inspires... makes all the difference! Colour is the number one visual tool. From now on, take advantage of colour every day, with the Konica 8031, for truly different, more successful communication faster, more brilliant and economic than you ever imagined!


This new generation of colour document systems amazes with its productive performance at up to 30 colour pages per minute. Add to that the multifunctional communication capabilities, such as scanning or copying, and you can do away with other separate office equipment. Especially, as the Konica 8031 conveniently doubles as a productive black & white office printer. Equipped with the latest in paper management, configured with extensive finishing capabilities and intelligent Konica software solutions, the Konica 8031 quickly turns into a winning asset for your company.

vel in Colour Productivity.Performance 30ppm colour or black & white printing/copying Paper Size A6 to A3 oversize Paper from 64gsm to 256gsm 3250 Sheet Maximum Paper Capacity 600 x 1800 dpi equivalent high resolution Advanced Finishing 1000 sheet multi-stapler finisher with 4-Hole Punch* Duplex Printing* Booklet folding and Saddle stitching* Scan Once Print Many 100 sheet document feeder

Image Quality Features Advanced colour registration technology 256 level grayscale Fine Edge Enhancement Technology Auto-Calibration Optimised reproduction of office, presentation and photo originals Digital Polymerised toner for image clarity Multiexposure Toner System (METS)

Network Printing & Scanning* Choice of 2 print controllers; IP-711 or Firey X3e+ for office printing or Print For Pay Shops Easy to operate Network Management Tools True Adobe Postcript 3 Simple print driver installation High speed network scanning up to A3 Colourwise 3 achieves precise consistent colour Easy to use tools to customise colour and pantone spot colour matching. Remote Management Scan to Email, FTP, Hard disk or PC *Optional


With a speed of up to 30 colour pages per minute, the Konica 8031 is strikingly different from conventional, slow and expensive colour printing systems. Now you can produce small print runs of your advertising materials, such as handbooks, sales literature, presentations, business papers, even A3 posters yourself. Even better, the Konica 8031 will print on heavy paper stock of up to 256 gsm. Print with impressive quality, save outsourcing costs and valuable time.

Fast,Accurate Colour The Konica 8031 features innovative tandem colour processing which applies all four colours in one pass, rather than the traditional "four cycle" system, which requires a separate pass for each colour.This provides a fast output speed of 30 copies or prints per minute.

High Colour Productivity The modular design of the Konica 8031 includes a variety of scanning, paper-source, finishing and print-server options that will meet the colour document needs of busy offices now and in the future.

Digital Colour Copying & PrintingThe Konica 8031 and the Fiery Print Controller enables you to print on both sides in duplex mode, perfectly sorted and stapled with the professional finisher.Thats an ideal and cost efficient enhancement for your in-house print room or department.

High-Speed Stackless Duplexing The Konica 8031s optional duplexing document feeder gives you stackless duplex copying at full-rated speed.You can also double-side colour copies virtually as fast as single sided, even make 2 in 1 and 4 in 1 copies.

Scan Once, Print Many The Konica 8031 effectively achieves multiple copies after scanning an original through just once.

U C T I O N AT Y O U R F I N G E R T I P S .Easy Operation The Konica 8031 features an interactive liquid crystal display (LCD) touch panel, with a 3-step angle adjustment for operating ease. Selecting your required functions is as simple as pressing the buttons on the easy-to-follow option screen. Powerful New Print Controllers Konica's two new print controller options transform the 8031 into powerful network printers.The standard IP-711 is suited for traditional PCL colour applications such as charts and graphics.The Firey X3e+ print controller provides the power for more intensive colour use and comes standard with EFI's In-Rip Colorwise builtin colour calibration. Both of these Konica print controllers also offer network scanning features such as scan-to-email, scan-to-FTP, scan-to-PC and scan-to-HDD. Professional Quality The Konica 8031 produces fast, short-run colour documents as either direct colour copies or prints from a desktop PC. Marketing proposals, reports, brochures, flyers, posters and presentation handouts can be produced in brilliant colour, in-house for substantial savings in time and money.Interactive LCD touch panel display with 3-step angle adjustment

CREATE IN BRILLIANT COLOUR FOR EVERY PROJECTQuality Presentations Capture your customer's attention with brilliant presentations and hand-outs complete with colour photos, graphs and visual aids.


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Eye-catching Direct Mail Produce eye-catching direct mail advertisements for your customers, all individually addressed in full colour.

CAIRNSHolidaying at Holiday with class and style at the famous Hotel MerloLife for Michael Keevers takes an upturn with the purchase of his new imac. With a widescreen 17 LCD, powerful 1Ghz processor, Superdrive (DVD-R), 80Gb hard disk, USB, firewire and Mac OS X, Michael Keevers has plenty to smile about (well, for the next 3-6 months at least). There is currectly rumours of a 19 model coming out in the next few months with double capacity in both CPU and hard drive with the leak of images from an unknown website. Michael Keevers is currently adjusting to the look and feel of the new Mac OS X and will soon be mastering the multimeHolidaying at Cairns155 Sunshine can see by the smile of dia capabilities of his imac. As youCoast Rd Queensland 2000

Holidaying at


At this stage this is said to be only rumours, and is unconfirmed.

Mrs Laura Ryan 25 Prairie Drive Prairie Fields VIC

his face, he is quite happy.

Hotel Merlo 192 Sunshine Drive CBefore Nov 15th 2003!




Attractions for Mums, Dads & Kids!

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SMOKED SALMON500g Smoked Salmon 1 shallot chopped Corn from 2 cobs 1/2 red capsicum, finely diced 1 large avocado diced 1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander 1/4 cup white wine 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1 Tbsp Moro Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Heat a non-stick pan to high, add the oil and sear the swordfish for 1-2 minutes each side. Remove from pan, cover with foil and keep warm in a low oven. Add the shallot, corn and capsicum to pan and cook, stirring for 1-2minutes or until starting to soften. Add the avocado, coriander and white wine, cover and steam for 1 minute or until heated through. Place avocado corn mixture on heated plates and top with swordfish. Add lemon and vinegar to pan and whisk into pan juices. Pour over the fish and serve immediately.

Delicious & Healthy


Brochures & Booklets Create striking brochures in house - full of attractive colour to inspire your customers.

Exciting Newsletters Send out exciting newsletters featuring colourful photos, illustrations quickly and easily in-house.

Professional Proposals Present professional quality proposals, highlighting important messages in colour, incorporating logos to increase corporate identity and convey a quality company image.


The Konica 8031 makes job management easier than ever. All printer/copy jobs can be stored and managed by the user from the LCD control panel display. Multiple operators can use the Konica 8031 simultaneously, resulting in a smooth workflow for all users. Changing or increasing the priority of any job in the queue is a convenient option for those rush jobs. Memory recall allows additional copies to be printed from the machine's memory. This feature is ideal for test-prints or large jobs which will not require re-RIP time. You can even combine up to five (5) print/copy jobs from different applications, stored in the memory and then print out as a single document. Use this innovative feature in combination with the Konica 8031's advanced finishing capabilities to create all kinds of documents with ease. The technology behind the Konica 8031 will elevate your print environment into the next generation of colour document production.

Versatile Paper Handling The Konica 8031 can easily handle a wide selection of media from the universal 250-sheet paper tray.This includes 64-256 gsm stock, overhead transparencies, post cards and stock intended for full bleed printing. Two optional 500-sheet universal paper cassettes or a 2500-sheet large capacity tray are available for a maximum paper capacity of 3250 sheets.

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LCT (DB-432)

Copy Table (DK 134+2xPF232)

Thick Paper, A3 Wide and Envelopes The Konica 8031 is compatible with a wide variety of media such as thick paper used for presentation covers and invitation envelopes.You can also select from a range of paper sizes up to A3 wide for print outs that include crop marks or for enlarging smaller difficult-to-read charts. Duplexing Document Feeder To save your staff valuable time, the Konica 8031 features a Duplexing Document Feeder.This feature will set up to 100 sheets of two-sided originals up to 80gsm for duplex copying.

Modular and Easy to Service The Konica 8031 embodies a new generation of document systems with a modular structure and easy-to-service design. Whether you require the duplex unit, automatic document feeder, paper trays, finisher, sorter or controller; you decide which options you want today and would like tomorrow.

NT JOBS IN COLOUR MADE SIMPLE.Professional Finishing The Konica 8031 can be tailored to precisely match your office's document production needs. Generate and sort presentation-ready materials over the network as easily as copying a document at the console.Finisher (FS-135)

Outstanding Imaging Quality The Konica 8031, with it's single-pass colour technology lays four colours in one smooth motion, achieving outstanding image quality. The Multiple Exposure Tone System (METS) delivers an increased level of graduation in each pixel which makes images smoother. The built-in colour registration technology ensures crisp, sharp and perfectly aligned images every time. Digital Colour Polymerized Toner Konica's new Digital Colour Polymerized Toner eliminates the need for a fuser oil system. This advanced technology also provides superior halftone definition and better solid fills. It also produces toner particles that are uniform in shape. For printing, this results in finer lines and text that is clearer and acheives remarkable quality gradation in pictures and illustrations. Konica Digital Toner is also environmentally friendly, reducing emissions of CO2, SOx and NOx during production. Image Optimisation of Text The Konica 8031 automatically identifies areas of text and then uses Fine Edge Enhancement Technology to improve output resolution to 600 x 1800 dpi equivalency. This ensures that text reproduction is clear and easy to read. Image Optimisation of Photos By setting screen angles for each of the four colours and controlling the number of dots based on image density, the Konica 8031 optimises the reproduction of colour photos.

The Konica 8031 offers two finisher options - a single-position stapler (FS-135) and a booklet-finisher option (FS-231) for creating professional booklets.The booklet finisher option offers 4 hole punching for a variety of finishing needs.Booklet Finisher (FS-231)

Saddle Stitch & Hole-Punching The optional booklet finisher (FS-231) offers multiple stapling positions, sorting and hole punching for binding. Or for more specialised needs, the FS-231 also offers centre folding with 2 staples to produce flyers or direct mailers ready for the envelope. Just imagine being able to automatically zip out 40-page (10 sheets, double sided) finished signature booklets, with proper pagination, centrefold and 2 staples in the middle. Documents look great, and your office saves time and valuable resources.

KONICA 8031. FLEXIBLE COLOUIndividual colour production for everyone in the company.

The Konica 8031 comes with a range of high performance controllers to ensure you can acheive reliable network integration, letting you and your team process print jobs quickly and conveniently from your desktop. Being able to create professsional documents such as tenders, brochures or presentations in-house will benefit your business with substantial savings in time and money. Increase Konica 8031's scope of applications and productivity with customised software solutions. Konica can provide advanced solutions for advanced document processing such as variable data printing for mailings or application-independent processing of photos, graphics and text files.

Powerful New Print Controllers Konica's two new print controller options transform the 8031 into powerful network printers.The two print controller options : the IP-711 and the Fiery X3e+ and the benefits of each are outlined in the comparative chart on the next page. Document Management Solutions Managing paper documents and electronic data is easy with the use of your new Konica 8031 print controller solution. Both print controller options offer the benefits of scan-to-email, scan-to-FTP and scan-to-HDD.The versatility of these network scanning functions mean your office can now share information and vastly improve current document storage and management. Managing your workflow with Network Scanning Scan-to-email will dramatically increase your business efficiency by sending all data, even colour documents quickly and easily direct from your Konica 8031 to an email recipient. Unlike faxes, the recipient is not restricted to receiving the data in black and white, making the communication process much easier. Scan-to-FTP enables your office to save data on to the

Network Printer & ScannerMaximise your office potential by connecting the Konica 8031 to your LAN. Over your office network the Konica 8031 remains 100% efficient, printing 600 dpi-resolution documents at 30 pages per minute in colour or in black and white. In-house publishing over your network utilising the Konica 8031 in combination with your print controller has never been simpler. Now all users on your network can produce short-run colour documents as either direct colour copies or prints from a desktop PC.

FTP server to allow network users to share documents. Watch your office efficiency increase rapidly as your staff can now quickly retrieve data whenever they require. Scan-to-HDD can give all your staff access to common company documents by storing them on to the hard disk drive of the Konica 8031.You and your staff can then easily view and download this saved data from the client PC's.

UR NETWORKING FOR YOUR TEAM.Connectivity Alternatives IP-711 Fiery X3e+

Fiery X3e+ Print Controller FeaturesFiery Command Workstation v4.0 The Command WorkStation is designed to make centralised print job

Target Group


In-house printing and office Better RIP times for larger files, graphic data, combined applications PostScript controller with generous scanning features

management easy. It now automatically identifies Fiery servers on your network and offers new customisation options so you can choose the most efficient way to display information about connected Fiery

File Processing

Small files, office applications

servers. It sets the standard for conveniently managing and manipulating digital print jobs.


Affordable PCL controller for general office applications

Fiery ColorWise 3.0 Fiery ColorWise is a powerful in-RIP colour management system offering all the tools you need to keep quality up and cost down. Designed for both general and expert user levels, Fiery ColorWise


Extensive scanning features

FreeForm Software Doc Builder

enables you to produce out-of-the-box color consistently across applications, computer platforms, colour spaces and colour file formats such as TIFF and EPS.

Fiery Scan Fiery Scan incorporates the Fiery controller as a key element of

Internet Fax The Konica 8031 has an internet fax function, allowing data to be sent via internet. When compared to normal fax transmissions using PSTN this method greatly reduces long-distance transmission fees. Doc-Builder Pro** When collating data stored on the Hard Disk Drive of your print controller, Doc-Builder Pro enables you to utilise a variety of convenient settings. These advanced settings will provide you with the ability to make two-sided outputs from different applications and exchange or delete pages with ease. This is an easy way to develop professional-looking proposals and booklets in-house.

network and distribution scanning. Scans can be initiated remotely or at the Fiery and stored on the Fierys hard drive.The user can then distribute the scans via email to any email account around the world, download the file directly to the Fiery Hold queue to build documents, or save the scanned file directly to the PC. Scans can also be retrieved via the Fiery WebTools utility, local Fiery interface, or TWAIN plug-in.

Fiery WebTools Administer your Fiery server and print jobs through any Java-enabled browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator, by using Fiery WebTools. With Fiery WebTools, you can view the current status of jobs, manage jobs with Fiery WebSpooler and install print drivers and utilities from workstations, among other activities.

Fiery NetWise Accelerate setup and achieve seamless connectivity on all popular network environments with Fiery NetWise.To the standard Ethernet connection, Fiery NetWise adds Web connectivity for printing via the Internet. NetWise also offers the ability to perform many administrative tasks through email, such as submitting jobs to different Fiery servers, canceling them and sending scanned images to remote

**Optional function when Fiery X3e+ is installed.


KONICA 8031. Technical SpecificatType Process Gradation Memory Warm-Up Time Power Consumption Dimensions Weight Copy Speed 1st Copy Out Resolution Magnification Exposure Modes Type of Originals Original Size Paper Capacity Output Size Materials Special Functions Colour Adjustment Power Supply Magnification Copy Functions Image Manipulation Functions Consumables Options Platen Cover (CV-131) RADF (DF-332) Duplex (AD-231) Desk (DK-133) Copy Table (DK-134) plus two Universal Cassettes (PF-232) LCT (DB-432) Staple Finisher (FS-135) Exit Tray (FT-331) Booklet Finisher (FS-231) 4-Hole Puncher (PK-131) Staple Cartridge MS-3D Staple Cartridge MS-5D Scanner Rack (DK-232) Hard Disk Video Interface (VI-635) MU-433 Digital Full-Colour Copier/Printer/Scanner Tandem Type Indirect Electro-photographic System 256 gradations Standard 256MB and optional 256MB 300 seconds or less 1.5kW Scanner: 589 (W) x 730 (D) x 152 (H) mm, Main Unit: 596 (W) x 730 (D) x 571 (H) mm Scanner: 19.5kg, Main Unit: 85kg Colour: 30 pages, B&W: 30 pages Colour 9.9 seconds or less (A4 crosswise), B&W: 7.9 seconds or less (A4 crosswise) Scan 600dpi x 600dpi, Copy 600dpi x 1800dpi equivalent x 0.250 - 4.000 (Preset or Variable) Text/Photo, Photo Image, Printed Image,Text, Map, Copied Image Sheets, Book, 3-D Objects Max.: A3 (Ledger) Standard: 751 sheets (250 + 500 + 1), Max.:3251 sheets (250 + 500 + 1 + 2500) A3 Wide (311 x 457 mm) to A6, (12-1/4 x 18 to 3-1/2 x 5-1/2) Plain Paper (64-90g/m2),Thick Paper 1 (91-150g/m2),Thick Paper 2 (151-209g/m2) Thick Paper 3 (210-256g/m2), (Envelopes and OHP - first drawer and manual bipass tray only) Auto colour recognition, text, photo, text/photo, printed image, map mode,ATS, interrupt, book copy, 2-in-1, 4-in-1 Hue, saturation, brightness, sharpness, contrast, colour balance, density 230 V/15 A; 50 Hz Zoom 25400% in 0.1% increments, Reduction: 0.816/0.707/0.500, Enlargement: 1.154/1.414/2.000 Simplex, duplex, frame erase, OHP, etc. X/Y zoom, mirror image, copy density (background, density, etc.) Imaging Cartridge Black - 80,000 copies, Imaging Cartridge YMC - 50,000 copies Toner Black - 10,000 copies,Toner YMC - 10,000 copies

100 sheets (80 g) A5A3, paper weight: 50110 g/m2 A5A3, paper weight: 6090 g/m2 Simple pedestal 2 x 500 sheets B5A3, paper weight: 6090 g/m2 Large capacity tray for 2,500 sheets A4, paper weight 6090g/m2 Max. 1,000 sheets, 1 position/30 sheet stapling in print mode Max. 1,000 sheets, 3 position, 50 sheet stapling, Booklet 10 sheets Optional punching function for FS-231 3,000 staples for FS-135 5,000 staples for FS-231 10 GB only for X3e+ 256MB (must be installed with duplex/controller)

Designed for Recycling & Reuse Reusable electric parts,including motor Parts made from recyclable plastic Double-sided tape that facilitates disassembly for reuse or recycling Energy Star With a slew of energy-saving features like Power Saver mode, the Konica 8031 meets the guidelines established by the International Energy Star

Reduced Emissions Konica's exclusive Digital Toner offers advantages beside the improved imaging quality. Production of this polymerized toner reduces emissions of CO2, SOx and NOx by 40% compared to the production of conventional toners. Easy on the Environment The Konica 8031 was designed with the same commitment to reducing environmental burden that goes into all of our business equipment. From developing new technologies to reduce energy consumption to creating parts that meet the strictest environmental guidelines.

ations.FIERY X3e+ SPECIFICATIONS Hardware Intel Pentium III CPU Processor 700 MHz Minimum Memory 128 MB SDRAM (up to 256 MB w/ Upgrade) Hard Drive 10 GB EFI Video Interface Card Fiery RIPChips, ECT Compression for Flexible Compression Ratios and Visually Lossless Image Quality Operating System Linux Networking/Connectivity Autoswitching Protocols EtherTalk Phase II,TCP/IP, Novell IPX Autosensing Ports RJ45 for on-board 10/100 BaseT Automatic IP configuration Standard SNMP Support Standard Printing AppleTalk, Pserver, SMB (peer-to-peer), LPD Page Description/Language Fonts Adobe PostScript 3, 136 Adobe Roman PostScript Scalable Fonts, PDF Printing and PCL5c Resolution 600x600 dpi for Text, Graphics and for Images at All Page Sizes Supported by the Copier Enhanced print 600x1800 dpi Scanning Fiery Scan TWAIN-Compliant, Scan-to-HDD, Scan-to-FTP, Internet Fax Print Speed Drives the Konica 8031 at Rated Speed of 30 ppm Color and 30 ppm Black & White Memory Management ECT Compression Utilities Fiery WebSpooler, Fiery WebLink, Fiery WebSetup - PC, Fiery WebInstaller Fiery WebSpooler, Fiery WebDownloader, Fiery Scan, Fiery Print Calibrator Fiery Print Drivers for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP and Macintosh 8.6 and higher Color Management Built-in Color Rendering Dictionaries (CRDs), Color Charts (RGB, CMYK, Pantone) Source RGB including sRGB, Apple Monitor and EFI RGB Profiles, Support for ICC/ICMColor Profiles Press Simulation ColorWise 3.0, Quick Simulation Adjusts Toner Density Only, Full Simulation Adjusts Toner Density and Hue, Support for SWOP, Euroscale, DIC Printing Standards, Supports Custom Simulation Targets, Simulation on Per Job Basis Calibration Default Calibration for Great Out-of-the-Box Colour, Fiery Print Calibrator, AutoCal2 IP711 CPU MPC8240-200MHz (Shared with machines main body.) Memory 160MB HDD Shared with Konica 8031s optional Hard Disk Drive. Operating System Windows 98/Me, Windows NT4.0/2000/XP Interface IEEE1284 (Compatible/Nibble/ECP), USB (Ver1.1), Ethernet (10/100BASE-TX, RJ45) Network Protocols TCP/IP (LPD, Rawport, SMB, FTP, IPP1.0, POP3, SMTP), IPX/SPX Print Speed 30 pages/min (Colour/B&W, A4) Print Resolution 600dpi x 1800dpi equivalent Printer Language PCL5c Fonts 45 scalable PCL fonts Scan Speed 30/ pages/min (Colour/B&W, A4) Data Format PDF, JPEG,TIFF Internet Protocol Send: SMTP, Receive: POP3 Email Format MIME Data Format TIFF-S Data Compression Mode MH compression (TIFF-S) Scan Resolution 200/300/400/600 dpiAll specifications are approximate and are subject to change. All names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

The Konica 8031 is manufactured at a certified factory for ISO90021987 /BS5750:Part2: 1987/EN2900201987/JIS Z 9902-1991 JMI-0033PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc. Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. NetWare is a trademark of NOVELL, Inc. UNIX is a trademark exclusively licensed by X/Open Company Limited. Intel and Celeron are a registered trademark and trademark of Intel. Other company and product names are registered trademarks and trademarks of their respective companies.

Registered Trademark of Peerless Systems Corporation.

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