9 Beautiful Tiny Homes From Around the World

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Tags: Tiny House, Tiny Houses, Tiny Homes, Green Living


9 Beautiful Tiny Homes from Around the World [PHOTOS]Small, sleek and environmentally-friendly, feast your eyes on these impressive tiny homes that are part of the Tiny House movement.May 27, 2015Tags:Tiny House,Tiny Houses,Tiny Homes,Green Living

The Tiny Tack House is 140 sq. ft and is home to 2 adults and a cat. [Screenshot]Bigger is not always better, especially if you belong to theTiny Housemovement. Quickly gaining momentum throughout the world, Tiny Houses are compact dwelling spaces that are designed with the intention of minimizing carbon footprints and cutting down on excess space. Some homes are mobile and can be parked similar to an RV and moved from one place to next; while others are well-rooted and situated in urban areas. Depending on the size, shape and location of a Tiny House, folks are saving a lot of money by reducing building and materials expenses and, in some cases, eliminating the need for a mortgage. A common theme of Tiny Houses is the amount of thought and creativity put into each tiny home design, with homeowners and designers focusing on the itty-bitty details that make each living space unique and eco-friendly. Take a look at these nine impressive tiny homes from across the globe.1. THE HOBBIT HOUSE WALES, UKStraight out ofLord of the Rings, it only took a few months and a couple of thousand dollars forphotographer Simon Daleto create this natural wonder.SIZE:645 sq. feet 60 sq. metersSPECIAL FEATURES:compost toilet, straw bales in the floor, walls and roof for super-insulation and easy building, a fridge that is cooled by air coming underground through foundations.

The natural tiny dwelling. [Screenshot]

A cozy and roomy interior - fit for a hobbit or human. [Screenshot]2. THE LEGO APARTMENT BARCELONA, SPAINPhotographer Christian Schallert saw potential in the rundown 100-step walk up that he transformed into a beautifully designed pad. At first glance, the apartment looks like an empty cube, but all of theamenities are stored inside of wood paneled shelves, folding out to be a well-equipped living space.SIZE:258 sq. feet-24 sq. meterSPECIAL FEATURES:His bed rolls out from underneath his balcony and the stairs become bedside tables, a full sized refrigerator, dishwasher, sink and microwave.

This is how the cube looks when it's closed. [Screenshot]

All the drawers are opened to reveal a beautifully designed and inviting living space. [Screenshot]3. THE HORI NO UCHI HOUSE TOKYO, JAPANMicro homes are all the rage in Japan. More than 70% of Japans total landmass is covered by forests and mountain ranges, leaving the urban population little space to construct. The creative designers took advantage of the left-over edge of a street to build the sleek Hori no Uchi house.SIZE:595 sq. feet - 55 sq. metersSPECIAL FEATURES:A sheltered parking spot built into the house, a loft area that serves as a childrens playroom

The exterior equipped with a built-in parking space. [Screenshot]

The sunny and spacious living room. [Screenshot]4. TINY TACK HOUSE SNOHOMISH, WA, USAChris and Malissa Tack became enthralled with the idea of a Tiny House. The photographer and 3-D designer set out to create their ownmobile tiny dream homethat they share with their beloved cat.SIZE:140 sq. feet 13 sq. metersSPECIAL FEATURES:All electricity sourced from solar power, has its own fresh water tank, multi-purpose features like a living room bench that doubles as an extra bed

Solar power panel supplies electricity to the Tiny Tack House. [Screenshot]

Their cat has space to roam and wander in the house. [Screenshot]5. THE RAVEN LOFT PENDER ISLAND, CANADAThis house perched in the pines is the brainchild of Geoff de Ruiter, a graduate student who sought a more sustainable lifestyle.SIZE:165 sq. feet - 15 sq. metersSPECIAL FEATURES:Majority of the materials used were recycled and repurposed, heated by an electric baseboard, lighting provided for by two 100-watt light bulbs and 6 candles

The Raven Loft has quite the scenic view. [Screenshot]

The bedroom. [Screenshot]6. THE WINDY CITYS TINIEST HOUSE CHICAGO, IL, USABuilt a couple of years after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, thissweet little homeis nestled in between stone buildings and brick townhouses in the Chicago neigbborhood of Old Town.SIZE:780 sq. feet 70 sq. metersSPECIAL FEATURES:Considered a historical landmark, white picket fence, front deck

This quaint home has historical significance.[Photo byJane Beiles]

The two-room home is minimally furnished.[Photo byJane Beiles]7. THE NAUTILUS HOUSE MEXICO CITY, MEXICOThis psychedelic sea shell-shaped dwelling was created by architectJavier Senosiainwhofashioned the home according to the tenets ofbio-architecture. Theidea is that buildings are based on natural principles of organic forms inaccordance with nature, and avoids harmful materials and sharp corners. This funky dwelling was constructed for a family of four who were looking for something unconventional, which they certainly got.SIZE:N/ASPECIAL FEATURES:A grass mat leads to the different rooms of the house, earthquake-proof, entry cut into a wall of colorful stained glass

The Nautilus house shines brightly at night. [Screenshot]

All of the furniture is built-in to this funky house. [Screenshot]8. THE 24-ROOM APARTMENT HONG KONGHong Kong is densely populated, which made architect Gary Chang think outside-of-the-box when he transformed a small tenement apartment into a living space with 24 different room combinations.SIZE:330 sq. ft. 30 sq. metersSPECIAL FEATURES:Sliding panels that move space to reveal hidden areas and storage, like a wall of cds that when moved opens into a spa bathroom.

Chang lounging in his roomy tiny apartment. [Screenshot]

A top-of-the-line shower hidden behind the wall of cds. [Screenshot]9. THE SMALLEST HOUSE IN ITALY ROME, ITALYArchitect and designerMarco Pierazzisaw the potential in an abandoned, one-room alleyway house just steps away from Romanlandmarks like the Pantheon and Saint Peter's Square. After some serious renovations, he lived there with his wife until their child was born. Now, Pierazzi rents his former home out to tourists looking for a cozy Roman getaway.SIZE:75 sq. feet 7 sq. metersSPECIAL FEATURES:Fully equipped kitchen with electric stove, sink and refrigerator, bathroom and large shower

Stairs lead up to the bedroom. [Screenshot]

A view of the top floor. [Screenshot]