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9 Common Sales Transformation Pitfalls - Webinar Deck · PDF file 2017-12-14 · sales transformation projects, our position is clear: buy whenever possible. Our research data shows

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  • 9 Common Sales Transformation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them Byron Matthews, President & CEO

    LIVE @MillerHeiman | #SalesInsights

  • Today’s Agenda

    • The Evolution, Risks and Critical Points of Sales Transformation

    • Key Research on Investment Priorities and Effectiveness

    • Nine Reasons Sales Transformation Initiatives Fail to Fully Deliver

    • Insight to Ensure You Don’t Fall Into Common Transformation Pitfalls

  • TRANSFORMATION It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it that sets you apart

  • The Need For Change

    Sales Forecast Win Rate

    45.9% Craps Win


    49.3% vs

  • The Decision Dynamic

    People More People Involved Buyer: 5.8 in 2015 /4.74 5yr average. Seller: 4.4 in 2015 / 4.1 5yr average

    Process More Formalized Process Significantly formalized: 61% 2015 / 45.2% 5yr average Ave. sales cycle time: + 2.82% 2015 / 2.6% 5yr average

    Politics How will this group of people, make this decision, this time? Our customer requires formal ROI…: 61.4% 2015 / 40.2% 5yr average Retention rate increase: + 5.4% 2015 / 4.8% 5yr average


    Va lu



  • What We Believe

    OLD WORLD Client Expectation of When Value is Delivered

    NEW WORLD Client Expectation of When Value Is Delivered

    Sales Process Product/Service Delivery

    Signed Contract


    Customer’s Concept

  • Increasing Rate Of Change













    0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% 80.0%

    Rate of Change Impacting Sales Teams

    Customer Expectations

    Competitive Activity

    Customer’s Marketplace

    Complexity of Product Line

    Breadth of Product Line

    Rate of New Product Introductions

    Increasing Noticeably

    Increasing Significantly

  • What has the biggest impact on rate of change for your sales organization?

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  • 2016 Investment Priorities


    Organizational Changes

    82% 70% 60%

    46% 42% 42%

    Training Technology

    Investments / CRM Talent


    Process Design Deployment – Territory Changes

    Playbook / Messaging

  • Outcome Of Sales Effectiveness Initiatives




    6.6% 8.6% Met or Exceeded All Expectations

    Met or Exceeded Majority of Expectations

    Met Only Some Expectations

    Met A Few Expectations

    No Major Sales Effectiveness Initiatives

  • Nine Sure Ways to Failure

    Sales Transformation


    Determine the ROI

    Roadmap for Success

    Nine Sure Ways to Failure

    1 2


    4 56




    Lack of Executive Ownership

    Lack of Dedicated Resources

    Failing to Address Culture

    Misunderstanding the Role of Technology

    Confusing Sales Methodology and Sales Process

    Going It Alone

    Champagne Dreams/ Beer Budgets

    Mishandling the Human Side of the Equation

    Assuming That Done is Done

    Why Sales Transformation Initiatives Fail To Fully Deliver – 9 Common Pitfalls

  • Pitfall #1 – Lack Of Executive Ownership

    Major components of a successful transformation project are:

    Executive ownership

    Shared vision



  • Pitfall #2 – Lack Of Dedicated Resources

    Part-time assignments do not generate part- time results; they often generate no results




    Dedicated Sales Effectiveness/Enablement Staff

    Yes No Planned for 2016

  • Pitfall #3 - Failing To Address Culture

    Before starting your sales transformation project, be sure to introduce new ways of selling while replacing the old ways your team sells.

    Culture eats strategy for breakfast“

  • The Sales System

  • Pitfall #4 - Misunderstanding The Role Of Technology

    A critical key to sales transformation success involves the intelligent use of technology to optimize sales effectiveness.

  • Pitfall #5 – Confusing Sales Methodology And Sales Process

    ? What’s the difference

    between sales methodology and

    sales process?

    The hard part of selling is the “how” of sales.

  • Pitfall #6 – Going It Alone

    With regard to the “buy” versus “build” debate for sales transformation projects, our position is clear:

    buy whenever possible.

    Our research data shows that partnering with a sales or marketing effectiveness provider - whether it’s a

    sales training firm, a CRM developer, or a sales consultancy - increases the success of your project

    both in the short and long term.

  • Pitfall #7 – Champagne Dreams/Beer Budgets

    The cost of doing nothing is clear. It is an order of magnitude greater than investing in a sales transformation project.

  • Pitfall #8 – Mishandling The Human Side Of The Equation

    The Resistance to Change Syndrome

    The Big Brother Syndrome

    There are 2 syndromes to be

    aware of:

    A critical pitfall is focusing too much on process, technology,

    and knowledge and not enough on the people who will be

    using these solutions.

    There will be a temptation to try to make the sales transformation vision fit your organization instead of changing your organization to fit your vision.

  • Pitfall #9 – Assuming That Done Is Done

    Sales transformation is not an event; it is an ongoing process. Initiatives that stop when the

    project is rolled out are doomed for failure.

    Consider the common reasons for


    No formal training

    Inadequate technology


    No planned enhancements/

    upgrades/ additions

  • Which common pitfall do you relate to the most?

  • Transformation Required To Keep Up With The Speed Of Business

    § Sales transformation can change how you sell to create a sustainable competitive differentiator.

    § Transformation is not an event or a point solution; it is an ongoing process that is a blend of people, process, technology and information working together.

    § The world of sales is an ever-changing ecosystem.

    § More people are engaging in transformation projects, but only 38% of organizations achieve success.

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