9 dating tips for men how to attract her without being a jerk

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  • 1. 9 Dating Tips For Men: How ToAttract Her Without Being AJerkLots of guys get confused about the notion of being "nice." For good reason,too. Experts in dating tips for men proclaim the old proverb that "nice guys finish last." Women swear that being nice is only way to win a her heart.Whos right?I myself remember feeling a distinct obligation to be "nice" to women growingup. The interesting thing is, I still consider myself the same nice guy I wasbefore I became successful with women.Like everything, being nice has its advantages and disadvantages. Here aresome dating tips for men on the dos and donts about being "nice" when itcomes to attracting women.1.) DO express emotional vulnerability. Evidence that you have feelingscommunicates to her that she can trust you. We all know that everyone hassome insecurities, and if you dont convey them at all, shell think youreputting up a front to impress her.Download FREE Fast Track Dating Manual Page 1

2. 2.) DONT be a wimp. You also need to convey that you are mature enoughto handle your own emotions. Its nice to take care of people and be takencare of, but at the end of the day the only person responsible for youremotions is you.Dating tip for men: Show your vulnerability without being weak by telling astory about an adverse experience you had, and how you were able to makelight of the situation.3.) DO have manners. Women dont want to be seen with a man in low socialstanding, and if youre rude in front of her friends, shes obligated to questionyou. Hold the door open for her and be a good conversationalist.4.) DONT act nice to please her. Dont be afraid to say something that shemight disagree with. The right sorts of disagreements can actually createattraction, and if you dont apologize for being who you are right from the get-go, youll lay the groundwork for an honest relationship.5.) DO see lots of women. You wouldnt buy the first shirt you saw at thestore before trying others on would you? Dating lots of women has a badreputation, but its crucial in your personal growth and discovery of what typeof woman you really want.6.) DONT feel guilty about only wanting a short relationship. Somewomen dont want this, but many are actually relieved to have a fun fling withthe right guy once in a while. And not everyone wants the pressure of a long-term relationship.7.) DO be open-minded. Being "nice" often means having a kind, non-judgmental disposition. Although wussy in certain contexts, being openedminded is a "nice guy trait" that can become your greatest asset. Dating tipfor men: Women will be down for all kinds of fun with you if they know they will not bejudged for it.8.) DONT live in the future. "Lets meet every Tuesday, ok?" conveysweakness. Guys say these out of fear that she will leave them. Routinesshould never be set in stone, because relationship dynamics change.Dating tip for men: Assume that every time you meet her will be the last timeyou meet her-- this humble affirmation will help you make the most of yourtime with her in the present-- and not take her for granted.Download FREE Fast Track Dating ManualPage 2 3. 9.) DO be honest about what you want. Sometimes this means hurtingpeoples feelings, but in the end it is better for both parties to be honest.Dating tip for men: if you want a short-term relationship, be honest aboutwhat you want from the start (as early as the first hour you meet her), givingher the opportunity to leave if she wants something different. Be warned thatsome women agree to a casual relationships hoping that they can "win himover" into something more. If truly all you want is an open or short-termrelationship, you need to remind her frequently about this so she is not leadon.Another dating tip for men: If you want a long-term relationship, make sureyou do not compromise your core values in order to keep her. If anythinghappens that makes you feel uncomfortable, be honest about it. A littleconfrontation is good for the relationship. Download FREE Fast Track Dating Manual Here!Download FREE Fast Track Dating ManualPage 3