A Blended Learning Approach to Listening

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A Blended Learning Approach to Listening. Aoyama Gakuin University, English Department Joseph Dias and Gregory Strong. Overview of the IEP Evaluations of the IE Listening Course Surveys and Focus Groups Active Listening: Blueprint for Change New Curricular Components & Sample Tasks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Aoyama Gakuin University, English DepartmentJoseph Dias and Gregory Strong

  • Integrated English Program


  • IE WRITING TASKS (Paragraphs) Topic sentences transitions, genres, use of examples, detailsTASKS

  • IE Learners Difficulties in Listening

  • IE Learners Complaints, Problems in class

  • Incremental changes that were made a few years before the major makeoverAll the video materials were converted to DVD (most chapters no more than 5 minutes); new units on music and news addedBetter articulated pre- and post-listening tasks were included to stimulate discussion through information gaps and Internet searches on topics related to student interest At teachers orientations, instructors were strongly encouraged to include pair and group work as class activitiesStudents became required to access listening content through the Internet as homework and submitted regular reportsTranscripts were provided for all of the in-class listening materials at the request of teachers and studentsWhy stop there?

  • What more was needed?to solve problem ofMore purposeful classroom activities and real world tasks based on short bits of listening material.Boredom and the perception that time is wasted or not well utilized.

  • What else was needed?Rewarding hard work by monitoring the use of self-access materials.solves the problem ofEvaluation system favoring students who had good listening comprehension skills at the outset.Greater differentiation of the 3 skill levels in terms of content and task difficulty.The various levels of IE Listening becoming a blur in the minds of students and insufficient challenges for the higher level students.

  • To solve the problem ofNeed for listening content that appealed more to students and corresponded better with their learning goals.The perception that the materials are not varied enough and do not connect with them.

  • Cha-cha-cha-changesIE ListeningIE Active Listening

  • IE 3 Active Listening

    Relationships/PsychologyCross-cultural CommunicationMediaEnvironment(A) IN-CLASSSupplementary materials can be drawn from the IE Listening ProgramSUMMIT TV 2-1#: On-the-Street: Strengths and Weaknesses: Im Really Good At, SUMMIT TV 2-8#: Short Documentary: The SimpsonsREAL TALK: Philippe, a Photographer in JapanSUMMIT TV 2-10#: Short Documentary: The Ndoki Rain Forest (B) STUDENT PROJECTSINTERACTION: Describe videos at videojug.com PRESENTATION: Introduce video on cross-cultural communications INTERACTION: Introduce your favorite English movie trailerPRESENTATION: Prepare an environmental brief for actionC) TEACHER-MONITORED SELF ACCESSStudents complete 20 units per class of reallyenglish. This part of the course is to be done as homework with the teacher setting deadlines for completing the units.(D) SELF-DIRECTED LISTENINGStudents complete 5 reports or 3 reports and a movie listening log, to be done as homework.


  • Watching VideosInteractingLeaders are Moving*


  • Movie Trailers for student INTERACTIONS

  • New Moon I. Pre-Listening Questions This is the second Twilight movie. What was the other? Can you name any of the characters?

    Where is the story set? What is the love story in the film?

    II. While-Listening Questions What does Bella ask for?

    Whats the special occasion?

  • III. Order the actions and dialogue as on the movie trailer.a) BELLA: Oh, its like cake that could feed fiftyYou guys dont even eat.b) (ALICE gives BELLA a gift. BELLA cuts her finger opening a gift.) c) ALICE: Happy birthday, Bella. Lets open your presents. d) BELLA: Oh, paper cut.e) ALICE: Theres a cake, too.f) (ALICE leads BELLA into the living room.) g) ALICE: Come on, its time. h) (Crazed by the sight of blood, JASPER, leaps at BELLA.)

  • IV. Fill in the missing words.BELLA: What happened with Jasper _______1________. EDWARD: Nothing compared to what ________2_______. EDWARD: I promise never to put you through _______3_______. again. This is the last time youll ever ________4_______.

  • New Moon Trailer

  • New Moon Trailer Spoof


  • Coordinating Presentations & Interactions* Sign-Up SheetTHEMEWEEKDATEGROUPNAME

  • A Presentation in Action


  • reallyenglish.com


  • Self-directed listening reports Students access language learning websites that have been vetted by the course coordinators.

    Ones that are either expressly intended for EFL/ESL listening practice or ones that possess features that support language learning by offering learning aids, quizzes, closed captions, or transcripts.

    Working outside of class, students select content from the recommended sites and produce 5 or 6 log entries, summarizing the content and listing new words and phrases they learned from it.

  • Self-directed listening reportsInitially, students are assigned a site to access, explore and report on to their classmates

  • SELF-DIRECTED LISTENING REPORT SHEET*Citation of sourceDescription of contentReflectionsList of new vocab items & definitions

  • Assessment of self-directed listening reports An exemplary log entry -- free of plagiarism -- offer a critique of the sites listening content and associated exercises.

    A teachers feedback on the students reports might include comments about the choice of material and the use that the student has made of it.

  • Evaluation of the IE Active Listening program Through periodic needs analysis involving Surveysfocus groupsindividual interviewsspecially-invited outside consultantsclassroom observations.How is it monitored?

  • Evaluation of the IE Active Listening program end-of-semester course evaluations -- provide both quantitative and qualitative (open-ended response) data. using surveymonkey online surveys, we quickly create, administer, and process questionnaires, and act upon them.eliciting teacher feedback at occasional lunchtime meetings and at an annual orientation.How is it monitored?

  • Lets look atHow the teachers view the changesHow the students view the changesAnd-- Interactions / Presentations-- Listening Reports-- Reallyenglish

  • Teacher SurveyViews on Interactions:They went well. However, the group size was too big. I divided the class into groups of 6, but 4 would be better.Some students appeared to feel nervous, but I think they got a good experience.More models, both of the written form and of an Interaction, would help. Also, we have to allow more time for them.SurveyMonkey survey administered in July 2009, just after the first semester that the new listening curriculum was offered. 6 NS teachers and 9 Japanese IE AL teachers were questioned.

  • Teacher SurveySuggestions for improving the "Self-directed listening reports (listening logs) :I was glad that the students chose a wide variety of sites and their reports were genuinely interesting for me to read as their reflections were thoughtful. They appreciated my comments on what they had written.Students enjoy accessing the recommended websites and writing about them.I think the principle is good, but I think they should not be required of all three levels, maybe only 2 and 3.I required the students to maintain a notebook and record one entry weekly.

  • Teacher SurveyProblems or 'challenges' with the reallyenglish self-access learning system

    You cannot leave it up to the students to just get it done. You must stay on top of them. Give them deadlines and penalaties.

    The log-in is a huge hassle!

    I told "far-behind" students to do their study in class.

  • Teacher SurveyProblems or 'challenges' with the reallyenglish self-access learning system

    10 of the 15 teachers surveyed said that they were using the system's notification function to prod students who were behind and all teachers soon got the hang of how to track student progress and even how to detect gaming of the system.

  • In general, what do you think of the new IE Active Listening course?

  • Do you think the changes in the course were an improvement?

  • Student Survey From IE end-of term evaluations of 14 classes given after the spring term in the 2010/11 academic year

    * IE I Taught by one native and 3 Japanese Ts

    * IE II Taught by two Japanese Ts

    * IE III Taught by 4 native speakers and 4 Japanese


    Across levelsRegardless of the assigned teacherJapanese or native, experienced or new to the course

    The following comments concern both the Interactions and Presentations; both of them involve the presenting of videos to classmateseither by individuals to small groups or by small groups to the whole class. After the 1st year of implementation, it was decided that the latter would be reserved for IE III students. Of all the tasks introduced in the listening program, the Interactions and Presentations were the most likely to be considered fun, interesting, and useful by students. This was true

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSAt first, I hated presentations, but now I don't mind them anymore.Exciting.Presentations in the class were fantastic. I could enjoy them.POSITIVEAttractive

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSEveryone, including myself, did presentations aggressively. It helped me improve my listening skills.It was very effective. We should experience presentations many times.POSITIVEEfficacious (for improving listening)

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSPresentations were good for learning speaking and also listening (as an audience member).I could learn how to be attractive to an audience.It's very good for improving the skill of making materials.I could do speeches without looking at a paper or memo. POSITIVEEfficacious (for improving other skills)

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSOther groups' presentations were beneficial. They discussed problems in the Amazon and about Minamata disease.I liked group work because I could know the thoughts and favorite things of my classmates.POSITIVEKnowledge enhancing

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSIt is very hard to prepare it, but I could cooperate with the members of my group and make a great one.I think it helped us to have confidence in speaking English.POSITIVEConfidence building (feeling of satisfaction/ accomplishment)

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSI could find that it's important to listen or talk to everyone.It was a good chance to do work with classmates.I think it was good to communicate with classmates whom I didn't know before. I could hear many opinions.I had very good experiences to be a member of society.POSITIVEFor psychosocial reasons

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSPresentations were difficult because I couldn't find good videos.Since each student has his own schedule, it was difficult to meet and prepare for a group presentation. It was hard. We did not have enough time to prepare.NEGATIVEDue to practical considerations

  • OPINIONS ABOUT PRESENTATIONSIt was hard for me to stand in front of class.I don't think group work is useful for me.NEGATIVEFor personal reasons

  • Interactions in Action

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSIt was interesting because we could choose freely.I could enjoy writing reports because the topics were interesting to me.I think listening reports were good because I could listen to native speaker's EnglishThe topics were all interesting.POSITIVEAttractive

  • SELF-DIRECTED LISTENING REPORT SHEET*Citation of sourceDescription of contentReflectionsList of new vocab items & definitions

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSThrough reports, I could improve my ability of listening and understand what I was interested in.Listening reports helped me to concentrate upon listening to English.It was helpful and at the same time enjoyable.POSITIVEEfficacious (for improving listening)

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSListening reports improved my writing skillsI can know some new words though the listening reports.Listening reports could help me to improve my computer skills.It made me smart.POSITIVEEfficacious (for improving other skills)

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSThanks to my teacher, I could finish writing them as soon as possible.I tried hard to make good reports.POSITIVEConfidence building (feeling of satisfaction/ accomplishment)Knowledge enhancingWe could learn things about various themes.

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSDidn't really see the point.I don't think it's important.It's not useful.What are "listening reports"?NEGATIVEUnspecified

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSI'm lazy, so doing it all by myself is a bit hard.I should have done it more with a plan.NEGATIVEPersonal reasons

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSTediousOK, but I think we should do different things because we did exactly the same thing for every listening report.Listening logs were not hard, just time consuming.NEGATIVEBoredom-inducing

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSFive listening reports are too much.We didn't have time.OBSTACLES/ CHALLENGES CITEDExcessive workloadToo difficultIt was too hard to do listening reports because the materials were natural English.It was hard for me to write it.

  • OPINIONS ABOUT LISTENING REPORTSI wish the teacher would have told me good sites to use.I thought it would be good if there was a deadline for each listening report.I think the content of the listening reports should be decided because searching for listening sites is difficult; they are often too easy, too long, too fast and so on.It was hard for me to find out nice videos. If there was a reference, it would have been helpful.CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMSTaking ownershipWish for more guidance or constraints

  • OPINIONS ABOUT REALLYENGLISHI liked to do reallyenglish.This online system is very useful and enjoyable.It's interesting.POSITIVEAttractive

  • OPINIONS ABOUT REALLYENGLISHThanks to reallyenglish I come to be able to understand what English speakers say.I improved my listening ability.POSITIVEEfficacious (for improving listening)

  • OPINIONS ABOUT REALLYENGLISHI could improve my listening and reading ability by using reallyenglish.POSITIVEEfficacious (for improving other skills)Reallyenglish was so useful. I'll try a higher level.It was good for me. I could hear English words easily.I completed reallyenglish by June.Confidence building (feeling of satisfaction/ accomplishment)

  • OPINIONS ABOUT REALLYENGLISHPOSITIVEIt was nice to be able to study at home!I like e-learning courses like this one because we can do it anytime.Convenient

  • OPINIONS ABOUT REALLYENGLISHIts difficulty or the quantity of assignmentsI think it's a little hard. / I think it's too much. Useful but I don't like to study on the Internet. I need paper.It is difficult for me to understand.I was always "far behind," so I will try harder in IE II.Difficult to achieve all of them.


  • OPINIONS ABOUT REALLYENGLISHreallyenglish is a very troublesome taskI don't think it was good for me.I don't like reallyenglish.NEGATIVEUnspecified

  • How IE I & II vs. IE III students responded to the statement I like the reallyenglish self-access...