A Dozen Ways to Incorporate Technology in the History Classroom

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This presentation was first given at the 2010 MCSS Conference in St. Louis - February 19, 2010 by Eric Langhorst. www.speakingofhistory.com/historytech


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2. Teach 8 thgrade American History at South Valley Jr. High in Liberty, Missouri 3. Adjunct faculty at Park University teaching graduate course Technology for the Classroom 4. Currently working on my doctorate at Walden University in Teacher Leadership 5. www.speakingofhistory.com/ historytech Please share with others All notes and links from this presentation can be found online at: 6. You select which tools work best for you to do your job 7. Microblogging at 140 characters or less at a time 8. Build a network of peers Share resources and ideas Ask questions and answer questions 9. Add more features by using a third party application like TweetDeck 10. 11. Finding teachers to follow is part luck and searching Once you find a respected teacher check and see who they follow 12. Missouri Teachers on Twitter 13. Video and audio chat 14. Skype allows you to create a two way video chat with another person via the Internet 15. Computer Internet Webcam Application 16. Take a virtual field trip 17. 18. 19. Interview an author 20. Collaborate with a peer 21. Select a webcam for both lens and microphone quality Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Logitech QuickCamPro 9000 22. Make a picture from text 23. Create a visual of a speech Quickly identify themes and topics Great way to start examining a primary document 24. 25. 26. John Lennon Lyrics to Imagine 27. President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address 28. Star-Spangled Banner All Four Verses 29. Creating a cool video, quickly 30. Add still pictures or video to create a music video type finished project Can add text and select from their music Educator account is free 31. 32. 33. 34. Create an ad for President Lincoln in 1860 election Students can describe a concept or opinion Slideshow from pictures on field trip or project 35. Online picture sharing tool 36. Post your pictures online Can create sets, add descriptions, add notes, post them in blogs Can also search for pictures from others 37. 38. 39. Post images you take of historical places Find images others have posted of historical topics Add notes to the pictures you post 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. Screen capture video tool 48. Makes a video of everything you see on your screen Add a microphone and it captures sound as well Records at different levels of quality 49. Tutorials for tasks done repeatedly Create lessons for days when you are not in the classroom or your students are not in the classroom 50. Access amazing content from experts and universities 51. Lectures from historians on variety of topics 52. 53. 54. Edit audio, any format, easy 55. 56. Create a StudyCast to help students prepare for tests Projects and interviews History Day for example Edit musical clips for a history class 57. View the world in a historical and statistical way like never before 58. 59. Students can use the historical layer to see modern locations with historical lens Students can take historical tours already created by other teachers and classes 60. World War II Aerial Maps Showing Impact of Bombing 61. 62. 63. 64. Street level view of the world 65. Take your classes to historical locations 66. 67. 68. 69. Presentations from very smart people less than 20 minutes 70. Introduce a topic for discussion Some great presentations on the impact of school lunch 71. 72. Post your presentations online 73. Share notes with your students who are gone Students can share their presentations online Have a spare copy of your presentations as a backup 74. You select which tools work best for you to do your job 75. www.speakingofhistory.com/novel Please share with others All notes and links from this presentation can be found online at: 76. Eric Langhorst 8 thGrade American History South Valley Jr. High School Liberty, Missouri [email_address] www.speakingofhistory.com Twitter : elanghorst Skype : elanghorst 77.


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