A Fresh Look at the Mainframe - IBM ??A Fresh Look at the Mainframe The New Face of Mainframe Operations 05 ... Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for CICS on z/OS Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 on z/OS

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    A Fresh Look at the Mainframe

    The New Face of Mainframe Operations

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 2

    ODIs CIO Needs to Satisfy Service Level Agreements

    On Demand InsuranceCIO

    We need to do a better job of monitoring and diagnosing problems in our data center but the CEO wont increase my staff


    IBM can help you do this without adding staff

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 3

    Monitoring the System z Layers


    Middleware(CICS, IMS, WebSphere)

    Operating System



    Database(DB2, IMS)

    OMEGAMON XE Products and IBM Tivoli Monitoring

    OMEGAMON XE for z/OS

    System z Hardware Facilities

    IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 4

    One view through one portal to monitor the overall health of the infrastructure

    OMEGAMON XE for System zITM Distributed Monitoring ITCAM

    Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP)Everything at your Fingertips

    Single View to Monitor the Entire Enterprise

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 5

    DEMO: Tivoli Enterprise Portal

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 6

    Tivoli EnterprisePortal Server

    Tivoli EnterprisePortal Server

    Tivoli EnterpriseMonitoring ServerTivoli Enterprise

    Monitoring Server

    Tivoli Data WarehouseIntelligent Monitoring

    Agents on managed systems send alerts and data

    Agent Agent Agent

    EventEvent Event

    IBM Tivoli Monitoring Architecture is Complete and Easy to Deploy

    Single interface for managing IT Infrastructure

    Retrieval, manipulation and analysis of data

    Single, integrated central repository to store long term historical data for analysis

    Collect and correlate monitoring data

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 7

    Tivoli EnterprisePortal Server

    Tivoli EnterprisePortal Server

    Tivoli EnterpriseMonitoring ServerTivoli Enterprise

    Monitoring Server

    Tivoli Data WarehouseAgent Agent Agent

    EventEvent Event

    Monitor All of Your Resources with IBM Tivoli MonitoringPlatforms

    LinuxUNIXWindowsz/OSOS/400NetWareActive Directory

    Web InfrastructureWebSphereIISiPlanetApacheWebLogic

    Business IntegrationCICSIMSWebSphere MQ

    CollaborationLotus DominoExchange

    DatabaseDB2OracleMS SQLSybaseInformix


    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 8

    Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP)

    A common user interface makes operations management across all platforms easier

    TEP receives monitoring events from OMEGAMON, IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM), IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM), and the z/OS operations console

    Integrated cross platform information allows for fast resolution of complex problems quickly and easily

    Using TEP, it is easy to create customized role-based views of the enterprise Operators, Systems Programmers, Application Programmers,

    Network Administrators, and I/T Management

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 9

    Agents send metrics to the Monitoring Server Examples: CPU usage, Disk usage, memory usage

    Operators define threshold values for metrics by specifying conditions

    Operators define situations that contain one or more conditions to test When all conditions are met, the situation causes and alert Management agents come with pre-defined situations that can be

    modified or extended

    Tivoli Monitoring correlates situations across multiple domains and systems

    Define Situations that Indicate Abnormal Operations


    Memory Utilization


    Memory threshold exceeded 3 times in interval N


    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 10

    Automate Responses Using Policies A policy comprises a series of automated steps called activities that

    are connected to create a workflow Policies perform actions, schedule work, and automate manual

    tasks Policies can be fully-automated or require user intervention

    Allows operator intervention and decision-making

    Use the Workflow Editor to create and manage automated response policies

    If system memory is paging at a high rateA process

    is using too much memory!

    send message to the administrator

    if message fails

    give operator a choice to have TEP

    page the administrator

    kill the offending process


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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 11

    Integrated set of management products allow a single user to expand monitor operations of many platforms z/OS, z/VM, Windows, Linux, AIX, etc. Common monitoring architecture allows for a common look

    and feel

    Monitor end-to-end availability regardless of the I/T hardware and software platforms the enterprise deploys

    Growing workloads are easily monitored without adding staff

    Grow the Enterprise Without Adding Staff

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 12

    Ease of Use Simplifying z/OS Operations

    z/OS console and other operational information is integrated into the Tivoli Enterprise Portal

    Single user interface used by operators to monitor system health and end user availability Makes an operators job easier Reduces learning curve for operations personnel

    Operations staff will identify and correct small problems before they impact availability Reactive availability management Increases availability

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 13

    Ease of Use Simplifying z/OS Operations Traditional view of mainframe operations is the green screen

    Technology has advanced and so has the interface to the mainframe Operators now have a choice

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 14

    Sysplex Resources for LPAR400JSystem Resources for SYS

    Health Checker Info for SYS

    Ease of Use Simplifying z/OS Operations Graphical interface using TEP is the New Face of the Mainframe

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 15

    DEMO: Ease of Use Single Interface for Problem Resolution

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 16

    Ease of Use Network Problem Resolution

    ODI must manage a heterogeneous, complex network Network availability is key to business availability

    TEP allows ODI to consolidate all aspects of their network monitoring into a single user interface

    TEP enables quick problem determination and resolution

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 17

    DEMO: Ease of Use Network Problem Resolution

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 18

    Ease of Use WebSphere Messaging Monitoring

    ODI wants to improve the performance of their WebSphere message queues ODI is concerned that deployment of new SOA-based

    applications will stress their system resources

    OMEGAMON XE for Messaging is the industry-leading solution for monitoring performance of WebSphere messaging

    OMEGAMON XE for Messaging provides a comprehensive monitoring and problem resolution capability Increases availability of applications to end-users

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 19

    DEMO: Ease of Use Messaging Monitoring

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 20

    Ease of Use Monitoring CICS and DB2 Performance

    Middleware is the basis for ODIs applications ODI uses CICS and DB2 These are the core of all of ODIs customer-facing


    High rates of transaction processing require optimal performing and highly available systems End-to-end monitoring and ease of use assure high


    Middleware requires unique monitoring for its unique capabilities OMEGAMON XE products provide the unique monitoring

    capabilities needed

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 21

    DEMO: Ease of Use Monitoring CICS and DB2 Performance

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 22

    The Value to A Real CustomerA Case Study Large European Financial Services Company Migrated from BMC system management tools to IBMs products:

    Tivoli OMEGAMON DE on z/OS Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for CICS on z/OS Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 on z/OS Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for USS Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere MQ on z/OS

    Benefits The Tivoli applications offer a richer set of features that have led to several

    benefits, including the following:- 10 percent increase in availability- 30 percent reduction in I/T costs- 20 percent improvement in I/T staff productivity

    I/T staff can typically detect mainframe problems before they even occur and take the needed steps to prevent them. This proactive management approach, in turn, has resulted in increased system availability for the entire company and has led to improved customer service.

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    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 23


    On Demand InsuranceCIO

    Using the IBM Tivoli management products we were able to simplify operations without adding staff

    05 - Service Management v3.0.ppt 24



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