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  • SatinSheet System


    The in-bed system forturning and positioningA guide for healthcare professionals

  • Etac Workbook2 3etac.com/uk etac.com/ukImmedia SatinSheet

    Introduction to the SatinSheet in-bed SystemThis workbook looks at SatinSheets, the complete in-bed system for turning and positioning users with a range of needs. It looks at the improvements with the NEW facelift, includes how to videos, a look at single handed care, independent and incontinent users, pressure care, use with children and sit to stand solutions.

    Base Sheet and Maxi top sheet explained

    2D base Sheet explained

    SatinSheets work for people who are active and just need some assistance with re-positioning themselves through to those who need full time care from family or professional carers because they are unable to move themselves.

    A simple, intuitive system that fits into the bedroom environment in an unobtrusive way.

    Comfortable bed sheets, natural to sleep on,

    Minimises friction under pressure points on the body which reduces skin damage caused by shearing that can lead to pressure sores.

    Helps the person lying on them get a good nights sleep. Turning and repositioning becomes easier so pressure is relieved on joints caused by being static.

    Also protect the backs of carers!

    Turning a PatientTurning a patient to carry out personal care or to relieve pressure is made safer for the carer and more comfortable for the user.

    Our Product Manager Anette explains SatinSheets

    Watch our animated user guide video

    Unlocking the SatinSheets with 2 carers

    Turning a user on their side toward a carer

    Turning a user on their side away from a carer

    Moving a user higher up in bed with 2 carers & locking the system to stop sliding

    SatinSheet FaceLift - Key Improvements Directional stripes to make 2 and 4 directional sheets easier to identify

    New fabric, harder wearing, less creases after washing

    Improved Maxi 2D Fit with slot for an air mattress pipe

    4Direction sheets now come with a handles option for ease of use with/without a hoist.

    Improved labelling and instructions.

    Extra size options for larger mattresses

    Moving a User Higher up in BedPatients can often slip down in bed. The SatinSheet system allows a user to be easily moved back up a bed with 1 or 2 carers. If the patient is able, they can push on their legs to assist their carer. If they are unable, the carer can move the patient easily due to the low friction sheets which prevent shearing to the patients skin.

    Once they have been moved back into position, the sheets can be locked to ensure the preferred position is maintained whether the mattress is flat or the back rest is raised.

    Always carry out a risk assessment before using



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    Immedia 4WayGlide & TwinSheet

    Slide Sheets for everyday needsSingle Handed CareThere are significant benefits in using products that promote single handed care, including lower costs and a positive impact on a users privacy and general well being.

    The Satin Sheet system enable users to be moved safely, with minimal disruption, with and without a hoist.

    Incontinent usersThe Immedia In2Sheet is an incontinence pad with a low friction underside. It is used on top of a cotton bed sheet with the satin low friction surface facing down. This reduces friction side to side so enables an incontinent user with limited mobility to be turned easily.

    The new and improved In2Sheet has a much larger incontinence pad to protect a larger area in the bed.

    Size is now 1050mm x 1250mm (was 900mm x 850mm).

    The In2Sheet also has handles along the sides for a better grip (and for use with a hoist if required)

    Incontinence pads can also be used with the SatinSheet system.

    Pressure Relief & Shear ReductionIn the UK pressure ulcer care costs 1.4bn 2.1bn per year. More than 90% of the cost of treatment is the cost of nursing time.

    The best way to prevent pressure ulcers is pressure distribution and minimising shear and friction and also frequent repositioning.

    The SatinSheet system reduces the amount of handling required to move a client as it

    Independent UsersSatinSheets can be used independently to help turn and reposition at night.

    People who have slight mobility restrictions caused by weight, age or a medical condition lie directly on the base sheet (double or single bed). By wearing cotton or polyester/cotton nightwear the friction required to turn in bed is reduced but they will not slide down the bed.

    Find our more about In2Sheet

    Find out more about the SatinSheet System Read our new pressure mapping study comparing the SatinSheet on a standard and pressure relieving mattress

    Read our new pressure mapping report

    stays on the bed. It can help as part of the treatment of existing pressure sores and re-duces the risk of developing pressure sores

    Learn more about our single handed care products

    See our Molift Smart 150 video

    Double bed -couple sharing

    Double bed -single user

    Moving a user higher up in bed with a single carer

    SatinSheets can be washed in a domestic washing machine at temperatures of up to 80 degrees and can be tumble dried at a low



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    SatinSheets for Children

    Learn more about the Positioning Wedge

    Find out about MultiGlide Glove

    SatinSheets can also be used with children. They allow mum or dad, to turn single handedly for personal care or reposition a child with minimal disruption.

    Julie Graham, Therapeutic Positioning Advisor at Simple Stuff Works, has worked with one of our Sales Managers to trial SatinSheets alongside their sleep systems. She was amazed at how well they worked compared to others she had tried. It worked fantastic for carers having to move a client on their own.

    The sleep system f its between the SatinSheet Base sheet and Top sheet. The child can easily be repositioned to change point of pressure with minimal disturbance as the Sleep System stays in place.

    Sit to Stand solutions for weight bearing clients

    See the NEW QuickRaiser 205 in action

    NEW Etac Turner ProA turn aid offering safe patient turning with standing support. It encourages natural standing and sitting movement for the user and a good posture, minimising the risk of injury for the carer when transferring.

    Positioning WedgeThe Positioning Wedge supports the patient on their side and avoids the carer being in a static holding position. It is used after turning, when resting, for personal hygiene and wound care.

    MultiGlide GloveIt s like an extra pair of hands. The MultiGlide Glove allows the carers hand to be placed easily between the patient and cushion/mattress for small repositioning movements.

    NEW Molift QuickRaiser 205Our new generation sit to stand hoist replaces the QuickRaiser 1,2 and 2+. It still has the same ergonomic natural lifting pattern but with a new compact design and higher lifting capacity - now 205 kg.

    *Excellent manoeuvrability and electrical adjustable legs for easy access under/around wheelchairs, toilets, beds, chairs

    * New easy to adjust soft padded leg support

    *New operational panel with intuitive functionality and quick guide

    * New 4 point suspension and sling RgoSling Active with sliding loops

    *Redesigned for easier cleaning and infection control. Low lifetime service costs

    Molift RaiserThis well designed sit to stand aid has many clever features to help the user and caregiver.

    T he new M ol i f t RaiserBelt is coming s o o n fo r eas ie r p osi t i o nin g an d transfer to the toilet.

    Find out more about Simple Stuff Works

    Helpful Accessories

    Watch our NEW Turner Pro video

    Watch our Raiser video

    Dont forget the SatinSheet Pillow Case!

    See our full range of childrens products


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    About The Etac Group The Etac Group is a leading developer of mobility equipment and solutions in Northern Europe and one of a handful of leading players on the global scene. The Etac Group product brands are R82 (Paediatrics), Convaid (Paediatric buggies), Molift (Hoists and Slings), Immedia (Manual transfer) and Etac (Wheelchairs, Bathing and Toileting, Aids for Daily Living) and Star Cushion Products Inc (pressure care).


    Moving and Handling SolutionsA cost effective, secure and proactive manual handling programme in a local setting for people dealing with manual handling issues in a community or acute setting. It looks at safe, comfortable and easy to use solutions for both recipient and care staff with the focus on techniques that reduce the number of carers required.

    Sit to Stand SolutionsThis workshop focuses on maximising the ability of children and adults who are weight bearing but require varying levels of assistance. All shapes and sizes catered for.

    Bathroom Safety and ErgonomicsThis workshop considers why we use assistive devices in the bathroom and what devices should be used in the toilet, shower and bath for different levels of user ability. Also transferring to the bathroom and within it and how safety and ergonomics can be improved for users and carers.

    Find out more about our free, interactive workshops.

    We offer a range of hands on, practical workshops tailored to suit your needs and timings.



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