A Heart Healthy Kitchen Makeover

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  • 1.A Heart Healthy Kitchen Makeover Jen King SUNY Oneonta Dietetic Intern and Grad Student Virginia Tech Alum

2. Objective

  • Learn and gain the tools to transform your kitchen to support a heart healthy lifestyle.

3. The Overview

  • Heart Health 101
  • Top Heart Healthy Foods
  • Intro: A Cupboard
  • Conundrum
  • The Kitchen Makeover
  • Pantry Clean-up!
  • Shopping Know-How
  • Cooking Makeover

4. Heart Health 101

  • Risk Prevention
    • Lower cholesterol.
    • Lower blood pressure.
    • Lower sodium intake.
  • TLC Diet
    • Therapeutic Lifestyle Change
      • lower cholesterol
  • Exercise
    • Move, move, move!
    • (Introduction to the TLC Diet 2010)

5. Top 10 Heart Healthy Foods

  • Berries
  • Whole grains
  • Salmon
  • Oatmeal
  • Soy protein
  • Olive Oil
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Avocado

(Cleveland Clinic and ADA 2010) 6. Intro:A Cupboard Conundrum

  • Does THIS look familiar?!

7. Kitchen Makeover!

  • A kitchen stocked with high-fiber whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium are ideal for optimal health.

8. Pantry Clean-up!

  • 1.Assess the food in your pantry and refrigerator.
    • Rid yourself of temptation!
  • 2.Evaluate your needs.
  • 3.Get organized!
    • Simplify.
    • Pre-planned meals and snacks
    • Labeled storage containers
    • Buy small baggies, small containers for an on-the-go lifestyle.
  • 4.Make a shopping list!

(Link 2010) 9. Organization sets the tone for a happy kitchen 10. Pre-plan general meal ideas for the week 11. Or let yourself be creative with what you buy 12. Re-stocking the Pantry

  • Whole Grains.
  • Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Dairy
    • Low-fat or non-fat
  • Protein, the Leaner the Better.
    • skinless chicken and turkey, lean beef, fish
    • beans, legumes, soy products
  • Healthier Fats.
    • canola oil or olive oil
    • soft margarines with no trans fats.

(A Healthy Kitchen Makeover 2010) 13. Re-stocking the Pantry

  • Salt.
    • Choose lower sodium products.
    • Aim for less than 2300 mg of sodium a day - that's about one teaspoon of table salt.
  • Spice it up!
    • Basil
    • Chili Powder
    • Cinnamon
    • Ginger
    • Sage
    • Rosemary
    • Thyme

(A Healthy Kitchen Makeover 2010) 14. The Shopping Know-How

  • Grocery Store
  • Label Reading Tips
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Breads, Cereals, Grains
  • Milk and Dairy
  • Meat and Protein
  • Others

15. The Shopping Know-How

  • Grocery Store
  • 1. Shop perimeters of the store.
  • 2. Bring your list of needs.
  • 3.Read Labels
  • 4. Dont go to the grocery with a grumbling belly.

16. The Shopping Know-How

  • When venturing in the perimeters of the store
  • Shop for foods that dont have a lot of added ingredients.
  • Avoid instant products.
  • Buy 100 calorie packs.
  • Use food labels to help make heart healthy choices.
    • Heart check mark!
    • Low-sodium ( < 140 mg).
    • Very little or no saturated fat or trans fat.


  • Breads, Cereals, and Grains
    • Choose wholegrainsand highfiberproducts
    • Cook with rolled oats, brown rice, whole grain pasta
    • Flat out wraps, high fiber tortillas, light bread

Shopping Know-How 18. Shopping Know-How

  • Fruits and Vegetables !
  • Variety : the more colors, the
  • better!
  • Cut up for snacking
  • Make salads for the week
  • Bulk up recipes
  • Frozen and canned are great too
    • Canned: low-sodium

19. Shopping Know-How

  • Milk and Dairy
  • Choose non-fat or low-fat types:
    • Non-fat, %, 1 % milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt
  • Try soy milk, hazelnut milk, almond milk, rice milk.
    • Very heart healthy!

Farm families who own Cabot Creamery www.cabotcheese.coop 20. Shopping Know-How

  • Meat and Protein
  • Traditional :poultry, fish, beef, pork
    • Poultry : skinless white meat
    • Red meat : round steak, tenderloin, and sirloin tips
    • Pork : center cuts
    • Fish :salmon, tilapia, low-sodium tuna
  • Non-traditional :beans, soy products, vegetable protein, nuts, seeds

21. Cooking Makeover!

  • Carbohydrate Choices Count
  • Get Skinny on the Fat
  • Sodium Savvy
  • Healthy and tasty substitution ideas!

22. Carbohydrate Choices Count

  • Whole grainsand whole wheat flour
  • Look for products labeled high-fiber or added-fiber
  • When cooking, focus onfiber-rich veggiessuch as peppers, cabbage, broccoli, and carrots.
  • Adddried beansorlentilswhen making soups or baked dishes.

23. Get Skinny on the Fat

  • Select lean cuts of beef or pork (loin or round).
  • Take the skin off poultry before serving or eating.
  • Bake, broil, roast, stew, or stir-fry.
  • Cook ground meat and drain off fat.
  • Eat fish regularly!

24. Get Skinny on the Fat cont.

  • Nonstick sprays or pans
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Protein from plant foods (soy or legumes)
  • Egg whites instead of whole eggs
  • Healthy oils: canola, olive
  • Cook with lemon juice or herbs.

25. Sodium Savvy

  • UseMrs. Dashor herbs instead of salting food at the table.
  • Low-sodium canned goods.
  • Season food with herbs, onions, garlic powder, lemon juice, etc.

26. Healthy and Tasty Substitution Ideas

    • Great ideas to provide this for that

27. ThisforThat THAT THIS Potato chips, Cheetos Air-popped popcorn, baked chips, Cheddar Cheese QuakesChocolate bar Extra dark chocolate mini bars or chips (keep in a jar) Soda pop Iced tea, Crystal Light, flavored sparkling water Traditional pizza Thin crust loaded chicken and veggies, personal pizzas using Flat Wraps French Fries Baked potato wedges drizzled with olive oil and herbs Traditional spaghetti, casserole dishes More veggies, lean meat (ground turkey, chicken), whole wheat pasta or spaghetti squash Ice cream Lite yogurt parfait: fruit, light whip cream, light yogurt, crushed nuts 28. ThisforThat THAT THIS Salad dressing, marinades Lemon juice, olive oil, herbs Hot dogs and Hamburgers Turkey dogs, fat free beef franks, Lean ground turkey burgers, veggie burgers, portabella cap burgers Cream soups, cream sauces Broth-based soups, marinara and vegetable sauces Traditional quesadillas Flat wrap grilled with low-fat cheese (add chicken or veggies) Chip/veggie dip Fat-free sour cream + seasoning packet Cake Angel food cake with strawberries Butter Eggs Olive oil, canola oil,applesauce (baking) Egg whites 29. Test Your Knowledge!

  • You will be given a handout to fill out to respond to the following:
  • Name 1 heart healthy choice you can purchase next to each of the food groups listed.
  • Think of 2 things you can rid of in your kitchen
  • Think of 2 substitution items.

30. Any Questions?Comments? 31. Resources

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32. Thank you for coming! On your way to a healthy heart