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LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONS World War I Service Discharge Cards A AA Army Artillery A-AA Antiaircraft Artillery A-A Btry Antiaircraft Battery AABHQ Army Artillery, Brigade Headquarters AAHQ Army Artillery Headquarters A-A Hq Antiaircraft Headquarters A-A MG Bn Antiaircraft Machine Gun Battalion A-A MG Co Antiaircraft Machine Gun Company AA Pk Army Artillery Park AAS Army Air Service A-AS Antiaircraft Service A-A Seer Antiaircraft Sector AC Anny Corps Actg Acting ADC Aide-de-camp Adj Adjutant Adj 0 Adjutant’s Office Adm Co Administrative Company Adm Sec GS Administrative Section, General Staff Adv Ani Trans Dep Advance Animal Transport Depot Adv Gd Advance Guard AEF American Expeditionary Forces Aer Co (Cons) Aero Construction Company Aer Sq (Cons) Aero Squadron (construction) Aer Sq (Rep) Aero Squadron (repair) Aer Sq (Sup) Aero Squadron (supply) AFC Army Field Clerk AG Adjutant General AGD Adjutant General’s Department AGO Adjutant General’s Office AGRC Adjutant General’s Reserve Corps AHQ Army Headquarters AirPk Air Park Air Pk Co Air Park Company Almt Allotment Alot Alloted Aiws Allowances Am Ammunition Amb Co Ambulance Company Amb Sec Ambulance Section Amb Serv Pk Ambulance Service Park Amb Sew Sec Ambulance Service Section AMPS Army Mine Planter Service

A LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONS · PDF fileLIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONS World War I Service Discharge Cards A AA Army Artillery A-AA Antiaircraft Artillery A-A Btry Antiaircraft

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  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards


    AA Army ArtilleryA-AA Antiaircraft ArtilleryA-A Btry Antiaircraft BatteryAABHQ Army Artillery, Brigade HeadquartersAAHQ Army Artillery HeadquartersA-A Hq Antiaircraft HeadquartersA-A MG Bn Antiaircraft Machine Gun BattalionA-A MG Co Antiaircraft Machine Gun CompanyAA Pk Army Artillery ParkAAS Army Air ServiceA-AS Antiaircraft ServiceA-A Seer Antiaircraft SectorAC Anny CorpsActg ActingADC Aide-de-campAdj AdjutantAdj 0 Adjutants OfficeAdm Co Administrative CompanyAdm Sec GS Administrative Section, General StaffAdv Ani Trans Dep Advance Animal Transport DepotAdv Gd Advance GuardAEF American Expeditionary ForcesAer Co (Cons) Aero Construction CompanyAer Sq (Cons) Aero Squadron (construction)Aer Sq (Rep) Aero Squadron (repair)Aer Sq (Sup) Aero Squadron (supply)AFC Army Field ClerkAG Adjutant GeneralAGD Adjutant Generals DepartmentAGO Adjutant Generals OfficeAGRC Adjutant Generals Reserve CorpsAHQ Army HeadquartersAirPk Air ParkAir Pk Co Air Park CompanyAlmt AllotmentAlot AllotedAiws AllowancesAm AmmunitionAmb Co Ambulance CompanyAmb Sec Ambulance SectionAmb Serv Pk Ambulance Service ParkAmb Sew Sec Ambulance Service SectionAMPS Army Mine Planter Service

  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    Am Sup Co Ammunition Supply CompanyAni Tn Ammunition TrainANC Army Nurse CorpsMi Trns Dep Animal Transport DepotA Obsn Grp Army Observation GroupA Obsn Wg Army Observation WingAODGS Army Operations Division, General StaffA PM Assistant Provost MarshallApmt AppointmentAPO Army Post OfficeApp ApprenticeApr AprilAptd AppointedAR Army RegulationsABC American National Red CrossARC Cony Home American Red Cross Convalescent HomeARC Hosp American Red Cross HospitalA Res Mat U Army Reserve Material UnitArmy ArmyArmy Insp Pk Army Inspection ParkArtf ArtificerArty ArtilleryAS Air ServiceASA Air Service Military AeronauticsASC Army Service CorpsAsgd AssignedAsgmt AssignmentAS Mech Regt Air Service, Mechanics RegimentASP Air Service, Aircraft ProductionASRC Air Service, Reserve CorpsAS Sch Air Service SchoolAsst AssistantAsst Bnd Ldr Assistant Band LeaderAsst Cfr Assistant ChauffeurAsst C of S Assistant Chief of StaffAsst D R.y Assistant Director of RailwaysAsst Engr Assistant EngineerAsst Pkmr Asristant PackmasterAsst Vt Assistant VeterinarianA Tank Hq Army Tank HeadquartersATS Army Transport ServiceAug AugustAut Arms Rep Der Automatic Arms Repair DetachmentAut Repi Draft Automatic Replacement DraftAvia Aviation

  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    AW Articles of WarAWC Army War CollegeAux AuxiliaryAwd AwardedAWOL Absent without leave


    Base Ani Trans Dep Base Animal Transport DepotBase Vet Hosp Base Veterinary HospitalBgir BuglerBglr 1 ci Bugler, first classBH Base HospitalBHQ Brigade HeadquartersBip Purs Grp Biplane Pursuit GroupBip Purs Sq Biplane Pursuit SquadronBip Purs Wg Biplane Pursuit WingBkry Co Bakery CompanyBks BarracksBin Co Balloon CompanyBin Grp Balloon GroupBin Wg Balloon WingBn BattalionBn Adj Battalion AdjutantBn Comdr Battalion CommanderBnd Corp Band CorporalBnd Ldr Band LeaderBnd Sgt Band SergeantBnd Mr Band MasterBn Engr3 (Cam) Battalion Engineers, CamouflageBn Engrs (Mtd) Battalion Engineers, MountedBn Engrs (Serv) Battalion Engineers-ServiceBn Engrs (F & SR) Battalion Engineers-Flash and Sound RangingBn Sgt Maj Battalion Sergeant MajorBn Sup Sgt Battalion Supply SergeantBr BornBrig BrigadeBrig Adj Brigade AdjutantBrig Comdr Brigade CommanderBrig Gen Brigadier GeneralBtry BatteryBtry Comdr Battery CommanderBul BulletinButch Co Butchery CompanyBWC Belgian War Cross

  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    BWRJ Bureau of War Risk Insurance


    C CorpCA Coast ArtilleryCAC Coast Artillery CorpsCADR Coast Artillery Drill RegulationsCamp Hosp Camp HospitalCamp Ifmy Camp InfirmaryCamp QM Camp QuartermasterCapt CaptainCAR Changes Army RegulationsCas CasualCay CavalryCay Brig Cavalry BrigadeCay Div Cavalry DivisionCay Div Hq Cavalry Division HeadquartersCay RC Cavalry Reserve CorpsC Def Coast DefensesC Dept Central DepartmentCDR Cavalry Drill RegulationsCE Corps ofEngineersCEO Chief Engineer OfficerCfr ChauffeurCfr id Chauffeur, first classCG Commanding GeneralCG SOS Commanding General, Service of SupplyChap ChaplainChar CharacterCh Load Chief LoaderCh Mec Chief MechanicChng ChangeCh Plan Chief PlanterC Inf Colored InfantryCIP Corps of Intelligence PoliceCir CircularCk CookCL Civilian LifeCik ClerkClo ClothingClo & Bth U Clothing & Bath UnitCm Elec Casemate ElectricianCO Commanding OfficerCo Company

  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    Co Comclr Company CommanderC of A Chief of ArtilleryC of AS Chief Air Service

    C of CA Chief of Coast Artillery

    C of Cay Chief of CavalryC of E Chief of Engineers

    C of Inf Chief of InfantryC of MB Chief ofMilitia Bureau

    C of MTC Chief of Motor Transport Corps

    C of Ord Chief of OrdnanceC of S Chief of StaffC of Tank Corps Chief of Tank Corps

    Col ColonelColl CollegeCol Sgt Color SergeantCorn CommutationConf ConfinedConfm ConfinementComm Commission

    Cons Co Construction Company

    Contd ContinuedCont Surg Contract Surgeon

    Cony Camp Convalescent Camp

    Cony Dep Convalescent DepotCOO Chief Ordnance Officer

    Corp CorporalCorp Blgr Corporal Bugler

    Corps Arty Pk Corps Artillery Park

    Corps AS Corps Air Seivice

    Corps Mob Vet Hosp Corps Mobile Veterinary Hospital

    cors Central Officers Training SchoolCp CampCQM Chief Quartermaster

    CSO Chief Signal Officer

    C Surg Chief Surgeon

    CWS Chemical Warfare Service

    CZ Canal Zone


    DAC of S Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff

    Day Bomb Grp Day Bombardment Group

    Day Bomb Sq Day Bombardment Squadron

    Day Bomb Wg Day Bombardment Wing

    DC Dental Corps

  • LIST OF AUTHOREZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    DC of S I)eputy Chief of StaffDec DecemberDef DefenseDEML Detached Enlisted Mens ListDemob Sta Demobilization StationDep DepotDep Ba Depot BattalionDep Brig or DB Depot BrigadeDept DepartmentDept Comdr Department CommanderDept Hosp Department HospitalDet DetachmentDcv Bn Development BattalionDHQ Division HeadquartersDisch Discharge, dischargedDiscontd DiscontinuedDishon Disch Dishonorably DischargedDist DistrictDiv DivisionDiv Adj Division AdjutantDiv AS Division Air ServiceDiv JA Division Judge AdvocateDiv 00 Division Ordnance OfficerDiv QM Division QuartermasterD of Fin Director of FinanceD ofMID GS Director of Military Intelligence Division, General Staff

    D of 0 GS Director of Operations, General Staff

    D of PS Director of Purchase & Storage

    D of PST Director of Purchase, Storage & Traffic

    D ofRy Director of RailwaysD of WPD GS Director ofWar Plans Division, General Staff

    DOL Detached Officers ListDQM Depot QuartermasterDRC Dental Reserve CorpsDS Detached ServiceDSC Distinguished Service CrossDSM Distinguished Service Medal

    DW Died of Wounds


    El) Extra DutyE Dept Eastern DepartmentElec Sgt 1 ci Electrician Sergeant, first class

    Elec Sgt 2cl Electrician Sergeant, second class

  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    EM Enlisted ManEmb Serv Embarkation ServiceEng EnglandEn! EnlistedEnlmnt EnlistmentEngr EngineerEngr Dept Engineer DepartmentEngr FId M Engineer Field ManualEngr RC Engineer Reserve CorpsEngr Tn Engineer TrainEngrs EngineersER Expert RiflemanERC Enlisted Reserve CorpsETS Expiration Term of ServiceEvac Amb Co Evacuation Ambulance CompanyEvac Hosp Evacuation HospitalEx ExcellentEx AC of S Executive Assistant, Chief of StaffEx Div GS Executive Division, General StaffExpd Expeditionary


    FA Field ArtilleryFA DR Field Artillery Drill RegulationsFA RC Field Artillery Reserve CorpsF Cik Field ClerkFeb FebruaryFed Sew Federal ServiceF Hosp Field Hospitalid Gun First Class Gunner1st Lt First Lieutenant1St Sgt First SergeantF Lab Field LaboratoryFm FiremanFO Field OrdersForf Forfeitfr FromFraud FraudulentF Rmt Sq Field Remount SquadronFrench C de G French Croix de GuerreFri FridayF Sig Bn Field Signal BattalionF Sig Bn Mtd Field Signal Battalion, MountedF Sig Mn Mtz Field Signal Battalion, Motorized

  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    FSR Field Service RegulationsFt FortFT & H Co Fire Truck & Hose CompanyFur FurloughFur to Res Furlough to Reserve


    G GoodGi General Staff Officer No. 1G2 General Staff Officer No. 2

    G3 General Staff Officer No.G4 General Staff Officer No. 4G5 General Staff Officer No. 5GCM General Court MartialGCMO General Court Martial OrderGd GuardGd Co Guard CompanyGen GeneralGen Hosp General HospitalGen Rep Sh General Repair ShopGen Srv Inf General Service InfantryGF Co Guard & Fire CompanyGHQ General HeadquartersGn Comdr Gun CommanderGn Ptr Gun PointerGO General OrderGrp GroupOr Reg U Graves Registration Unit

    OS General StaffGSC General Staff Corps


    HA Horse Artillery

    H Dept Hawaiian DepartmentHI Hawaiian IslandsHon disch Honorably DischargedHosp C Hospital CorpsHosp Sgt Hospital SergeantHosp Ship Hospital ShipHosp Tn Hospital TrainHq HeadquartersHq Co Headquarters CompanyHq Tr Headquarters Troop

  • LIST OF AUTHORIZED ABBREVIATIONSWorld War I Service Discharge Cards

    Hs Horseshoer

    Hv A Heavy Artillery

    Hv A Mob Rep Sh Heavy Artillery Mobile Repair Shop

    Hv FA Heavy Field Artillery

    Hv Mob Ord Rep Sh Heavy Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop

    Hv Tank Bn Heavy Tank Battalion


    IC Inspected and Condemned

    IDR Infantry Drill Regulations

    Ifrny Infirmary

    IG Inspector General