A List of the Best Kenyan Jobs for Introverts

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Are you an introvert? It must be very hard getting out of your comfort zone to find a job that requires you to mingle with so many people in one day. Here is a list of Kenyan jobs that are perfect for introverted people. Get more information about jobs in Kenya here http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/


  • The Best Kenyan Jobsfor IntrovertsCompiled from:GradStatehttp://gradstate.com

  • Qualities of an IntrovertsMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/You listen more than you speakYou prefer working alone rather than in groupsYou are very detail-orientedYou value your personal space most of the timeYou are usually very reservedYou like to reflect and appear calm even in tricky situationsYou always think before you speak or actIn social functions, you prefer to be approached by others rather than to initiate conversation

  • 1. Try Online CareersMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/Introverts work well in solitude and theres no better job to do in your own space than an online freelancing job. From data entry and article writing to blogging, web designing and programming, theres a lot that you can do to make money online so long as you have the knowledge and skills.

  • 2. Become an ArtistMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/Some of the best artists are highly creative introverts. They tend to communicate to people through art. But of course you will have to communicate to your clients and explain the form of art you are working on and what inspired it.

  • 3. Become a PhotographerMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/If you enjoy capturing moments and life experiences on camera, photography could be your ideal job. Youll need the skill and passion to succeed in professional photography. With more people appreciating professional photography nowadays, this is among theKenyan jobs with high demand.

    However, being hired to be the photographer at social events such as weddings will require people skills that some introverts may find challenging.

  • 4. Become a Graphics DesignerMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/Graphic design is an amazing career for introverts. Design work can be done independently and at the comfort of your own home.

    However, you need to have good communication skills because youll often interact with clients. Communication is important because it allows you to deliver exactly what the client wants.

  • 5. Become an AccountantMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/Accounting is one of the most sought after Kenyan jobs today. As an accountant, expect to spend most of your days dealing more with numbers than with real people.

    Whether youll specialize in auditing, taxation or any other work, you wont be working directly with clients very often.

  • 6. Computer ProgrammingMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/Computer geeks like programmers spend half of their life writing code. This could be the introverts dream job. Most computer geeks dont even have time for social life and fun. But youll need the skill, knowledge and passion to succeed in this field.

  • 7. Become a Legal OfficerMore Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/Introverts can make good paralegal officers. Unlike lawyers who spend a lot of their time dealing with clients and other parties involved in the case, paralegals work behind the scenes and prepare the cases for presentation.

  • 8. Scientists (statisticians, actuaries and geologists)More Information: http://maisha.gradstate.com/10-best-websites-latest-kenyan-jobs/It is common knowledgethat most scientists are introverts mainly because they spend most of their lives researching and studying, leaving little if any time to socialize. If you have a passion for science then Kenyan jobs within this field could suit you best.

  • Information Compiled from:GradStatehttp://maisha.gradstate.com/best-kenyan-jobs-introverts