A Maths App for Digital Literacy

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<ul><li> 1. Appy Together A partnership to boost numeracy through technology Kevin Campbell-Wright Project Officer (Digital) NIACE @KevAtNIACE March, 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. NIACE The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) is an independent charity which promotes adult learning across England and Wales. Through its research, development, publications, events, outreach and advocacy activity, NIACE works to improve the quality and breadth of opportunities available for all adults so they can benefit from learning throughout their lives. 3. First, heres a little story 4. How do you feAbout your mulitplication 5. How do you feAbout your reading sk 6. 6 7. PIAAC Report 2013 Britain did not do well for adult literacy and numeracy People with better numeracy had on average: Better health More chance of employment Better Wages 8. Maths 20032011 20032011 9. www.maths4us.org 10. www.maths4us.org 11. Search for an app based on tags Add any of your own apps that you find 12. Learning Maths Online Everyday Finance Pay &amp; Wages Managing Your Money Everyday Maths Numbers in Food About Time Helping Children with Maths Helping Adults with Maths Learning Maths 13. www.mathseverywhere.org.uk 14. Technology Technology, when applied right, has a real impact FD 100 LT 90 FD 200 _ Technology is NOT the innovation innovative approaches to learning &amp; teaching SUPPORTED or ENABLED by technology is the innovation Technology for learning needs to be put into an everyday context using your own devices, in your own place. Mobile, BYOD, Mobile, BYOD 15. Technology FELTAG and ETAG Announced yesterday Recommendation: By 2015 10% of publically funded FE &amp; Skills learning should be delivered online By 2017 50% of publically funded FE &amp; Skills learning should be delivered online 16. Conclusions Technology is going to happen Technology needs to adapt to a situation When theres a major learning issue, we cant sit back There are different areas of expertise when it comes to learning...pedagogy, delivery, technical etc - we can all try to tackle it in our own way alone...or all tackle it in our own way together. Well always appy together! 17. All stories end..... 18. Kevin Campbell-Wright kevin.campbellwright@niace.ac.uk @KevAtNIACE </p>