A Mother’s Tale

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Chapter 21 of Jose Rizal's Novel "Noli Me Tangere (Touch me Not)" This is also known as the Story of a Mother or Ang Kasaysayan ng Isang Ina. The Mother here is named Narsica or Sisa for short-- a mother of two Sacristans, Crispin and Basilio.

Text of A Mother’s Tale

A Mothers Tale

A Mothers TaleReported by: Hazel Joy P. DantesChapter 21: The Story Of A Mother (Ang Kasaysayan Ng Isang Ina)

of Dr. Jose Rizals Noli Me TangereCharacter:

Sisa, shortened form ofNarcisa, is the mother of the two sacristans Crispin and Basilio.Basilio -- the oldest son ofSisaand is one of the young sacristans of San Diego.

Crispin -- the youngest son ofSisaand was also one of the sacristans of the convent in the town of San Diego.

Sisa played a major role in Chapters 16, 21, 39, and 63 ofNoli me Tangere. She had a pure heart that carried no pretenses. She was a loving mother who wanted to give her sons a filling meal. She was disappointed when leftovers remained after her husband ate dinner.Sisa ran all the way home.She desperately wants to save and protect her sons from the danger that she feels is coming. She came across the civil guards and found outthat Crispin was nowhere to be found, and that Basilio had escaped.The guards commanded Sisa to bring out the friar's money which her sons had stolen.When she cannot produce it they arrested her.Sisa nearly died of shame from the piercing stares of the people as she was dragged across town.The Alferez eventually released her, and she went searching for her lost sons. Still, there was no sign of them.Sisa became insane.