A New MMOG Framework On Cloud Computing Environment

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A New MMOG Framework On Cloud Computing Environment. . Outline. Introduction Motivation System Architecture Comparison Summary. Introduction. Client-Server Architecture The most popular architecture of MMOGs. Centralized management Satisfies data consistency Keep games fair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint </p> <p>A New MMOG Framework On Cloud Computing Environment1Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU OutlineIntroductionMotivationSystem ArchitectureComparisonSummary2Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU IntroductionClient-Server ArchitectureThe most popular architecture of MMOGs.Centralized managementSatisfies data consistencyKeep games fairFeasible to chargeEasier to find friends or contact with strangersIt has drawbacksHigh cost to achieve good performanceNot scalableFat client3Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU Introduction(cont)4Peer-to-Peer ArchitectureAnother architecture of online gamesDistribute frameworkMore scalableNo performance issue to game operatorIt also has drawbacksFat clientUnfeasible to charge</p> <p>Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU MotivationTo provide MMOG service in cloud computing environment.Take the advantages of cloud computing.Allocate resources by each player(or a tiny group of players).To reduce network and VM migration overhead.5Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU System Architecture</p> <p>6Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU System Architecture(cont)Isolate the resources that every player have into a single VM instance.Also apply the same change to region server.Avatar server is placed with its region server, to reduce network traffic.Use exist works about load prediction (neural network approach or SVM approachetc.) to achieve more effective resource allocation.When a player was logged out, the players VM was stored as a VM image.</p> <p>7Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU Comparison8Client-serverP2PCloud-based(proposed)ScalabilityBadGoodGoodFeasibility of ChargingYesNoYesThin-ClientNoNoYesMulti-Platform AccessibleYes, but need different client softwareYes, but need different client softwareYes, and thin-client is easy to developAnti-cheatingGoodWorseBetterCost to operate gamesHighLowMiddleCopyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU SummaryInspired by PaaS virtual desktop, use the similar concept to operate a MMOG service.This framework can apply to any exist IaaS cloud service.Satisfies the five characteristics of cloud computing.9Copyright 2011, MBL@CS.NCTU </p>