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  • 1.Welcome back to A Night's Tale!Last time, we met our founder, Jack saw him get abducted twice, go against all of my plans and meet a girl he really liked, Meadow Pederson. Meadow then moved in to help take care of Jack's alien spawn, Mercury, who was born at the end of the last chapter.Sound familiar? If not, you might want to go take a look first.Anyway, onto this chapter! ->

2. We rejoin the Night family in time for some spam of Mercury. Did I mention that I love the kid? And so do Jack and Meadow.This is the third time I have fed you this morning, because I love you! 3. Jack is surprisingly a good father, despite his short attention span. Merc has only ended up on the floor once since his birth, and that was so Meadow could throw up.Mercury is due to become a big brother soon. 4. Well, let me see, do I want to go downtown with a random stranger and her friends instead of my son's birthday party? Bearing in mind that I will have to pay for everything... Jack paused thoughtfully, leaving the stranger on the phone waiting patiently.Nah, I think I'll stay home with my family. 5. Mercury's birthday came round quicker than I expected, and I didn't take too many pictures of him as a baby. 6. Hey, look! My son grew up kind of weird looking!It's because he's bald. We'll sort that out, then he will be adorable. 7. Here's the adorable little guy.Me cute!Indeed you are. Mercury is an Aquarius, with a personality of 2/3/5/9/6, making him a sloppy, shy, fairly active, playful and nice child. 8. After the birthday, Jack heads back to the telescope, hoping for another abduction.You see, my original plan for Jack involved no marriage, and to receive the heir via the aliens instead. Just because Jack found himself a bride doesn't mean I'm going to drop my plan! 9. I just remembered that being abducted usually has something to do with probes...and man pregnancies...Well, that's all very nice, but you see... 10. ...it's a little too late to stop you from being abducted.Nooo! Again?! 11. Unsurprisingly, no one notices Jack has been abducted. Again.Mercury is much more absorbed in playing with the leftover bits of chair which the wolf destroyed in the last chapter. Neither Jack nor Meadow have had time to clean it up yet. 12. This neighbourhood looks a little familiar. Have picked up from here before?Pretty soon, the aliens bring Jack back. 13. It's funny because Jack's going to be pregnant again!Yeah, Meadow is very supportive of her husband during his traumatic experiences. She comes out to the kerb just to laugh at him. 14. It's not funny, Meadow!Meadow paused from laughing for a second, You're right, it's not funny...it's downright hilarious!Is it?! Jack demanded, straightening up, reaching an arm round to his back. 15. No more abductions?No more forced abductions. I can't help it if the aliens take a liking to you. But I'll do my best to keep you away from the telescope.Can't you just sell the telescope?No. Too simple. 16. The next morning comes around, and Jack seems to have forgiven Meadow for laughing at him after his abduction.Meadow Pederson, I can't imagine life without you. No one else would laugh at me, or help take care of children that aren't theirs, Jack swallowed, and smiled, will you marry me?Meadow squealed, Of course I will! 17. I love you, Jack!Jack grinned as he held her, I love you too, Meadow. 18. Let's get married here and now! Jack smiled, holding up a small gold 'O'.Because I'm pregnant but not showing, right? And you want the baby to have your last name?Well, that too, but I love you! I want you to be Meadow Night! 19. And so Meadow Pederson became Meadow Night, in a quick, sweet ceremony completely typical of generation one couples. 20. The day passed like any other day after the wedding, with fathers sitting down to talk to their sons.Can you say 'Dada is awesome'?Dad...Heehee, I am your first word, sort-of! 21. And pretty soon, Meadow started showing her pregnancy. 22. Jack also started showing signs of a pregnancy.Eugh...I don't think I should be the one saying 'I think I'm pregnant'. 23. Hey, Mercury, you're going to be a big brother soon, how cool is that?Big brother?Yes. You're going to have two little brothers or sisters soon. 24. And of course, the pregnancy begins to fly by as my focus turns from taking pictures to keeping various pregnant people alive. 25. Daddy? Merc put a hand over his eyes and let out a little cry, DADDY! 26. I'm comin', Mercury, Jack replied, sleepily, getting out of bed, I remember the days before children...when we could sleep an entire night and not get woken up...With a yawn, Jack stood up, and felt slightly odd. 27. Mercury wants out!Oh plumbbob, I'm pregnant again!Jack then disappeared to let Meadow feel his baby bump, while Mercury sat in his crib and complained. 28. Eventually, Merc was let out...in time to escape the room while Meadow went into labour.Oh! Ouch! This hurts A LOT. Thanks for the heads up, Jack! 29. To quote a good friend of mine, a friend I married and live with, it's funny because I'm not giving birth.Jack stood there smiling until Meadow shot him a furious look, after which he quickly changed his expression to a more sympathetic one. 30. Moments later, Meadow was holding her baby girl in her arms.Jack, what should we call her? Meadow sounded tired as she asked the question. Jack approached and smiled at his new daughter.How about Stella?Stella it is. 31. You're a brother now, to little Stella. Meadow smiled.Stella! We play?Not yet, Merc, she's still too little.Oh. Not fair. 32. But because this is the first generation of a legacy, Stella doesn't stay too little for long.They are actually standing at a birthday cake in this picture, you just can't see the cake. 33. Look who grew up cute! Meadow smiled, proudly holding Stella up into a burst of confetti. 34. Stella is an adorable little Aquarius, with a personality of 4/4/4/7/6.She looks like a good blend of both Jack and Meadow, with Jack's purple eyes and elf ears. 35. Shortly after Stella aged up, Jack went into labour with hopefully the last child of the generation.Meadow! I need sympathy!Meadow looks very unimpressed. 36. And so a baby boy was brought into the world welcome baby Spiral! The only member of generation two without Jack's purple eyes. 37. Pretty soon, it's time for Mercury's birthday into childhood.You ready for this, Merc? 38. That was so cool! I was little and now I'm big!Mercury quickly became quite an enthusiastic child, which is nice. 39. It's my first day at school today, Stella, which means you're going to have to play by yourself for a while. Spiral's too little.Little.Yep. But tonight, he'll be big enough to play, you wait! 40. Oh boy! I get to recycle and get on the school bus! Yay!Mercury literally runs everywhere. I don't know whether that's a glitch or not, but it's kind of refreshing to have a sim so enthusiastic. 41. Unfortunately, Mercury's teachers didn't seem to agree.Merc pulled a face as he read the sloping comments about his 'attitude' being 'distracting' for other pupils. 42. Is it even possible to have too much fun while at school?! 43. Mercury hadn't been lying to his sister that morning, it really was time for Spiral to be thrown into toddlerhood. So, with a very enthusiastic Mercury cheering them on, it was time to bring Spiral to the cake.Alright, Spiral, let's see who you're going to be. 44. Spiral grew up cute! With elf ears!! And an inappropriate CC choice for hair! 45. Wheeee! Spiral flyin'!Better. Spiral has a personality of 4/10/10/7/0, which makes him a Gemini, and an outgoing, mean little man. 46. Spiral is the only sim in the house who isn't an Aquarius, and for some reason, he grew up with a dislike for Mercury.Luckily for them both, it seems Stella is Mercury's favourite. 47. The next day, Mercury brought a friend home with him from school Shelby.Mercury, do you want to hang out or something? Shelby sighed, putting her hands on her hips.We are hanging out, Merc replied, engrossed in what he was doing.Merc, you're playing a video game while I watch...Now, look! I've died! Fine, we'll hang out! 48. Alright, you have my full attention! What should we do now? Merc smiled at Shelby, and she pulled a face.I don't know...do you have any toys?Nope. Dad says they cost money we don't have, whatever that means.Well, I guess we could just talk. 49. And so they did. On the floor of the study amongst cheap bookcases and free Rod-Humble-Computers, Shelby and Mercury had lengthy discussions about anything and everything.After which, Mercury and Shelby were best friends. 50. At six 'o' clock, Shelby realised it was time to go, and pulled Mercury into a hug, the pair of them smiling.Come back again soon? It was fun hanging out! Mercury said, a hint of hope in his voice.Of course! I had so much fun! 51. Later than evening, Jack and Meadow decided to produce a fourth child for the generation.As if Mercury, Stella and Spiral weren't enough. * headdesk * 52. I'm going to be a Dad again soon, and I can't work out what's wrong with this snowman!It's Meadow's fault that Snowy ended up headless she kept distracting Jack from his fun. Stalk-y couples, hey? 53. And soon, it's time for another birthday.Stella is growing into a child, the day before Spiral does. They're like almost-twins, Stella and Spiral. 54. Quite a few people turn out for Stella's birthday, even with the snow. Melissa Fancey came home from work with Jack, and Mercury's latest friend...can fly? Maybe? 55. This is so cool! Stella declared, as she stood in her new child-form.Woohoo! She's cute! Maybe we'll be friends and grow up together! Joe, Merc's friend cheered, earning a confused look from Mercury.I'm going to go get dressed! 56. As you can see, Stella did indeed grow up cute.I think she quite a few of her features from Jack, maybe her face shape from Meadow? Who knows. 57. Hey, Merc, let's gossip about Spiral!--