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  • 1. Welcome to another chapter of A Nights Tale!Last time, we saw Shelby not answering Spirals calls, while she datedother guys. Mercury, Stella and Cara started to see people. Spiral washit by a car after fleeing from a slow dance with Bim Lawson, one ofhis friends from the dorms. He had an interesting dream involving hulacostumes, before waking up and leaving Shelby for Bim.Now, onto this chapter! :)

2. On the west side of the Valley University campus, a band were settingup in the empty function room at Club Rhythm. Margaret Turner liftedher guitar, and nodded once to her bandmates.Flipping her newly-dyed hair over her shoulder, she picked out thenotes she had written earlier. 3. Tosha Go, on the left side of the stage, stood with her hands wrappedround the bass, waiting for her cue to join in.It wasnt like they had practised much, but the function room wasempty, so it didnt matter. 4. At the back of the stage, Nicole Thompson started playing the drums out of all three musicians, she was by far the most talented at it.Over the layers of sound created by the girls, a voice, deep and husky,started to sing.Surrender, surrender,Theres no cure Like a good beat No cure, no cure Like the resurrectionOf music... 5. Samuel Fuchs moved across the stage with confidence, and pointedtowards his imaginary audience.Surrender, surrender, Revive your soulTheres no cure Like the resurrectionOf Music... 6. Samuel finished the eerie lyrics with a high note, one no one expectedhim to reach. Once that was out of the way, he grinned at the emptyroom, imagining it filled with fans. 7. Hello there, were the Soul Bandits, Samuel announced, were hereto make sure our music never leaves your mind...This is the first song we wrote together as a band, its calledRestoration, and Id like to dedicate it to my late father, Jon SmithTricou.... 8. At the Night Family Greek House, Spiral was relaxing on his bed,feeling much better after being hit by a car almost a week ago.He was watching his girlfriend, Bim Lawson, as she pulled faces.Amused, he asked, What are you doing? 9. Bim sat up, grinning, Trying to think of something we can do tonight.I have a few ideas. Spiral teased. Bim rolled her eyes.I meant with your brothers and sisters.Didnt realise you were-Stop it, Bim laughed, how about we all go out tonight? Orsomething. 10. Bims attention moved to the poster on Spirals wall, as he questioned,What kind of outing were you thinking of?How about a concert? She said, eyes fixed on a poster of a boyband.Spiral shrugged.Are there any on nearby? 11. Theres a tribute act on at the Student Union tonight, but theyrerenowned for being the worst band on campus. Bim told him.Spiral laughed, Any decent concerts?I saw an advertisement for a band playing at Club Rhythm, but Ivenever heard of them before, Bim replied, we could always give thema shot.Yeah, why not. Good luck convincing the other three, though. 12. Aw, come on guys, we never do anything as a family together anymore. Spiral said, with a smile.Stella pulled at her chair, I think theres a reason for that. The lasttime we hung out was on that spaceship!Spiral shrugged, So? This will be more fun. 13. You really think so? Mercury asked, with a hint of a smile, What ifthe band sucks? 14. Then we find something else to do, but, Spiral paused, grinning, Bimand I looked them up online, the Soul Bandits have a good reputation,good reviews, and theres talk of them being signed to a record label.Mercury raised an eyebrow, and replied, Fine, then, Ill go. 15. Im in if it gets me out of another date with that creepy guy who hasproblems respecting personal space. Cara announced, cheerfully.Stella snickered, Im in because thats a hilarious reason to be in.Cara frowned a little, but quickly cheered up again. 16. Yes! Spiral celebrated, Im saying now, you can all invite whoeveryou want. I mean, Im taking Bim. So that means you guys can inviteHeather and Jimmy if you want.Mercury and Stella grinned, before they all continued with what theyhad been doing. 17. Bim turned to Spiral, What if the band is terrible now that weverecommended them?Spiral smiled, Then there is a perfectly good pizza place down theroad from the club. ... 18. The concert had just started when the Night family arrived. Studentsgathered at the foot of the stage, dancing recklessly to theunstoppable beat and catchy lyrics. 19. Bim felt slightly strange as she stood at the very front of the crowd. Itwasnt because the music wasnt quite to the taste.It was more the fact she couldnt stop looking at the singer, SamuelFuchs. 20. He was just so passionate. His lyrics, tales of loss, strength, rebellionand revival, seemed to echo the feelings Samuel kept deep in his soul.Bim could feel every word.Are you okay? Bim? 21. Bim, are you okay? Spiral asked again, breaking her focus on thesinger.She felt a little dazed, Yeah, Im fine. Just getting into the music.Thats great! The band are pretty decent, right? Spiral grinned. Thesongs of the Soul Bandits were definitely up his street. If they startedreleasing albums, Spiral would have one in his CD rack.Bim nodded, and turned her attention back to the singer. 22. On stage, Samuel Fuchs had finished his song. He called to Bim,Hey! You seem to be enjoying this concert, how about you join me onstage for the final song of our set, Fallen Trees!Bim couldnt believe her luck. She could become part of the art thatwas being created in front of them. Without any hesitation, sheclimbed onto the stage and joined Samuel. 23. Bim started dancing with Samuel on stage, and Spiral couldnt containhis surprise.Bim told me she wasnt much of a dancer... Spiral said to himself, whyis she dancing with him when she wont even dance with me?Sulkily, Spiral moved into the crowd, and began trying to ignore the wayBim was moving on stage. 24. In the corner of the room, Bill Blur watched, taking care not to bespotted. He was a representative of a record company, keen onhearing the new and popular music of the Soul Bandits.They might be worth signing. He murmured, grinning, as he watchedthe crowd go crazy. 25. At the front of the stage, Spiral had climbed up, and made an attemptto pull Bims arm.Bim, were going home. Coming? Spiral asked, smiling.Samuel brushed him off, Leave her be, shes coming home with me,right, babe?Spirals smile dropped instantly, Thats my fianc.Dont make me call security, Samuel threatened, get out. See, theladys enjoying herself!Furious, Spiral jumped off stage and stormed out. 26. After the show was over, the band, and Bim, sat on the sofas of theclub.Right, so how much money did we make? Samuel asked, hurriedly. 27. I thought we were in this for the music, not just to make some moneyfor your stupid Tricou project. Margaret remarked, irritated.Samuel raised an eyebrow, but didnt reply to Margarets statement. 28. No, Nicole interjected, sitting down next to Margaret, we didnt makeenough money for your first installment before you ask.Though we really should be doing this for the music. Look how oursongs are making people feel! Margaret added. 29. Well, at least I didnt come away empty-handed, right Bim? Samuelsmiled, earning a giggle from Bim.I thought she was some guys wife? Margaret questioned, loudly.Fianc. Samuel responded, Which means nothing to me. Until shesdressed in white at the other end of that aisle, shes allowed to dowhat she wants. 30. He makes marriage sound so desirable, Tosha commented,sarcastically, joining her band on the sofas.How does he have groupies already? Margaret questioned, Whenus three do all the real work, too... 31. Samuel was oblivious to their comments. Comfy, Bim?Bim was entirely under his spell, still mesmerized from his intriguingand heartfelt lyrics earlier. Unable to respond, she just grinned andmoved closer. ... 32. Spiral slumped against the wall, frowning.Why does every girl do this to me? He asked, tiredly. 33. I have to be home in two days, with a woman to introduce to myparents before I marry her. Spiral sighed.He promptly began to cry, no matter how young it made him feel. 34. Outside Spirals room, Cara and Mercury were having a discussion.Ive got an idea, Merc. Hes really worried about this no-wifebusiness, isnt he? Cara asked, cheerfully, Merc just nodded, Then Ishall reveal my idea at breakfast.Cara danced away, singing to herself, leaving Mercury confused. 35. The next day, Spiral surfaced from his room at lunchtime, hours laterthan Cara had originally planned. But it had given her time to brieflyshare her plan with Mercury and Stella.Mornin. Spiral yawned. Stella raised an eyebrow.How can you still be tired? She questioned, Also, its afternoon.Damn, really? Spiral looked around for a clock.Spiral, weve got an idea we need to run past you. Mercuryannounced. 36. Is this because Im failing as the heir? Spiral demanded.Not failing exactly, just not doing so well at the wife-thing. Carareplied, honestly. Spiral swore, loudly.Spiral, Mercury said, sharply, listen to Cara. She actually took thetime to think of this for you, so you had better listen to her.Speed-dating. Cara grinned. 37. Speed-dating? Spiral repeated, incredulously, You think Ill meet mylife partner speed-dating?Its possible. Cara murmured.Spiral laughed, Ill give it a shot if itll make you happy, Cara. 38. Arent you going to have an eventful evening, Spiral? Mercuryteased. Spiral said nothing, and just laughed along with him.... 39. Right, so when the noise sounds, all the males will move one table totheir left. The noise sounds every minute, and well go round the roomtwice. Any questions? 40. The noise sounded, and the speed-dating began. Students and adultshad all turned out for the evening, and Spiral was surprised to admit itwas a little bit fun. 41. After flirting with Tiffany Upsnott for a small while causing the pair ofthem to be yelled at for leaving their seat