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A presentation by Shannon McGraw and Robin

A presentation by Shannon McGraw and Robin Pinkston

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  • A presentation by Shannon McGraw and Robin Pinkston
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  • Welcome! Once safely on shore, we found out that the island was called Malta. The islanders showed us unusual kindness. (Acts 28:1-2)
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  • The Three Cities-Senglea, Vittoriosa, and Cospicua
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  • This is St. Pauls Bay where the Apostle Paul was reported to have shipwrecked!
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  • The yacht marina in Msida
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  • The road to Valletta, the capital city.
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  • Valletta
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  • The western coast of Malta
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  • A reminder of Gods Love over the Mosta Dome- taken from Earl and Robin Pinkstons balcony
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  • The Mosta Dome lit up for the festa or yearly feast celebrating the Virgin Mary
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  • A typical scene in Valletta
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  • The streets in Valletta
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  • A group of our famous yellow buses at the terminal.
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  • Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. (Revelation 3:20) Salvation When asked, What does it take to go to heaven? the average Maltese would answer, live a good life. Pray that The Way would be clear and that even in the face of social and cultural pressures many would seek Him and find Him.
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  • Encouragement Is. 41:10 Lift up believers who must face continuous opposition from their families. Pray that they would have the grace to keep a consistent witness and that the Lord will reassure them of His presence.
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  • Witness Mk 16:15 The call is clear pray for Maltese believers to be obedient to go to other parts of the world as missionaries as well as share with their family and neighbors. Because of its unique position, many Muslims come through Malta pray for them to hear the Good News there.
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  • Government-Titus 3:1-2 Malta gained its independence from Britian in 1964 and is a democratic republic with two main parties. Pray for Maltas President and Prime Minister, as well as other leaders, especially as they make steps to enter the European Union.
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  • Families Acts 16:31 A combination of close proximity and a very relationship-oriented culture means that extended family is usually as close as the nuclear family. While this makes it more difficult to stand for Christ, it also makes the witness much more effective. Petition for the salvation of those who have a Christian witness in their family. This is Pastor Edwin Caruana and his family. They also have an older daughter not pictured.
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  • Missionaries Mt. 5:14-16 Pray for the missionary families here to be the salt and light they are called to be and to clearly communicate the Gospel. Ask the Lord to give them His vision for reaching every Maltese in a culturally appropriate way. Earl, Robin, and Kathryn Pinkston represent the Intl Mission Board.
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  • Young People A majority of the young people here spend their weekend nights in the bars and clubs. Pray that this way of life will not be satisfying any longer and that they will look for something else. Pray for alternatives to this for those who are seeking and for the Christian young people. This is Rebecca and Michael, two young people at Evangelical Baptist Church.
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  • Children Because this is the first generation of children to be brought up in an evangelical Christian church, there is a great need for training and discipleship. Pray for workers, for Maltese literature to be developed, and for children to be seen as capable of making a decision for Christ. Also lift up outreaches in the parks as many times the parents also attend and hear.
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  • Volunteers Many Christians come to Malta for short term volunteer trips. Ask that these trips will not only be fruitful in Malta, but also in that persons life. Pray that others will hear the Call and be faithful to come and share Jesus personally.
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  • Maltese flagIslands of Malta Thank you so much for praying for Malta! If you are interested in joining a monthly prayer update for the Maltese people or for the Pinkstons, visit our web site at www.peopleteams.org/malta or e-mail us at [email protected] God bless you!www.peopleteams.org/malta [email protected]