A Seller's Dash For Cash

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  • 1. A Seller's Dash For Cash

2. Today, eBay is considered to be one of the most lucrativeauction sites available in the Internet. 3. However, selling on eBay is not that easy, and the veryfirst thing a seller should do is to find the ways on howhe or she will get paid once the item is sold. And so, hereare the different ways how a seller can be paid: 4. 1. PayPal 5. PayPal is the most common and convenient way ofsending and receiving money based on an eBaytransaction. Here, the payment for the sold item is sentdirectly to the seller by means of an established bankaccount or a credit card. 6. 2. Personal Check or Cashier's Check 7. Sellers may choose this kind of option. However, thedrawback of using this kind of payment method is thatthe seller still has to wait for a number of banking daysbefore the check gets cleared. 8. 3. Credit Cards 9. Sellers must have a merchant account to be able toaccept payments from its buyers through credit cards.This is applicable only if the buyer will be paying directlyto the seller. If the buyer still wants to use credit cardbut wants a safer transaction, he or she may opt to paythe seller through PayPal with the use of the credit card. 10. 4. Bank to bank wire transfers 11. In this type of payment, the seller can be paid through abank-to-bank transaction. Here, the buyer will transferfunds from his or her bank account to the seller's bankaccount. 12. 5. Money Orders/Bid pay 13. This is one of the recommended payment methods ofeBay. This is considered safe because the seller or thebuyer can track down the mailing address of theconcerned person. 14. 6. Escrow 15. This is strongly suggested for high-priced itemtransactions. The escrow service guarantees fullprotection while the transaction is not yet closed.Through this service, the seller has to wait for theconfirmation that the buyer had received the productbefore receiving payment. 16. However, sellers and buyers should take extraprecautions on dealing with escrow services. There are alot of counterfeit escrow services lurking on eBay thesedays. It's best to check if the escrow service wasapproved by eBay. 17. 8. Cash 18. Sellers on eBay may receive payments through cash.However, this is a high-risk activity and offers noguaranteed protection. 19. 8. Instant Cash Wire Transfers like western Union andMoney Grams 20. Sellers may opt for this type of payment method. But,they should keep in mind eBay is strongly against thismode of payment and that insisting this to the buyermay result to suspension or termination of account. 21. http://futurejobsindemandlist.com/form.php?id=641129