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  • 1. Rugby Union GCSE Student Guide Get Started

2. Basic IRB Rules

  • The ball cannot be passed Forwards at any time
    • A Scrum will be awarded to the other team if a player knocks on the ball
  • Only players on their feet can handle the ball
    • When a player is tackled they must let go of the ball
  • A tackler cannot make contact with the persons head who they are tackling
    • A penalty will be given for a high tackle
  • You can only tackle a player in possession of the ball
    • If a player obstructs another player the opposing team will be given a penalty
  • Official IRB Handbook
  • The Ball
  • Advantage
  • Method of Scoring
  • Foul Play
  • Knock on

3. Positioning on the Field

  • Looosehead Prop
  • Tighthead Prop
  • Hooker
  • Second Row
  • Openside Flanker
  • Blankside Flanker
  • Number 8

:Forwards 4. Positioning on the Field

  • Fullback
  • Openside Winger
  • Blindside Winger
  • Openside Centre
  • Blindside Centre
  • Fly-half
  • Scrum-Half

:Backs 5. Safety: Boots 6. Safety: Gum Shield

  • Each player should wear a gum shield, this protects the player from teeth & gum damage. Also protects the player from jaw damage and there is less chance of being concussed
  • You can get 2 Types;
    • A gum shield you mould yourself using hot water to mould the shield to fit your teeth
    • A gum shield that is fitted by your dentist. This is a perfect fit but is much more expensive

Click ! 7. Safety: Body Armour

  • Shoulder & Upper Arm protection: For all positions apart from the scrum. Mostly worn by backs; Centres, Wings, Fly half & Fullback
  • Shin pads: protect the shin and the ankle worn by all players
  • Head protection: Worn by most scum positions, majority of hookers wear one. Protects the whole head but mainly the ears for scrum positions

8. Jargon Guide

  • Backs Seven players who make up the line behind the forwards.
  • Blindside Short side of the pitch from a scrum, ruck or maul.
  • Blood-bin Area off the pitch where players with a blood injury are treated.
  • Conversion Two-point kick given to the try-scoring team taken level from the spot where the try was scored.
  • Dummy pass Sending a defending player the wrong way by faking a pass to a team-mate.
  • Five metre scrum Attacking scrum five metres from the opposition's try line.
  • Forwards Eight players who form the scrum and line out.
  • Grubber kick Low kick along the ground, often used in attacking situations.
  • Hand-off Legal way of pushing a tackler away with the palm of your hand.
  • Killing the ball When a player dives over the ball into a maul and does not stay on their feet.
  • Maul One or more players from each team are in contact around the ball off the ground.
  • Miss pass Long pass which misses out players in the line.
  • Openside Wide side of the pitch from a scrum, ruck or maul.
  • Punt Kick down the field or to touch.
  • Ruck One or more players from each team are in contact around the ball on the ground.
  • Scrum Way of re-starting play when the two sets of forwards lock together.
  • Sin-Bin Bench where players who have made serious fouls are sent after being shown a yellow card by the referee.
  • Try Score for five points when a player puts the ball down with downward pressure over their opponent's goal line.
  • Twenty-two yard drop-out Drop kick taken on the 22-yard line used to re-start play after the ball goes beyond the deadball line.
  • Up-and-under High kick to put the opposing team under pressure.

9. Quiz Question 1

  • How many points to a team get if they have a try and a conversion ?
  • 7
  • 5
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8

10. Wrong Answer 11. Correct 12. Quiz Question 2

  • What is a Up & Under ?
  • A ruck
  • A maul
  • A high Kick
  • A good tackle
  • A high tackle

13. Correct 14. Wrong Answer 15. Quiz Question 3

  • Which is illegal ?
  • Kicking a ball on the floor
  • Handing someone of in the face
  • Tackling someone above the shoulders
  • Drop kicking through the posts at any point during the game
  • Sending another player to the blood bin

16. Correct 17. Wrong Answer 18. Quiz Question 4

  • Which is illegal gear ?
  • A full head guard
  • Rubber blades
  • Metal round studs
  • Metal Blades
  • Body Armour

19. Correct 20. Wrong Answer 21. Quiz Question 5

  • Which position is not in the scrum ?
  • Number Eight
  • Tighthead Prop
  • Fullback
  • Hooker
  • Second Row

22. Correct Home 23. Wrong Answer 24. The End 25. Rugby Union GCSE Student Guide Get Started 26. Sources

  • http://www.sevenoaksart.co.uk/images/engrugbyball.gif- Source - Ran through Photoshop filter to change saturation to match HDR photography background. I have also changed the colours of the ball to match my colour scheme.Evidence -