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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks? Or How/why do my three products SYNERGISE and what is the effect/significance of this synergy?

The title suggests certain specific representations of the working class, which is somewhat subverted by the background of the floral patterns. However, the title could be trying to represent the issue of a dysfunctional family.The use of official film logos promotes the film effectively, as most of them are real awards that easily stand out on the poster.The variety of award logos-in style and colour-also enhance the effectiveness, as they give the poster a more professional feel.The lighting of the poster can be seen to look more natural than more mainstream film posters, as it is a natural location still image. Therefore, it can be reasoned that the film will have a more natural style, and is going to have a more niche audienceThe basic font choice of the main title, whilst making it stand out, also helps set certain pre-conceptions surrounding style within the audience. Its black colour also works in conjunction with the low-key lighting and dark costume motif to suggest tension within the film.

If you delved deep enough it could be seen that the red colour font for the actors name is reflecting her characters representation as dangerous, through the association with blood. A representation that is easily seen in the film, not simply through the symbolic red colour of her costume, and is constantly repeated throughout the magazine review. The miss-en-scene of the champagne glasses is used to represent some sort of ceremonial event, an event which is expressed clearer in the film and magazine review. This combined with the darkness of the image suggests a disruption of the event.The positioning of the character in the centre of the poster sets up pre-conceptions within the audience, such as whether or not he is the protagonist of the film.The facial expression, as if in mourning, suggests that the film will not have a happy outcome. It could also be representing a theme of death, through the dark motif running through his costume, as well as his dark thick rimmed glasses-that arent present in the film-suggesting a late insight.

What we know about the magazine Sight&Sound tells us that the audience is most likely going to be niche, and we can guess that the genre will at least have elements of social realism. This links strongly with the magazine review, as it is a Sight&Sound review.The lexical choice of the review effectively promotes my film as it informs the reader about aspects of the film, such as style-this can be seen through the word unsettling which suggests a dark tone/style. The yellow colour of the star ratings, also help the review stand out, and help reinforce the positivity of the review.

The synopsis effectively informs the reader of the films story, as it mentions setting, date, character, and age, as well as working throughout the events of the story clearly and precisely. Thus, attracting an audience through the informing of story, whereas my poster attracts audience through the suggestion of what to expect.

The review clearly pinpoints, and summaries, the important themes and issues within the film, namely the dysfunctional family. Subsequently, informing the reader of what to expect. This is a significant issue that the poster doesnt easily represent. The review could be seen as biased towards the film as, whilst negative critique is mentioned, the positives seem to outweigh them. This could have a positive effect, as it could attract the audience more effectively, although the review might not be seen as true.

This final paragraph also teaches a lot about genre, as it hints at an air of comedy, whilst still remaining adamant that the film delves into an unsettling, black tone.

Like the poster, the magazine used is Sight&Sound. This suggests that the film will have a more niche audience, and, again like the poster, involve elements of social realism.In contrast to my poster, a different image, involving different characters, was employed, as it allows for different representations and, interpretations to be made by the audience. Questions are made that attract the audience, such as what the relationship between the two characters is. However, in comparison to my poster, the colour red has been used surrounding Harleys character to depict the representation of danger. The framing of the image, combined with the action of the synchronised drinking also hints at the comic-suggesting a genre of black comedy.

The way the characters are described-rebellious, vulnerable-help convey the key themes and issues, by suggesting what ones are most significant to each character, for example, the issue of bad parenting being most significant the the vulnerable father.The reviewer, whilst not delving into detail about it, does offer up some background information, for example mentioning the daughters lack of parenting on a daily basis, and making clear the event of the proposal that may not be so clear in the actual film. Therefore, the review itself also informs the reader.The review also makes the themes and issues within the film clear through the mentioning of such things as noise pollution, bad parenting, whilst also making clear that some themes and issues are ambiguous.

On both my poster and magazine review I have created a synergy between them, as well as the film, through the natural images I chose to include, with the synergy between location and visuals throughout.

Whilst, in my poster the location is used is combined with the dark visuals to create a tone almost of mourning, and to hint at the themes and issues surrounding death. My magazine review uses the location with the visuals to convey the comic tone of the film, whilst still representing the black comic style.When you combine the magazine review with the poster, each, along with the film itself, become easier to understand. Our understanding is deepened through the use of a range of images, and more representations become clear.

Both the poster and magazine review also have synergy through their niche audience. In fact, the niche audience can most clearly be seen the same way in both, through the Sight&Sound magazine. However, whilst the review is a Sight&Sound review, the poster just features a rating from them.

However, whilst the review is a Sight&Sound reviewthe poster just features a rating from them.

Synergy between the ancillary tasks is also created through their purpose to promote the film. Each product is also designed to convey information to the audience, whilst not giving away the story. This is achieved in both products through the suggestion of themes and issues. Therefore, both ancillary tasks combine together to promote the film effectively.

It can be seen that the review does it much more effectively, through the use of positive critique, and clear information about the story.

The poster also heavily features awards, reviews, and star ratings, which combine to promote the film positively.Each ancillary task features similar and unique elements that, when mixed together, work in conjunction with the film. Creating effective synergy between the three products.