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A2 evaluation

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A2 Evaluation

A2: Media Studies Evaluation Sophie Lauren Mitchell

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The different ways my media product use and develop forms and conventions of real media products, is by making sure we kept to the same layout format as other professional adverts. We also added a black and white affect to out advert to make it look profession and suitable for the theme. The challenges we made and moved away from the conventions of the form were, making our perfume exclusive and changed the average perfume to mist of glitter which came out when youd spray it. This is one of the noveltys out perfume had we made it clear to our audience.

There are a lot of adverts that we have taken stereotypical aspects from different perfume adverts. Such as Armi diamonds and jadore Dior perfume. The advert Armi Diamonds is shot in black and white this is where we got our idea from. It makes it look classy and suited to the advert we are trying to portray. Taylor swifts perfume advert, Lady gagas and Armani diamonds advert. The three adverts all for women had similar aspects to each others like the suspense in their music and fast pace moving shots. Also they all had a particular theme incorporated to their product. What myself and my group first came up for Is the theme, which was high class with a sexy seductive theme aimed at older wealthy women. How we achieved this theme was by taking a variety of fast creative shots involving a womens aspects and our product the perfume bottle. We did this to keep it looking professional and made sure we studied a lot of perfume adverts to make sure we could learn the different types of character you see in those high class ranges.

Advert one and two

The codes and conventions we used in advert one and two are both been edited in black and white and in advert two we used slow motion and a re-wind edit. They both have a female character been shown as classy rich and well presented.

Our radio advert and sponsorship Our sponsorship sequence is a condensed version of adverts one and two. Keeping at a black and white edit a female well dressed and a classy feel to it. So that people can see what type of a convention and perfume we are trying to portray.

The radio advert we used a female's voice, this was to keep the feminine feel to it and using a males voice we thought would lose that feel of our purfume advert. We kept it short and simple and made sure we pointed out the aspects of our perfume.