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A2 Evaluation: Q4

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  • 1. Question 4) How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages ?
  • 2. IMDB-For the development of our film IMDB was an effective form of technology as what itprovides has enhanced our ideas and the generalisation of certain elements.-IMDB provides information into ever possible detail into a film from the cast and crew toa synopsis of the film.-In the earlier stages of the construction of the film we found this thoroughly influential aswe looked into other sporting documentaries such as In The Hands Of The Gods andHoop Dreams, which where the most influential feature films we looked at over thecourse of the research stage.-Through the provision of great detail we are able to emulate this by seeing what filmroles are necessary and the general opinion of the film, showing whether it is worthusing it as a starting base to help us develop an idea.
  • 3. Short Film Of The Week- Short Film of the week is a form of technology which we were instantaneously introduced toafter making the decision of selecting a documentary for the choice of genre.- Truthly if anything had the largest impact on what was the creation of the narrative of thefilm this website had it.Previously we were completely unaware of the existence of short filmof the week.- Many films were analysed however two came across as riveting and enjoyable which createdthe intention of using certain techniques in our documentary.-The very first short documentary which caught our attention which was discovered throughthis website was Always A Fire which documents and informs the audience on the rise andfall of a talented young american footballer.-What we got out of this was the strong use of cut aways through memorabilia and the powerfulinfluence of interviews which tells the story.-Secondly Born Into Coal gave our group the interpretation on how many locations arenecessary and more specifically what locations are necessary as we are taken to the homes,hospital and working environment of the two miners we are introduced too.
  • 4. YouTube-Previously I had some form of knowledge with the likes of YouTube however, I did not acknowledge howmuch it can provide and in a sense enhance the film, creating an improvement.-For instance, when looking into other documentaries we came across other student films ,meaning wegained an interpretation through clips presented on YouTube into such elements of a film as titles.-Additionally through the construction of the film , YouTube provided us with the access to upload videoswhere we could gain feedback therefore developing ideas and allowing us to download videos, whichcould be modified or analysed for the benefit of the film.-I was unaware of both of these accessible options on YouTube.- As the time frame for our film is 5 minutes it was important we understood a way to structure thedocumentary and how to incorporate the most interesting footage at a student level.- The Janitor is a student film made in 2010 which we came across and found to be highly influential asit helped develop the idea of having the focus on two people and interviewing other people to stress theircharacters and affect, in our case the affect of Jack and Kobi on their Sunday League team LondonLions.
  • 5. Wikipedia-Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia meaning any aspect of the filming process which we hadlittle knowledge of this form of technology would essentially fill in any gaps in our knowledge.- At the beginning of this process it is inevitable to state that our acknowledgement ofdocumentaries was limited. This made it likely from the start that we would utilise websitessuch as wikipedia, contributing to the enhancement of both our narrative and the structure ofthe film.- When sticking to what is essentially the conventions of a documentary wikipedia was the mostuseful website as it provided us with direct detail towards these conventions such as interviews,montages and re constructions.-This meant when going out to film we planned it in such a way that it we would stick to theseconventions so that when we went to the likes of the Jack and Kobis home, we captured themost appropriate footage for the editing suite to make these conventions stand out which issomething I believe we achieved successfully.
  • 6. Google Maps- After coming up with the narrative of the film it was extremely important that we would be ableto capitalise in what was at the time a fresh idea by finding a football side with a mixed range ofage groups in a large space of land.- Google Maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google to fundmany map based services.- This was a form of technology which we were previously aware of but through other forms ofresearch we discovered how convenient and useful this form of technology could actually be.-The effectiveness of this form of technology came from the service it provided which showed anoverall view of different locations, in our case all different amateur football sides grounds whichis how we came to the decision of filming in Rowley Lane, Arkley.-Our decision was based upon the acres of land the football club owned, meeting the hopefulrequirements we had for the film as we were able to gain a few establishing shots but moreimportantly have enough space on the pitches to have the focus purely on one team, instead of itbeing compact and the footage becoming confusing between all the other matches.-Overall Google Maps was an unexpected but very positive technology over the course of theconstruction of the film.
  • 7. Overview Map Of EuropeText Rowley Lane, Arkley
  • 8. Blogger-Blogger enabled us to post all progress and research we have had made throughout thegradual development of our film, which could be researching into films related to our genre,changing certain parts of the film such as the storyline or just simply adapting on what is acurrent idea and expressing it through a variety of ways.-Blogger was a website which I had vaguely heard of but had absolutely no acknowledgementof what it could provide until the beginning of the academic year, whilst Sam is familiar with itfrom the AS course last year.-It is a useful piece of technology due to the service it provides and the general effect it canhave on our 5 minute short film, as we are able to utilise the fact Blogger saves work no matterthe scale or size.-This allowed us to capitalise on any research we found could be relevant , blogger was asimple and informative way of us referring back to work to help us on filming sessions andediting.-Throughout the thorough detailed pre production, production and post production stage ofour film, Blogger has had a fairly big impact to assure quality was sustained entirely foreverything we did.- Essentially it allowed us to analyse all filming sessions and creating a description towards abreakdown of what was filmed and how successful they are.
  • 9. List of Blog posts
  • 10. Filming Equipment:Tripod, Microphone,Microphone and Boompole-For the production stage of our film there was not an entirely wide range of technologies we usedbut however the ones which we did use we discovered they do have several additional featureswhich we became conscious of. The difference being with these forms of technology in comparisonto the others is that before putting them to use we were aware of the general importance of theequipment.-A very simple but important form of technology when constructing our film throughout the severalfilming sessions we undertook in the many locations was a tripod which is a three legged stand forsupporting a camera. This controlled what was involved in the shot as it placed the camera in aspecific position, which shows what we now believe is good framing of majority of our footagejustifying the influence of a simple piece of equipment.- Specifically the Sony HDV Camera which we used, was the camera we selected to capture all of ourfootage. We found the camera to be emphatic in terms of quality but however their was areccurence of one problem this being the cameras battery as it would have very little battery lifeafter a short period of time, despite being charged for a few days.-. One of the two types of media technologies which we utilised for sound was the boom pole whichwas very beneficial as it could be extended a fair distance enabling us to capture pin point soundsfrom matches and training sessions. Secondly the microphone which is what captures the sound wasextremely clear putting us in the position that when editing the film we can exaggerate the theme offootball.
  • 11. Tripod Sony HDV CameraBoom Pole andMicrophone
  • 12. Hotmail and I message-Hotmail is one of the most popular free emailing services which is provided by Microsoftwhich is accessible from a computer anywhere in the world. Hotmail also provides users with aschedule calendar and the capability to save contact lists in an address book.-IMessage is a free service from Apple that enables users of apple powered devices to send textmessages over Wi-Fi from mobile devices like the Iphone and Ipod Touch.-Users can easily distinguish messages sent via iMessage, as message replies appear in a blue-shaded bubble as opposed to the Messages apps standard green coloured bubble.- These two forms of technology had an impact on what is the narrative of the film. Thisimpact came from it providing us with the ability to contact the parents of Kobi and Jackwhich is a necessity in order to gain permission to film them as they are only 11 years old.-When contacting Antony for the permission of Kobi hotmail was used, which turned out to beextremely efficient speeding up the whole filming process.- After contacting Antony he gave us the number of Jacks mother (Samantha) after decidingthat his personality was the ideal fit for our film along side Kobi. When contacting Samanthawe alternatively used I message as we became informed on its efficiency and due to the fact itis a more direct way of addressing people.
  • 13. Sent Messages Replies
  • 14. Prezi-Prezi is a presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.-When it comes down to the evaluation stage of this course, we wanted to show variety in theway in which we answered them.-After looking into the best forms of technologies in which we could undertake the evaluationquestion in a well structured and different manner, Prezi came off as a really interestingoption.-It provides a range in layouts and shows the whole process of the answer in a unique fashion,which makes the answer less formal but easier to understand.-Prezi also enables us to differentiate sections of the answers for instance for evaluationquestion 1 we discussed the conventions of documentaries, therefore we had a separate box forevery convention.-Over the period of time are Prezi was being designed we became more and more aware of themany features it provides and the original affect it can have on the design.-Prezi was a very useful website for the evaluation stage of our finished product, it alsoprovided us with some form of re assurance after looking over what comes across a wellthought of, researched and executed film.
  • 15. Photo Booth and IMovie- As I have previously stated when taking on the four evaluation questions we wanted to be as originalas possible.-Along with the Prezi we have created a blog post for our answer of question 2 which is not particularlydifferent.-However for our audience feedback answer we came up with the possibility of a video as through oneof us being in the possession of an apple laptop we had the option of using firstly photo booth and thenImovie.-The intention was too create a montage of the views of our classmates on what is the rough edit of ourfilm showing the positive things and negative things they have to say about Box To Box rough edit.-Photo Booth was used for the filming of these opinions which came off as fairly good quality when itcomes to the picture but this wasnt too much of an issue as we gained very clear soundfrom photo booth which is the most important thing.-Imovie is a editing programme which is provided in Apple which meant I could immediately getediting after filming my classmates. It also allowed us to create the video in the style which we initiallyintended too.-In conclusion Prezi, Photo Booth and Imovie became very useful, fascinating and effective in theevaluation stage of the coursework.
  • 16. Photo Booth application and list of classmates opinions
  • 17. Final Product Creating The Montage
  • 18. Final Cut Pro-In the post production stage of our film Final Cut Pro is a further application we becamefamiliar with, as this was our choose of software to edit on. It was important for us to choosethe correct editing software as it dictates the outcome of Box To Box.-Initially Final Cut came across as daunting to use, but we managed to overcome thecomplexity of it and gained a vast understanding of it.-The screen on the right of the programme shows the film, giving us a direct view to thetransition of what the film looks like over the period of time it is being edited.-Final Cut Pro provides us with the novelty of rewinding, fast forwarding,playing and pausingall the footage whenever, making it simpler to spot any possible faults.-The section on the left shows all footage we have and that has been in imported into Final CutPro,making it easier to choose all the footage we acquire when actually editing and giving us aclearer perspective on what footage to use.-What fundamentally takes up majority of the Final Cut Software is the editing panel wherethe film is created and formatted to the way in which one intends too. The layout of the filmcan be altered through the bar at the very bottom of the screen as it can be maximised orminimised.
  • 19. List ofFootage Editing Panel