AACTE Publishes New Principles for Accreditation .AACTE Publishes New Principles for Accreditation

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Text of AACTE Publishes New Principles for Accreditation .AACTE Publishes New Principles for Accreditation

  • AACTE Publishes New Principles for


    2016 Has Been a Busy Curriculum Season

    for STLL

    Ed. Leadership Student Leads a Local

    Chamber of Commerce

    Papers Needed for the 2017 Sunshine State

    Teaching and Learning Conference

    Math Ed. Grad Wins 2017 AMTE Early

    Career Award

    Call for Papers for the 12th Annual

    Conference of the Social Sciences

    UCF KnightED Talks Student Showcase

    Calendar of Events

    AACTE Publishes New Principles for Accreditation

    AACTE Board of Directors has

    made a great effort to produce a

    document titled, Principles for

    National Accreditation in

    Educator Preparation, to guide discussions among

    educators and other stakeholders about the role of

    accreditation in serving the public purposes of education.

    A key part of the preamble reads AACTE affirms the

    importance of accreditation, particularly its role in

    assuring that the preparation of professional educators

    ultimately serves the interests and learning of PK-12


    The principles are:

    THE QUALITY PRINCIPLE: Accreditation Improves the Quality of Education

    THE EVIDENCE PRINCIPLE: Accreditation Is Grounded in Evidence of Effectiveness/Graduate Quality

    THE CONSENSUS PRINCIPLE: Accreditation Reflects Consensus on Best Practices

    THE SERVICE PRINCIPLE: The Accreditation Process Is Transparent and in Service to the Profession and the Public

    *The entire document can be accessed at: https://secure.aacte.org/apps/rl/res_get.php?fid=3097&ref=rl


  • Ed. Leadership Student Leads a Local Chamber of Commerce

    Kari Whaley, Ed. D. in

    Educational Leadership

    Executive Track candidate, was

    recruited to be the new CEO and

    President of the St. Cloud

    Chamber of Commerce. For her

    first chamber meeting the

    speaker will be Debra Pace, (Exec. Ed.D., 15),

    Osceola School District superintendent.

    Kari's research is a study of doctoral candidates'

    and recent graduates' perceptions of the

    supervision they received while in their doctoral

    program. Participants are from across the US and

    across disciplines including education, health, and

    business to name a few. Her results will be the US

    survey portion of the international study that

    Thomas Vitale, Colton Tapoler, and Rosemarye

    Taylor are conducting.

    2016 Has Been a Busy Curriculum Season for STLL Last week STLL announced two successes in the

    curriculum area. The long effort to revise the B.S.

    in Elementary Education was approved by UPCC,

    and the MAT in Art Education was reactivated by

    Graduate Council. These were important

    milestones in the continuing effort by faculty to

    provide student with high quality programs, yet

    those efforts are not the only ones put forward by


    Here is a scorecard of other STLL curriculum


    The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

    revision will be considered by the CEDHP

    Graduate Curriculum Committee.

    The M.Ed. in Mathematics Education is being

    renamed to Secondary Education, Tracks in

    Mathematics Education, Science Education,

    Social Studies Education, and English/

    Language Arts Education are being added, and

    the curriculum is being revised.

    The B.S. in Physical Education is being

    administratively reactivated. With approval of

    VP Elizabeth Dooley the program will begin

    accepting students fall 2017.

    The Urban Education Graduate Certificate

    program is being revised and the name

    changed to Supporting High Needs


    The College of Arts and Humanities and

    CEDHP are negotiating a transfer of the

    Graduate Certificate in ESOL to CEDHP.

  • Math Ed. Grad Wins 2017 AMTE Early Career Award

    Dr. Jennifer M. Tobias (Ph.D. 08),

    Associate Professor of

    Mathematics Education at Illinois

    State University, is the recipient

    of the 2017 Early Career Award.

    Dr. Tobias' research focuses on

    prospective teachers content

    knowledge and the development of that

    knowledge. Her research has been published in the

    Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Journal

    of Mathematical Behavior, Investigations in

    Mathematics Learning, and International Journal

    for Mathematics Teaching and Learning. Her

    practitioner work has been published in Teaching

    Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in

    the Middle School, and Mathematics Teacher. Her

    book (Leading the Change: Making Sense of

    Mathematics for Teaching Grade 3 5, co-

    authored with Juli Dixon, Ed Nolan, Thomasenia

    Adams, and Guy Barmoha) was published by

    Solution Tree in 2016.

    Jennifer is committed to the continual

    development of teaching and research practices in

    mathematics education through her work with

    colleagues and graduate students at Illinois State

    University and colleagues across the country.

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    Papers Needed for the 2017 Sunshine State Teaching and Learning Conference

    Melody Bowdon has

    provided the following call

    for papers for the inaugural

    Sunshine State Teaching

    and Learning Conference,

    which will be held in St. Pete Beach, Florida, in

    February 2017, can be found at this URL: http://



    Proposals are due November 28th. The timeline

    is tight, but this event promises to be exciting and

    valuable for faculty members and faculty

    developers in all sectors of higher education. The

    conference is co-hosted by UCF and USF, and

    Mary-Ann Winkelmes, founder and director of the

    Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher

    Education Project, will be the keynote speaker

    and workshop facilitator. Questions should be

    directed to Melody Bowden.


  • Call for Papers for the 12th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences Submission Deadline: March 10, 2017

    For the past 12 years, the Florida Society of the

    Social Sciences (F3S) has strived to provide a

    unique forum for students of the humanistic and

    social sciences to engage with fellow scholars. The

    cornerstone of F3Ss efforts is the Annual

    Conference of the Social Sciences, where graduate

    and undergraduate students come together to

    present and discuss their work with a broad

    audience that crosses disciplines, professions,

    origins, and walks of life.

    The 12th Annual conference theme, From Social

    Problems to Social Promise highlights the role of

    research in addressing current social inequalities,

    cultivating a sense of hope, and providing more

    equitable solutions for the future. We are excited

    to announce this years keynote speaker,

    renowned public speaker, Dr. Victor Rios,

    Professor of Sociology at the University of

    (Math Ed. Grad Wins 2017 AMTE Early Career Award

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    Prior to becoming a faculty member at Illinois

    State University, Jennifer received her Ph.D. in

    Mathematics Education from the University of

    California, Santa Barbara. The Conference will be

    held at the University of Florida in Gainesville,


    More information is available at the following

    URL: https://f3s.soccrim.clas.ufl.edu/event/12th-


    UCF KnightED Talks Student Showcase

    Dr. Lee-Anne Spalding

    and Dr. Taylar Wenzel,

    co-chairs, cordially

    invite you to represent

    your discipline by being

    an exhibitor at the

    KnightED Talks Student Showcase (Saturday,

    January 28, 2017, 9:00 am 3:00 pm).

    Participating provides an opportunity to talk with

    students about professional organizations in your

    discipline (perhaps increase student membership,

    too) at the state, regional and even national levels.

    If you are unable to participate, perhaps some of

    your students may be interested in serving in this

    capacity. Participants will receive a letter of

    appreciation. If interested in participating, please

    register online:


    (Information submitted will be included in the

    KnightED Talks Student Showcase program.) For

    more information regarding exhibiting contact

    Donna Frazee, dfrazee@ucf.edu.



    November 18 Elementary Education Program Meeting; TA 130; 1-3:00pm

    November 19 UCF Football vs. Tulsa, TBA

    November 20 Kappa Delta Pi Induction Ceremony, 4:30-7:30pm, MIRC Global Communications Room

    November 28 Sunshine State Teaching and Learning Conference Proposals Due

    November 28 Liz Klonoff Visit; 3:00-5:00pm

    November 29 Int