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AAR 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division, Aug 1944 Thru May 1945

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Text of AAR 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division, Aug 1944 Thru May 1945

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    r. 66Th ..u?MD l{Wn~'Lrr

    .l.W 44 th.:ru ~y 45

    .... r ~'~ ~ ~ fo i t' t ' '),-' ~,~ ,", ,~. P. -I. t ~ i G yo C 0 a 1"1 t !: ":' ~;: ::'::HJ ;.~ t~.: ~';' ~~~~~~~.~s~.o.',~ .... ,

  • HEAD(u ARr~?.s 86m ARMOPED REGD.3t;T

    A. P. O. 252 5' octobor 1944

    str.3JECT, Trmlsrdttal of papers.

    TlIRU I comnanding Officer, combat COMmand "An, 2d ~mored Divisi:)!],. TO comnanding General, 2d .Armored Division.

    ~tached hereto is R')port of operation for period 1- 31 Algust 1944, for the 66th i.rmored Regir..ent, with S-l, S-2 end S-4 supplements.

    por the commanding Offioerr

    l.:ajor, A. B..';.P..."tOF, J~. 66th .'1rmor':}d R itljutant.

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    HEI\D~ iJARTERS ()()TH Aru~RJ::) RSGI.:.:ENT APO 252

    ~b September 1944

    Report of Operation for PerioQ 1 - 31 August 1944

    1 ~ugust 1944

    At OoolB Aug 1944, ooth Armd. Regt, CC"AII, was in contact with the enem.,y in the vicinity 01" BEAUCOUDRAY, FRANCK (see overlay 11); all elements of the Reg1.ment (- Hq Co, bbth Annd Regt) were under direct control of Command.ing General, CC"AII.

    At 0500B, a combat team 01' 3rQ Bn, both Armd. Regt, 3rd. Bn, ~:..! RCT, and. a platoon of Co B, 70, TO Bn, moved. on order of COJlllllanCling General, CC"A", on TESSY SUR VIRE .(see overlay fI~). A ground. mist screened. the IOOvement of the combat team advantageously, and. excellent progress was maC1e. A column of enemy reconnaissance and. personnel venicles was overrun with complete d.estruction thereof. The leading ele~nt, Co G, met the 1'irst substantial resistance on the outsidrtsof TESSY SUR VIRE, where two med.ium tanks were destroyed. by ell.., bazoo~a fire. Two med.iu.ll tanks 01' Co G actually entered the town, but were destroyed by mines and anti-tank fire, the personnel being captured..

    In the meantime, at 0830B, the column was cut along the axis by two Gernan l.:ark V tanks which approached the column from the left flank. One enemy tank was destr6yed and the other forced to withdraw under damaging fire. Under cover of smoke laid by the Mortar Platoon, 3rd Bn, both Armd Regt, the remainder of the colwnn closed upon on C,o G in the viCinity of LA POElLEWERE. The attached infantry had been disroounted from tne tan.i

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    "00 1 t -'. t l " 'tW d b C di0At 00 S, s ~at ...l.on, c..~ n ~rn/Q aeCt, ,1.eU:1, wd.~ Jr ered. y oronan ng c;enerol, C:".i.", to :-:.ova into the attac'{ at once with the ll...lssion of seizin,; high

    broll:l.G (,-;il::" 11" see overlay !I.e.) and. sec-lrin..; sal.,e. The tJattdlion ;aoved. O'lt with

    Co l, uutn .\r!lld. E(egt, and. att3.cned. infantry C01npan,y from ~nd on, ,(,.t. aCT, 4th Div,

    a platoon 01 Co -t., 70.t!. TO 3n, as the assault ele.'Jents to a line of departure at

    tile CR 4744';7, where the 175th In! 3.ec;t had. est,aolished. its further:10st point of

    aovance. At 1:)45B arranGelnents were laade with tne 17,ttl Inf ~eGt to pass tne tanks

    tnru tneir lines.

    A. reconnaissar.ce 01 terrain WaS completea ana at 11303, the assault column

    swung off the roio\O into tne attack with the left flaM guioing on tne roaa. At

    tnis tiJ!1e, two Jer:ll"-l.n tarv.s witn suP?ortiniS infantry ..-.ere observed covering tne

    road.. Tne attack was preceed.ed by an artillery concentration of the German tanks

    observed, ar.d. in' front of tile leacung assault eleoent.

    The attac!< re..1Ci1ed a pcint 403458 at li~IOD. At this time, air reconnaissance reported tHree enerrv tad-{s to tne Ln;~ediate front, hidden in a group of houses. The terrain '.',Qula not ::>er:1it maneuver to flank triese enemy tanks due to presence of s un~en roaas on tne left flank ana airect fire em the right flank from the south. A :nedium tank was lost in the attempt. AS artillery fire failed to destroy these tanks, air support 'NaS requested which arrived ~n 30 minutes. The air knocked out two tanks and reported seeing no more in vicinit~. The assault elements then moved for-Nard into the attack, and came under direct f~re from ene~ tank that had moved in undetected 1"rom the left flank, caLlSing a loss of one of our medium tanks. The entire area was subjected to an i~tense concentration of enemy shell fire coming from the right tlank and front. .

    Pl.ans then were formula.ted to move the sector of advance to the 80uth about 300 yaras &nCl U:irll ~be .... oI uUllUl tir. ~ 'rapLd. 8)V_~t endeavor to rlAnk this strong point anCl continue with the mission assigned. The Jwap oft was delayed by another heavy ene~ artillery concentration Which resulted in numerous casualties among the supporting infantry. While the infantry was being re-organized, instructions were received that the .t!.nd Bn, 66th Armd R.gt (reinf) had been committe

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    . .. ,..:.. . : ~

    :'_Lr.~ ~ t.r ... !. ~,-J ..... :.~,erCe t .",;,E: ~-1.(lV -11JCe ,,),i ~ . ';; r~...u:.\..~er']l t .. ~ _jL, . .l'"C.. l~' u~ :re.s~.l ve i:icti~)" ,jt::!.;tr'

  • ..~ ~~, .J ......1

    were cont.acted fro!l ~~",; Inf Div. Investigation ait.cl.osed the Linit had the s.."i.me o\.)jecti ve as toe 1st ,::lll, obth hrmd He6t. By the time co-ordination was affecteo, it was too dar~ for further operation and on order Co:nmandiI16 3eneral, ce"",", the 1st Dn consolidated its position at 583330 for the nit:ht

    3rd Bn, obth ",rrnd Regt, was in CC"A" Reserve, H,oved by bounds alonG the axis and l'fa!> not co;nmitted. The Battalion assembled for night as shONn on overlay 1/4.

    :> ~u6ust 1944

    Hq ooth Armd Regt received !"ield Order rio, CC"A", 'Nhich constituted the Bns and gave their missions as follows (see annex No. ~ and overlay ri5).

    1st Bn, ooth Aft, Reinf ~nd i:3n, 60th I\.~, Rein! ;rd 3n, 60th nR 1st Bn, ooth A.R ~nd En, ooth ~ 1 Co, ~nd an, 119 Inf 2n(1 Bn, 119 Inf (-1 Co) 1 Plat, Co A, 17th Engr 1 Plat, Co .~, 17th Engr

    Artillery 14th fA Bn

    CC"A" Control H,-, CenA", ~fid Ar",d Di v

    o5tl1 fA Bn 119 FA Guard

    ooth Ar!:1d J.egt (-'3 i3ns) (;0 Ito, l'/th ZnL:r (-~ Flats) Co .t, 70"'!' TD Bn Co Ito, 4Eth ;.:ed Bn Co D, ISt5 Aa :)et CO A, ~:aint bn

    1st ;-m Rein': Attac~ to SeCLlZ'e high eround :;est 01' VIlE to cover passing of ce"A" th:,u 1IR...-;. follow last unit of CC".It." passin.: thru VIRE.

    "'!'nd Dn :teinf: Itottaci

  • that Co 'G, 119 Inf, wit. 'One tan~ co:npany were to nake t.~~4ttack. The attac;
  • 'rv

    01" friend~' inl'antr2' llilU ',iitnarawn lro.;l toe ~eri.-:-;eter ae1'ense of the hill ":ithout r,otitic3.tion and tna ene:,l,Y, realizin..; tJil:;, hei laLU1cr:ed a cOWlterattack. The ener.lY co.mteratt'-1C.-{ 3.nd at',e"pt at reca;JtlrirlG tlle growld lost to them was ~uicKly repllsed.

    ~ battalion of tne llotil Inf arri. 'led in tue area at this point and too~ over the uefenses vacated uy trle before .entioned infantry ele!Ttents. The re:nainder of the Iligut was s;:ent 't;i thout further incident.

    "'-no 3:1, uuth "\r:::d i\eo't, Heini., Vias ordereCl to tCl~~e U;J assault positions near tnose occllpiea tne ena of tile ;;revio.lS ~r. This was accomplished at 19003. Not 'ueinc: co::unitteu, tne ~nQ 3n witt-drew to an asse1nbly area for the ni5ht.

    jrd i3n, uoth l.rmd Reclt, Reinf, 'Nith ~nd Bn, 41st AriUd Inf Regt, received orders to :aa.-:e contact/litn the 1st I3n at 009317 and to coordinate with t.1em in an attack On the 11iZh ;ro;lnd south' of IIE;Z.

    At CJ730B, 3rd:3n moved out of asse::lbly area in colwnn or companies, moving SW t a ~~ l-~~,J.' tnen Sast toward V1:tE. Tne att",cK progressed' rapidly to a point 5983". Here, a leadin6 tan'{ 01 Co B was aestroyed by artillery or mortar fire. ;;hile t ryin-:: to l>y-pass toe resis tance a t tIllS point, Co B lost anotner tank by cirect AT fire fro!:l a point 591jl().

    Tlie battalion went into an assElflbly area in the vicinity of RJ at 6(0)1 where orders for contir:uation of the attacl{ ,,'ere issued and coordination with elements of the ~9th Inf on the riGht l' lank w~s affected.' The battalioniVB.s subjected to n c1l!lerOUS concentrations of mortar fire while in the assembly area. The attack was launched 'Nith the hiGhway as the axis, with Co H on the right, Co G on the left. Co B constituted the reserVe and rear guard. The attack progressed satisi'actorily aGainst moderate resistance.

    The terrain encoWltered by Co H on t~ right side 01' too road was too difficult l' or a fast ;noveillent, so Co H crossed to the left side and followed Co G. The leaCli ng elements of the force, aitar destroying several AT guns ana numerous German infantry, succeeded in drawing abreast of tee 1st Bn at 15008.

    At lo30B, rear elements of tie battalion were counterattacked by German tanks a nd infantry, lo~ing three T-:G recovery vehicles and three mediwn tanks vhich were 'undergoing Juaintenance. Co G was ordered to meet and repel this counterattack which after a fierce f:i.;re fight, it succeeded in doing. Co G was ordered to return to the battalion assembly area upon the cOlnpletion of the action ana the 3rd Bn, Reint', coordinating with 1st Bn, Reinf, spent the night in assembly area without further i nciaent.

    7-8 August 1944 On August 7, 1944, orders were received to the effect that Col. Collier was

    r elleved of command ooth Armd Regt and would assume commana CC"A-". Lt Col 'IlIWAM M. ST01~ES, JR was assigned both Armd Regt and asswned command thereof.


    During this period, all elements of the RegimBnt were withdrawn into assembly area as shown on overlay #7, continuing with the mission 01' securing the high ground. at 018315. Much neeCled maintenance of vehiCle., weapons, rehabili~ation of personnel and re-organization was undertaken.

  • 9 August 1944

    uoth "rrr,d Regt remained in asse.ably areas under~oin5 ;:aintenance and personnel renaoilitation.

    Crders were receiVe

  • Dust clouds created by vehicular movement drew immediate fire.

    Remainder of b6th Armd Regt, under control of CC"A" renained in assembly areas as indicated, performing maintenance, etc.

    11 August 1944

    At 0800B, Task Force "A", continued the attack ldth Co D, bbth Armd Regt, and Co D, 41st Armd In! Regt, as assalllt ele;nents, supported by Co E, 6bth Armd Regt ani Tank Destroyer Platoon. The force advanced to positions near U P.AUlE (bOla9) under constant ene~ artillery tire and meeting stiff German resis tane:e in tie form of bazooka, AT and small anns fire. 50 to 100 Germans were killed in the advance. Co D, 6bth Armd Regt, with Co D, 41st Armd .In! Regt, consolidated and l'leld the ground taken for the night, while remainder of force assembled at lJ;. RuCHE (585;'::~8) for tile night.

    Remainder of Regiment remained in assembly areas; 1st Bn was put on 30 minute

    alert for movelnent to join Taste !,'orce "A" bllt was not committed.

    12 Augllst 1944

    "t first light the attack of Task Force "A" was resumed with Co E, both AI'Jad

    Regt, passing thrll Co D, obth ArllIi Regt, with the mission of seizin6 and securing

    CR 338 until relieved by elements of tile ;.::8th 101' Div, which took place at 1330B.

    At l500B Task Force "A" rejoined CC"A"; attachments vere released and the 4ld Bn,

    ooth Armd Regt, placed in Corps reserve in the vicinity of La ROCHE.

    At l130B 1st Bn, ooth Arnxt Regt, received orders 1'rom CC"A" to proceed to

    asse;lbl~" area on North edge of GATHEMO

    .tot 1000B orders were received creating a Task Force consisting of Co I, bbth Arrnd Regt, Co !), L.-lst Armd In! Regt, 1 Plat CO A, 17th Engrs, 1 Flat Co "', 7C~ TD Bn, and Assault Gun ana Mortar Platoons, lst Bn, obth A,rmd Regt, under cor!lIlland of Bn EXecutive Cfl'icer ''lith mission of proceeding by route inClicated (see overlay #9) South anCl tnen East to GER.

    The remainins elements of tne 1st Bn were attacheCl to 4lQ Bn, 4lst hr;na 1m Hegt (-) put under CommanCl or Co;nrranaill6 Cfl'icer, 4ld Bn, ..1st AL'md In1" :lest. ~t 1845B1 tCle TaSK force under Bn Exec Ci'llcer, 1st Bn, obth Armel. Regt, ;uoveCl out on its aSSieneCl mission, moving rapia13 to the town of r~GEONS (ol9~':::5) where a :aine field was encountereCl. The advance was delayed and leading elements only able to reach CR at blb~;.a. by ~130B. Tllrning SO:.lth a t that point the leadinG ele;aents i::ur.ediate13 were en6aged by the ene:v with small a rms and bazooka fire. The fire 1'ight continlled for an hour, durin-:; -''1hich tirle the remainder of the force coiled-.J.p behind the ele~nts engageCl. The assembly area was subjected to heavJ' concentrations of large calibre .uortar fire. At ~30B orders vere received to consolidate if possible, on ground held, or withdraw to r.1i.ni,UWll distance and secure for night. Growld already neld Vias consolidated and .nade secure for the night.

    3rd Bn, ooth Armd Regt, was placed in CCnA" reserve and ordered to move to new

    - 8

  • ..


    assembly area vicinity one mil North of GATHBMO at lbJOB.

    ~nd Bn, ooth Armd Regt, c ntinued in III Corps Reeerve, and proceeded with maintenance of vehicles and pe sonnel.

    13 August 1944

    At 0700B taslt i'orce under Battalion EXecutive Officer, 1st Bn, 66th Armd aegt, followed by remainder of force un:1er Co;amanding Officer, 41st Armd In! Regt, m.oveC1 toward its assigned objective.lorders were received to secure and consolidate defenses at CR at 610174. Lea ng elements reached this point at llOOB and remainder or MQOQ~ .t'OI'~. closed immediately behinC1 it. Defenses were set up and Force as constituted remained there thru out day without mking contact with the enemy. Jl1st prior to dark, ls~ Bn, both .\r:rn Regt, was ordered to move to an asselubly area at OJ1119 , where lit remained without incid.ent for the night.

    I 3rd. BIl, ooth Arnn Regt, norr with lst Bn, U2 Inf Regt attached, in CeliA"

    reserve, moved a.t OlOOB to new lassea:bly area one mile East of GATHEMO.

    At 0830B, 3rd Bn, ooth Arl d Regt, Rein!, upon receipt of orders, left asse;ubly area .with infantry mo ted on tanks followed aC1vance 'Of 1st Bn, ooth Ar:l1d Regt, thru .,OURDEVAL, clo ing into assembly area one mile south of SOURDEVAL. At 1,OOB orders were received t pass thru 1st Bn zone at 71'173 and continue the 9-ttac l::l.ssea.


    ...~--",,,,,"- .-..:..~:...;~ I - 9

  • ~rl :s~-.,:';Jth .-"rc.u. =i.e..;t, ..:itll 13t .on, 11...:: InL' ~-te,:t, attacIlec, Nceived lllission

    '-':i dttc~c,,,i!:~ all,} ::.~c .... rill-": i.=~ .J"'--1 ,738L::j) T:le ~at t;... lio:l ;;joveo O'lt 01' asse.,;uly

    ... r~a ~;-, ,_,:~C

  • J..u n'.l"lst 1744 x

    Orders WEre receivea t.i ti,e effect tr .=..t (')otn Jt.r~:ci Re..;t were to aase;!;cle in Di vision asse~,ttilJ area 1 cr a '.0 llOur perioc. OJ,." :;':'iir.tenance '.ll' ';enicle sarlo '1\ eapons, ret)a:il.i..tation 01 persoflLel.

    :"-L,t:; Arr:,; Re:;t clc,se,-;' iIi Jivi~ion assei(,bly

  • i ~


    ~O ~ucust 1944 (can't)

    celiA" Ir.oved in siCl:le C01WIIl1S from asse;!lbly area in vicinity 01' 0501v0 on route shown (see overlay illo). Co H, ootIl Ari.1Q flegt, wa:;; attacned to ':::nd i)n, 41st ArJ.ld In! ReiSt, forming the Advance Guard for t tie colwnn. 1st Bn, voth nrr:1Ci Regt, was placed in CC"A" reserve.

    ,;hile en route, ~nd. Bn, uoth A.riud r:egt, with one conpan,y 41st Armd Inf Regt, attached, was given mission of rignt flank guard 01 CC"A JI The buth i\rind Regt (-)t closed in aSSe,llbJ,y area vicinity of LA GAJ.;;;u.IER (041343) and spent tne niGht.

    I ~nd Bn, bbth Armd Regt, reiu!', assen,bled in vicinity of n.~ALI~E.3 (048378).

    At this time, all elements 01' the RegiJ[,ent were ~nder CeliA" control.

    Co H, both Armd Regt, as part of the Aavance Guard, attact

  • I ..

    ooth Armd Regt (-Rcn Co, 1st and ~d Bns, 66th AR and Co H, oath AR) in left column proceeded along axis following the attack by bounds and executing special missions as follows:

    At 10006, 3rd Bn, both Armd Regt, was ordered to clean up road between objective G and H. Co B, ooth Armd Regt, moved out at Ib40B to seCLlre LD (112591). Co G, ooth Armd Regt, passed thru Co B, ooth Armd Regt'l -at 1715B and continued on objective H. Objective H secLlred at 1830B. Co B,i!ooth Armd Regt, ordered to assemble at 08~b19 and was secure in t:us assemble area a~ ;G;GOOB, having captured 18 prisoners. '

    Co H, bbth Armd Regt, attached to 2nd Bn, 4l~t A~d In! Regt (-), left assembly area at 0730B with mission of securing high groun~ east and west of JJUlVlLI..i. Objective was secured at 1300B and Co H, both Armd iegt, continued attack along axis toward CONCHES, capturing 299 enemy prisoners, killing 50 eneJl\Y who offered resistance and succeeded in reaching a position 3 miles NE of CONCHES (086365) where it secured for the night.

    At 14306 Platoon Co G, bOth Armd Regt, assigned mission of mopping up

    LE SACQ, France.

    ~3 August 1944

    All elements of ooth Arlll.d Regt, received orders to continlle attack North

    witn final objective the SEI~'E River (see Annex #~).

    hcn Co, ooth Armd Regt, was assigned the miss~on of reconnaissance in CcnA" zone, maintaining contact with CC"B" on left and 8{d Ren Bn to front. 87 pri800ers were taken.

    o6th Armd Regt in two colwnns as constituted was ordered into the attack at 0730B.

    ~~ssion of Right Column - securing successive objective and consolidate on

    ubjective R.

    3rd 3n, ooth Armd Regt, moved out of &sse.ably area at lOOOB, meeting medium strength resistance, and reached oDjective N at l400B. At l700B, an attack was again launched to sec~re CR at Ob1911. Ene~ positions and colwuns were penetrated and wiped out by successive encircline move~ents which threw the ene~ into utter conl'.lsion. At 2030B, the lO~lI'::J1r..u; - .EL3ElJr' higi)way was reached, and olockeC1 wi th I'oailolocKs! hS a res..llt of a series 01' indepeqoent actions, l'Jj prisoners were ta~en, )0 Germans ~illed, 30 ener~' vehic..:..es Oftall types captured, 2 :.:ark V and 1 ;':ar .. IV t an.:s destroyed. At LJOB, the Battalion went into an assembly area west of r'OU:"UE'JILLE. illrther action during' the ni3 t accounted for one u.rk V tank, o Nebe1werfers, J :toci

  • loSt j,t:, v;.,t'1 ....r.'-< ::,,=~:, re.. ....,..;.tl8d in "::';/1 " :tescrve :J,!iJ closed in l'indl d.s..::ie.Jul.,y &.red. ~';, '...J7J'IUCI cit ..:J45B

    .:.n'J In, uvtr, 1'\1':;,d ::te~t, .-teinf, ;..oved O'..lt lrorl area at llJo)8 at Oo30B,

    attac.~in.:: 1; across tile ~~;; Idver ,'lith ';':;L:,"::J.r' as its fin':l.loojective. iiepeated

    t,()rusts a;~Q penetrations were :;::ace into ene;:l,}' units tryino:: to reaCH tile ~..llNE

    c rossir'c': at :;~::.,;;"('. ;)et'veer. ') j c.nd 100 vehicles ana C oobat pieces 'Here destroyed

    er. route, 2;':5 lJrisonerssere taken. The force was assembled S.: of ;;~r.;)zJJr' in the

    ..icir.it~' of 1')./149 dnd area seclrit./ establisned. TJ:lat nit;nt, ~5 Gerlllan vehicles

    i llclJ.oin.; one r..ar~ V tanK were destroyed as they atte.!ipted to penetrate the

    battalion's roa,;. :Jloc.cs. \.Ine liGht taM 'Hei3 lost thru ene:ny tanK fire. Enemy

    Cd.S ,Blties inf..:J.cted were enormous.

    ~4 ~U8ust 1944

    All ele.:J.ents 01' the outn Ar:Jd Rec:t continued on originally assiGned mission.

    licn Co, 0uth Ar;r,d aegt, provided 1'lank security for all three battalions in

    t fie .::.d ilance.

    1st 3n, 60tn ~r,i1d Regt, Reini, ;iloved into the attac~ at '113UB with the mission 01' cutting roais r'll1nin-= west and north out of ?:Li"blJr'. In vicinity of U50949, leading ele:tents received s,fia11:,u',fls fire andcirect fire froffiJ\T 8uns. Heavy rain ;:Ulle o bservJ. tior. c.nc.. .1.aneuver ver~' ai..l'1'icult. Artiller.f and mortar fire came into the area, and dLrect fire was recei vee. fro.;" eX,eJ,I,/ tanks. Air Silpport was I'e(~uested, and a:1 est L:;a ted :2 e!ie::l~' tan.~s '''ere des troyed. 0rders ':Jere recei ved to consolidate, 'rfllice. ',HS acco,lplisned. UJ' l'J'juB at C,oU'j()5. .Juring this operation, J 1.ark IV, ~ ;"arr: V t arL~s, and 5 s.'I.o:..111 enem;' vehicles were aestroyed, ~5 enemy were killed and 75 prisoners t

  • I'

    1\11 ,1e..t::I.ts 01' ~uth A,l'u:;, ~ei.it cor,ticlcltla on auove i:J.s~ion.

    i\cn Co, uut'1 I\rJQQ :iee;t, proviaed a reconnaissance screen ana flam; security

    lor 1st Ci!.Cl ~na Ens in their attac,{ on r:T.~)EUf.

    1st on, wtn it,rI!1d Regt, Reini', by Co E, 41st it,rr..:.d Inf Regt, 1 P~at Co A, 70;t. 'I'D Bel and R~n Co, Quth a.'md Regt (-~ Plats) got under way at 0900B on the u.ission of cutting the road running west out of ELBEUF. Attempt to ~. ()~ 01' area vicinity of LE THUIT - SIGNOL were frustrated by intense concentration of heavy artillery,

    ~T and nebelwerfer fire. Air support failed to relieve the situation. On order Comruanding General, CC"A", the battalion wi. thdrew to area vicid ty U SAUSSAY, closir.g at ~lJOB (09~

  • ~8 Auguat 1944 CC"A" moved the entire command from 2nd Armd Div assembly area vicinity of

    l179U to vicinity 47'i.b~5L traveling approximately 48 miles. See Annex No. 18 and Field Order No. lb, 'i."( Aug 1944. All units closed by 06000 28 Aug 1944. The remainder ot the day was spent at maintenance of vehicles.

    29 August 1944

    The entire command devoted day to maintenance of vehicles and re-organization. Ren Co, bbth Armd Regt, reconnoitered for crossings o! the SEINE River (see overlay #21) 30 August .1944

    both Armd Regt prepared to move under order CC"A" set forth in PO #17, Hq CCnA" (attached) in two columns.


  • west of I30RlSSICOURT. This additional mission was accomplished at l800B. The force coiled here for the night.

    3rd Bn, 66th Armd Regt, Reinf, moved into the attack at 0745B and advanced generally NE, by-passing all centers of resistance. The force coiled at 2333b8 at l7l5B, and received orders to take high ground in the vicinity of ~76379. The attacK was launched at 1930B and the objective secured at 20l5B.

    The two C01UIIUlS advanced 50 miles in this attack. 65 prisoners were taken.

    STOKES emdg.

    - 17

  • o o b6th ILrIJR)red Re or Per~od

    Maintenance Co:upanj", bbth Armd Regt, during t;he period ILugust 1 - 31, 1944, maintained the vehicles of the 60th Armd Regt and of all the unite attached to CCIIA". Three battalion maintenance crews were assignea to the three battalions of the Re6iment and repaired the vehicles of those battalions on the s pot or if necessary evacuated them to L:.aintenance Company fdr hi~her echelon .naintenance.

    l.~Llch of this \'(,)rk was accomplished Wlder adverse donditions ari enem,y fire. In addition to the maintenance of vehicles, 1laintenanc e Com?any served in

    the additional capacity of an intermediate suppl~' land processing point for all Class supplies, replacement vehicles "and personnel. During this period, 30 medium tanks were drawn and issued to the combat element~ of the Regiment.

    The combat trains of CC"A" were Wlder cOillinanq. of the Commanding Officer, 1:aintenance Company, and none were lost as a reSUtt of enemy action.

    The tank dozers of :;aintenance Company, bothArmd Regt, were attached to various ele.uents of CC"A" as dictated by the sit~tion and aided greatly in the success of tIle operations.

  • .JPG


  • , .

    ,. I ~ 1-

    // II

    ,g ~ o>~ 21==~J,- --. I S7

    , 1/ I


    .. ... :..

    I , J

    .. J


    i , I I-- --, ,,~ ~,~~

    1", --( I , \ .,

    / -, -,. II - 1 ...I I ~ wCol

    - Y'" -'- ,=- I ..; /

    /1-,. . / . ..

    ,/ /,. ...- ,~~ ~ ,--' f ..... :: t

    , I

  • ...... .. ~ ..... '

    OISPOS"1 7/t>!1IS t-, At

  • , ,J '

    , ' J

    _. -' litis i t. A R. . . j)IS Po-.; I T/D A/ t 6 All

    1 f /luq 19L/t/

    . ---. J t.

    f /1 ;tc2J"


    /1. . '/~o/ 000 1//R(~ S H t:. E -,-

    ~ -It, .

    A 7

  • \

    --1- ,

    J: (J () 0 .. !11.f~ ~ /1 . ' ) . /If . 7-





    +~-., (-)

    rFA 1~ II.'J-Aul; III ./

    (- >IC'

    .. iJMlr"~ A I/.

  • II SHE -r ,~

    s " --~'

    DIS/?oSI,/orV 11 I ~ 4:..; '11../

    -+-- :2. (.

    /1 I rc::Y '-,

    ~-:..J I I,


    ~ c::::>', It'

    II I b ,Lft.)



  • -t . _

    , .. ~ ASSLy' 4 [;~1 0.t.

    ~o,ooo . SHEET GaF"i


    I L ~

    ~ - ; I!I"H7' 12"/~ A'V4

    I ~

    4 SLY AtfEA , ...... j 3~ IS 12.0


    . / tI/.

  • ~ . "./ 7- .~ v c::~ " . ~..:

    I I f /,

    , r:: --// r/ /

    I L t..,I __ J ,

    I I: . l

    I ,



    OVERL A No ,ll

  • 76 .





    I I I

    I . ,. .. ,

    ---+- / 0

    A -' I/ , . /

  • II< ~~4 i)/';p~s IrloNs

    /b- 17 Au~ LIe;


    /1/ 70c::::> ~, I

    , ~'~ ,s" lc:I*'

    // "c:::> ~,I



    ov /lD /3

  • 'M tAr DISPo 1/1 , S ~ 41< ADJAceNT U/: 1-'-

    /1/luG '1'1

    ----t- .50



    A 7J.


    .JvIilo I'; . ~-q 0

    ~/l -;-r'

    t~1 ,/

    ~'I ~ I

  • , , ' f

    .. f "WI # :....: !

    - .


    I .

    " ~/ /. .' J,.r:: . ... I , " . 'J I I

    ./ ! - - I f

    /'!i ~_:l --I I I

    r f I

    ( ~

    ;1 . ..,.


    i ~

    III , If ..i':J.> I ( -- .......



    ,~ ; c. I " . I..

    I J I:' )I '" I

    50 1-

  • / - '.

    / I . : '-..

    ---- ./ /

    '7 . '


    ; -,



    .. r

    110 / ~

  • u .

    / AI

    DI S P es t 7 I () , !I

    ----+-- 5J,..


    OVE~lA'I No./7

  • I J

    I-IQS G, ~ A R- . DI.5POSII/ I .5 t,Io/I

    ~ 'I Aue; " 4/0

    / 1 2. C) (.

    /11 c:::> '-'07

  • ; J' r I' I /. : .. I jrl

    ) ,--"'" . '

    /l, !



    i t

    ~ o I

    OtXl?L.AY If

  • 7

    /\ .,




    I "

    / /

    \ ",

    \ \

    (, ",f,

    ..' . ,

    I '.

    / ~!)v /"

    ~ \

    /, o/ v

    i ~~ \ \ \ \


    I 0 (.) 1 .s 10 .I,P,-




    'ISo, ~O

    1-1 :T 9F/3

    Of/-ilL Y O. (;) .

  • I

    A rD 7a

    A~2- I .'b . lifT .0

    is / / . ....) AOJAG /II . :SN, U 1 4u~ I

    II / c::::> " t.

    I I

    J O "


    A 17 I

    S'" ~

    e;u r< LJi Y No. 2. /

  • - -

    -" '/14-~


    A. P. o. 252 2 septeDi:>er 1944

    9-1 SVfp1ement .'

    Battle c&sualt1.. tor tM period ],,31 .gust 1944

    1 .gust 1944 - lOLLED 1 ./J1guat 1944 - CE ott 11( ott- - -

    CO "B" 1 2 Ron CO 1

    Ron 00 a CO "B" 2

    00 "R" 2 Hq Co 3rd BI1 1

    co "G" 1 4

    'fotal 1 8 CO "!I" 2

    lied net 3 1 Algust 1944- SWA

    ott EJ4 Total 1 13

    Ron CO 2 1 A1gust 1944 - SIA

    CO "B" 1 ott l!II

    CO"E" 1

    00 "G" 6 CO "B" 1

    CO "H" 1 Co "pit 2

    'fotal 0 10 Total' 0 3 1 Algust 1944 - UfA 1 Algust 1944 - lilA.

    . ott II( Oft 1!J(-

    Ron CO 1 Co "E" 2 CO "B" 4 Co "!I" 2 CO "P" 1 Hq Co 2d BI1 2 Total. 0 CO "H" 1 Alg11st 1944 - 'fotal.

    'fotal. 0 12 ott EJ[ 1 AlguSt 194& - LIA. 3 49

    ott J!J[- 2 Algust 1944 - KILLED

    Ron CO 1 ott Dl CO "B" 1

    co "C" 1total. 1 1 I CO "P" 4 00 "G" 3 00 "lit 2

    total. 0 10

    - 1

    i ~

  • - 2

  • - -

    - -

    - -

    - -


    0-1 SUfpl'Jr:o'nt fer _llsust 1944, cent Id.

    :3 ,iUgust 1944 - l.:IA 5 .41gust 1944 - S'IfAOrf EM Off E)I

    fig CO 3rd Bn 5 Rcn Co 2 4 CO "e" 1 Total 0 5 Hq Co 2d Bn 1 CO "E" 3

    3 lIlgust 1944 ... Total Oft 1'10 'Eli Total 2 9

    2 1 19 5 Algust 1944 - LWA. ott Pl4

    4 .Jllgust 1944 ... 5'NAOfr EJ.1 Ron Co 1 Hq CO 2d BIt 1 1

    00 "G" 1 Co "En 1 Hq CO 3rd Bn 1

    Total 0 1 Total 1 4

    4 lI1gust 1944 - CE Orf F}.{ 5 Algust 1944 - LIA.

    orr EJl Rcn co 1

    co "Ett 1 Ron CO 1 Co "F" 1 CO "E" 1 CO "G" 1

    Total 1 1 Total. 0 4

    5 lugust 1944: eE 4 lI1gust 1944 ... MI A otr we )I(

    orr EM- Ron 00 3

    CO "G" 1 11 00 "D" 2 Hq CO 3rd Bn 1

    Total 1 11 Total 0 1 5

    4 lI1gust 1944 - TQtaloft FJ4 5 Algust 1944 - 1lIA.

    ,ott Ell 1 16

    CO "P" 2 5 Algust 1944... KILLED

    Total. 0 2ott- -

    5 JIlgust 1944 - SlA.Ron 00 2

    ott ]I(CO "En 1 00 "nit 1Total. 0 S

    rotal 0 1

    - 3

  • ~ .

    - -

    - -

    - -

    - -


    s-1 supple~nt for Slgust 1944, cont'd.


    6 1I1gust 1944 - CE5 lllgust 1944 - Total ott ruotr vro EX eCO "B"25 1

    Total 0 86 .I\lgust 1944 - lOLLED

    ott D! 6 ./Ilgust 1944 - KIA.

    Of't ]!)ICO "B" 1 3

    Co "D" 2 00 "B" 1CO "E" 1

    CO "G" 1 Total 0 1

    .,Total 1 6 lI1gUst 1944 - LIA ott6 l&1gust 1944 - SW'A


    ott 1!Jl CO "E" 2

    2CO "B" Total 0 2Hq co 2d BIl 1

    Co "E" 4 6 lJ1gust 1944 - Total.CO "G" , 3 l!J(ott Total 0 10 2

    6 l&1gust 1944 - LWA ., }J1gust 1944 - Kn.LED " -

    ott -

    l!J( ott

    Ron Co 1 ROIl 00 1Hq CO 1 00 "Aft SKaint 00 1 00 "B" 1Hq CO 1st BIl 1 00 "F" 100 "B" S 00 "H" 1Hq 00 2d BI1 1,OO"E" .,Total 0 Total 1 n .,

    .gust 1944 - SWA ott III6 ~8t 19M - LIJ.

    .. - ott 00 "A" 1

    00 "P" 11

    Kq 00 2d BD 2

    00 "B"

    total 0 2100 "I" 00 "P" 1

    total. 0 6





    - , I

    l ~ ..

  • ~ r 0

    S-1 S\1PPl......t tor 9u~ Oont1d. 7 ./JlgUst 1944 LWA



    8 AlgUat 1944 - LW'A ott DI

    ROD 00 Bq 00 1st an co "Art )led net




    1 2 1


    00 "C" Total

    8 .It1guat 1944



    OJ: ott





    ., S1gust 1944 -

    sen- CO Rq CO 1st BI1 CO "An 00 "Fn CO "I"

    CJ: ott EJ[



    "1 2 1

    Ron 00 00 "A" 00 "B" 00 "F" Hq 00 3rd BI1 00 "G"

    Total 0

    2 1 4 1 1 3




    lI1gust 1944


    Sl.&. ott



    8 lJ1gust 1944 Total ott-



    17 ~


    i 00 00

    "F" "I"

    1 2

    9 Algust 1944 S'II'A ott-

    Ell \


    Total ., Algust 1944


    fotal ott-



    Bq 00 3rd BI1 CO nG"

    'lotal 0

    1 2


    8 Slgust 1944 -


    KILLED ott



    9 JIlgust 1944 -

    Rq CO 3rd an CO "G"

    LlfA ott g(

    2 1


    00 "F"


    ~gust 1944

    Ron CO CO "0"



    Sf(A ott




    1 1



    lA1gust 1944 ..

    Hq 00 1st BD








    total 0 2

    - 5


  • - 6

  • - 'I

  • ; : ,~-

  • - 9

  • ..

    - 10

  • -, "-'.


    &-1 sup'p1elOOnt tor 1I1gust 1944. contd.

    TOT 4.S ott 110 m

    KILLED 6 1 57 SffA 8 0 95 LW'A 9 0 81 LIA 3 0 20 CE 5 3 94 MIA 3 0 34 SIA 0 0 10

    34 4 391

    ,,1 ...

    1 .,

    .. n ..

  • "


    . ....- r. ':' - ',) ..... .!.

    T~ts J_~ i,:'T'C,- -;'1:- ~ , "~~-=~-t for ~ ( ri::>d

    1-31 .:ll~ust lS14

    1-'~ ~'J.;.~ust "'~.~ rt'si!llent 9..cvar c:'. n~; or, T:""' ~ y- STT'1- VI'!?::";c9.r'C ; n CO:lt$ct -.dtt. e l';~ 3::t s

    of ";,8

  • r. ".;i-~ :cwth 0- '-? ,::n,j- ve,iclGs yr.:;c') US:':l'~ 'laiYl r8'lC- in 'ooth G.ir'ctions in rt.tt,~:":,,;t t02,;C:":' e t},e trap. E'!"9 ti1(; c:. st::-uc':ion of

    -J:1~;:ry \I&S decisive and co:~,~ 1ete. ::;lenents of tte 11tii:i1 Fz Jiv., 2 SS lz "jiv., 21st 1 Z Jiv., 0rd :::ara Jiv., and tho S'ith, ;~71:;;t, :~72;1''', 277t, 3::lst, 334th, 348th, 353rc., ;,,26t:-t, '~03th Infantry Jivisions. llorale in J:'.ost cases was poor. lIu.T.crous :-:ussians were a;r!ong the ~risonJrs tcU~en in the vicinity of '.1. "3,:';F~".

    27-29 ..1ui:,'Ust l~ot in Gontact

    30-::1 .V~st The regir.lent ma.de a crossL1.g of the S}:;PT"S -qiver at ':{I~srv which had

    previously been secured by the U. S. 79th Inf. Jiv. only e1euents that C':lJ18 in contact with our advance elements were stragglers of unjts that were able to escape across the 3311-::;' ~iver.

    Durinh this period no casualties were sustained ~. enen~ air. only an occas:'~nal l'one plane was observed by day

    ..11 cnerr,y night a.ttadc was nade on i}{!'r,::;: -0 on 11 J;Ugust but no casualtics Vlere sustained.

    complete cov: rage in the 1/50,000 and 1/100 ,000 scale was issued down to include platoons. However, there Ylere limited distributions on s(;veral 1/:0,000 sheets! There were no- 1/2;'i,OOO lAPS or aerial photogre.phs availablB.


    The terra:i.n for tanks improved as we approached the SEINE River. The rolling ground and scattered woods provided gpod approaches. In the vicinit:.r of VIRE the terrain channalized the operation which reflected on our tank 1 (is ses

    TeT.q, CASr;~u..TI S AFFLICT D orr TI:j;';-~N:::'!'Y DUD.FG PE').IOD 1- 31 AUGUST P7T's 2510 InLLT';D (estimated) 809 TAl'Wc: T):~STL:Cy:;1) Ot? C:i'TUR D 62 V::J1ICL S D';ST)OTh1) OR C.iF'WPTD 264PIT and sip Gll}'rs 1j-.;STTiOY:'ID O~ C:f-TUR D 28

    '7/4?J--J-HESS s-2


  • S-4 Annex for Period ~ilgust 1 - august 31, 1944

    During the period A~gust 1-31, this unit was operating under battalion conditions.

    Class I - Unit reserve of two C rations and one K ration maintained. Supply replenished to units daily ~th exception of those times when tactical situation did not permit the operation of trucks in unit areas. Guides were sent to alternate S~pply Point, l.!aintenance Company CP, and trucks guided .i'ore"Nard.

    Class II - Class II supplies were adequate. They were drawn from foreward truck heads delivered to unit supply trucks in field trains, and issued to the individual at each rest period

    .Class III - Class III drawn from foreward truck heads and deli vered directly to units from alternate supply point. Supply adequate.

    Class IV - Replacements made available to units as needed. Supply lines defini tely extended and replace.nent of heavy equipment somewhat slower than previous month, uut ade~uate in every respect.

    Class V - Class V drawn from foreward trilc~ heads and delivered, as required, direct to units from alternate supply point. Suppl,:. adequate and "no unusual di1'.Liculties encountered.

    a5-4 LMajor


    I I I \

    ~. i

    ! I

  • ,

    SeC.J:,U ",rr:.ore\l Ji vis ion

    n.P(' :C5..:: ;. ,~Uc., clSt lc" ...4

    l' v :/ 5

    ~ r:ier of "arCIl TL,e ~,:..;n~th HeaL. Cr,Jsses IF Tdil C'::'ears .tCl, Co, uoth A,.q 8 ...in V400WB u4Gb08B

    rlQvance Crua,'u j0 Go:':;jz,;,lin 0053ii 2uQ jn, outh .....R.

    ;'j:U ..m, 119 1 .. 1' (-1 Co)

    ..;.. IIJ.t, Co ri, 17tn E:nG

    ii(~ CC ;'.t~" 0 ;:un VO);..L1 O'lGL;D.:.";th ~7 n. I?,n ~5 min 0707: 0736 ... 5 t .:Jr., u:.>tn AR \ w/l Co ll';th

    ..::5 L.in V737';:, G6()2.2 lld (.: 1 F-b.t Co It., lith &'15 ;)r, atcho;

    H "util All 5 min 080713 ~31~ 3rd .lll, outb .....;t ~) ;iLln J-31713 GB421j Co ..... , 7J~d TD En 5 .dn 08473 0056 Co ri, 17tll .cnr,i :"In (-~ Flats) 4 :.lin 08~55 \..()59o CO A, )~,-;tJl .. eO Bn 5 ;icin (J)02B 0907B ~,,:,.int Co, outll Art (w/uet, It. Co 15 min O'J10J l)

  • ,

    Ho ce"A", ~ J\D APO ~)~ In tlle .r'ield O,ObjOi; Aug 44

    u:&s: JSGS 4-'50 - 1/50,000 1. a. NO Change.

    b. XIX Corps continues attacK to secure Corps objective. CC"jjll attac.{s in zone of 28th Div.

    cet/A" continues attack in zone of action of 29th Inf Div to secure objective "

    TROOPS a. 1st En, both AR (rein1') b. 2d Bn, 60th AR (rein1')

    1st Bn, ootfi AR 2d Bn, both AR

    1 Co "d Bn 119th Inf 2d :an 1l9th In! (-1 Co)

    1 Plat Co Ita", 17th Eng Bn 1 Plat Co ~, 17th Eng Bn

    c. 3rd BIl, ooth AR d. ~tillery

    14th Af'A Bn

    o5th ~'A Bn

    e. CClIA" Control 119th FA Group, consisting of Hq CCliA", !2 AD 1 Bn, l5~ltin Gun ooth AR (-3 Ens) 2 Bns, l)mmnow Co A, 17th En~ Bn (-~ Plats) Co A, 702d Tn Bn Co A, 48th J,:;ed En D Btr~/, 195th AU. Bn Det, Co A, ~aint Bn

    3. a. 1st En, both AR (reinf) attacks to 3eize high ground west of VL~ to cover passing of CC"A" through VIRE. Follows last unit of CC"4," passingthrough VIru;.

    o. ~d B!:, ooth An (rein!) attacks on order after 1st 00, ooth JUt (rein1') oojective has oeen reached, continues advance to fOuth.

    c. 3rd an, both AR, Co A, 70:.cd TO Bn, Co A, Iltn Eng Bn (-2 Plats), hq & Rcn Cos, ootn Aft will 10110-,; ~d bn, ooth Ju~ (reinf'j on order.

    Q. Ce"A" artillery will supp~'rt the action 01' CC"A". e. Btr~' DJ 195th AAA En 'will protect tne a.rli1.1 ery x. (1) Vellicles not essential to combat 1'or t\,iO dilyperioa will be .:e?t off

    roaas and in bivouac areas until 1'urther orders. (;.::) This order will not be carried into battle by any unit.

    4. 1,0 chan~e.

    ). Q. Current SCI. b. Chan~es in CPs to oe QI'lnounced. c. .\Xis 01' Sigr.al Communication - See overlay.

    RUSE Cmdg.

    0l.rICIAL: PU.'-La .>-:'

  • ....-.....


    ~ _l~...,;U~",T~~ Cu;,":,AT C;0~~ND "A" ...iECOr;J ~(.!.,CFiliJ DIVISICr;

    Letter 01' Instruction to Conl'irrH "~erbal Orders.

    A. 091

    P. 700

    u. B

    ~5~ July 44

    TO :. All Jnits, CeIA", .2d Armored Division.

    1. a. Intelli5ence Annex to follow. b. (1) XIX Corps continues attack to S . and SE at loooooJ to secure

    Hi(; ~ ,::;round G'1.'niBl.:C - VENG.:W;.JS - o5T SAUVEUn DE CHAUUEU. (~) ~8tn Di v continues attack nit:;ht ';--10 AUJust to secure GATH]l.;O.

    2. a. A tas>c foree from CC"A", ~ ,""DJ connillded by the CO, ooth AU, is at L.,cned to ::8th Di v and passes through the front lines of the l09ti1 In!' Heet at 100b003 and attac\cs ~tneral.1.y down tne ridge toward hill 3b7 in order to secure !lill ')07.

    b. TrooDS: both' AH, (-1st &: 3rd Jns, Rcn Co, & Co A (-Plat).

    1st Plat, CO A, l'7th En.:; En.

    ~nQ .an, 41st AIR (-1 Co)

    Co A, 7u~d TD Bn

    14til AfJi. Bn.

    j)et Co A, L.8th L.ed Un.

    3. a. CC uuth Ad, ,'lill 5

  • , ,~i\DoiUARTiRS obTH "Rl:ORED it:;GUiENT

    APO '=!5.G

    9 A '-lgust 1'144

    ~S: l.::ap of l"rance, VIRE and Ao;ORTAIN SHEETS ~l'/b and bG/'=!, 1/50,000.

    1. 8.". Intelligence - See Div G-2 Periodic Report. b. XIX Corps consisting 01' :lath and '=!9th Divs arrl Tasic Force buth

    Armd Regt will attacK ene~ lines along general front 5bo:l38 - 035300

    .G. a. TaSK lorce ooth ;;.rllld Regt will move in accordance with attaChed >:larch table to area GATrlii.,u (5b5.G37) with mission of passin6 through the lines of the 28th Div and attackin5 down east-west ridge to secure high ground HILL 307 (bb52lb), preparin6 to meet cOW1terattack trom south and. east.

    o. Troops:

    Hqs ooth 1U'u.d Regt

    ~nd Bn, both ~rmd Regt (-A Co plus 1 Plat)

    2nd Bn, 41st Armd In.t' Regt (-E Co)

    Co A, 70.G TD Bn

    1st Plat, CO A, ~7th Engrs

    14th i"ield Arty Bn

    Det 48th J..ed Bn

    3. a. Advance Guard (see march table) move rapidly to establish contact wi th enemy, developing situation to ex.pedi te, coJl'llDitting of min body. Employ engineers to remove mines, road obstacles and establish by-passes when necessary.

    b. 14th t'ield Jorty Bn - support action of colwnn enroute to objective, displacing '",ell forward. 14th l"A Bn will reconnoiter position NIV of GATHEllO afternoon 9 Aug and leave present area at 09:l300B to occupy new position.

    c. Co A, 70:l TD Bn - cover column against interruption enroute and on objective against armor~d counterattack.

    d. 2nd Bn, 41st Jlrmd Inf Regt (-E Co) eliminate anti-tank obstaclee enroute and secure objective.

    e. H Hour - l00300B. f. Olhen head of colwnn is committed, rear of colwnn coil-up forward. c. Guides enroute by ;.:!ct AD We and Rcn Plat, .Hq ooth Armd Regt.


    4. Administrative: a. SOl - 2d Armd Div in effect. b. obth Armd Regt - COillnand Net. c. Co;xrand Post - At head '01' uain DOdy. d. Trains: Commander - Capt Headly,' Hq Co, 2nd on, ooth AR.

    COj!lbat Trains - To Capt Ileadly - asse:.ibly area to be announcect Service Trains - Remain in present area.

    e. 1;edical: Organization "detachments with organizations. One Section 48th J.:ed 13n establish treatrrent station at Champ du Boult (~43;j,70) marching independently of main colwnn. To be in position by ObOOB 10 lug 1944. Normal evacuation from axis 01 ad.vance to this station.

    - 1

  • .,..

    5. i..arch Taole.

    Advance Guard. 1 Plat CO A, I)oth AR 1 0300 0301 Co ~, ubth AR 5 H pl..J.s 0 Co D, 41st AIR (-1 Plat) 1st Plat, Co A, 17th Engrs

    4 ~

    H plus I) H plus H plus 10 H plus

    10 lL

    1st Plat, Co~, 10~ TD Bn ~ H plus 12 H plus 14 ~G Plat, 2nd Bn, otlth A.tt ) }..ortar Plat, _nO .on, ooth AR ) aied Det ) 5 h plus 14 rl plus 19 l.Laint Det )

    Hqs ()()th Armd Regt Fwd ~ H plus ~l H plus ~3 1a.ain Boci.l:

    CO A, 70~ TO (-1 Plat) 4 Ii plus L5 H plus 9 2nd Dn, 41st AIR (-D & E Co) 12 H plus '2.9 H plus 41

    plus 1 Plat D Co Co E, obth AR 5 H plus 41 H plus 40

    14th FA Bn Independent March Unit Tr81ns of above units H plus 40 Section 48th }led Bn Independent J..arch Unit

    x. IP - RJ at 000335. Control Officer - Lt Raines, Hqs obth .nnd Regt. Rate of ~!arch ).0 mph. Distance between vebicles - Sight - 75 yds on lirst light. Blackout lights nay be used.

    STOKES Clndg.


    ClARA S-3

    - :t

  • J

    :1 I l' Ii I

    5. ;..arch TaDle.

    A.dvance Guard 1 Plat Co A., ooth AR 1 0300 0301 Co D, uoth 4ft 5 H pl.ls 0 Co D, 41st AIR (-1 Plat) 4 H plas o H plus 10 1st Plat, Co A, 17th Engrs ~ H plus 10 H plus U 1st Plat, Co 4, 10~ TD Bn ~ H plus 12 H plus 14 .G Plat, :Gnd Bn, obth ~~ ) kortar Plat, _nd on, obth AR )

    ~ed Det ) 5 H plus 14 n plus 19 !'.aint Det )

    Hqs (X)th Armd Regt Fwd ~ H plus ~l H plus ~3 Main Body:

    CO A, 70~ TO (-1 Plat) 4 11 plus .G5 H plus 9 2nd Bn, 41st AlH (-D & E Co) 12 H plus :G9 H plus 41

    plus 1 Plat D Co Co E, ooth AR 5 H plus 41 H plus 40

    14th FA Bn Independent March Unit TraIns of above units H plus 40 Section 48th Ued Bn Independent J..arch Unit

    x. IP - RJ at 000335. Control Officer - Lt Raines, Hqs oath Annd Regt. Rate of ~arch - 10 mph. Distance between vehicles - Sight - 75 yds on lirst light. Blackout lights aay be used.

    STOKES Cmdg.




    - ~


  • ,---~

    .. .,.tau.," Hq LB In! Div APCi La u91110L3 All/:: 44

    1"0 7

    .~: France, GSGS 4L50, 1/50,000.

    1. a. Current intellieence reports.

    b. nx Corps and other forces contin'le attc.

    "'. L8 Ini' Di v: atchd: bjO TD Bn

    447 MA '\., on

    744 Tk 1m

    TasK !'orce A, L Armd Jiv

    1 bn ;"ed T'(s (less Licht Co less 1 pla.t)

    1 Bn .t..rI:lc1 Ini' (less 1 Co)

    1 :"n ~rr.ld !" ie lu Arty

    1 Co TU (Sf)

    1 Plat ~nGrs

    atKs at IGOuOU3 rl,uL:, seizes i:.':.erllleaiate IJbjs in zone ana drives nara to occupy

    Corps till'll obj in zone.

    Zones 01 a.ction - Uverlay.

    j. d. Tas:< force;.. .l.ove earl,y 1') AJ.;'; i'ro!f1 present posi ti or. ana dt OuOO dt:, oojs A - b - .L) ana plsn on to capture Hill 'ju7. :(evert to CCA 'Nilen it crosses Div left (E) DOmaar.Y. ill - Overlay.

    b. 10'1 lIlt at< lroJ:, present position at 01.)00 in conj:.mction...1.th Ta,,'( lorce .h., Capt.lre Gbj '" and A-l, or~anize and. nola tte!'.. preJLrea to cont,in..l.e advance on Div .;raer.

    c. 110 Inf (-1st .m Div i/.es) at/{ froI:! present posit~on at 0000, ~)'lsh rapiuly S in zone Lilld occ'.lPY 0bj B ir. conjunction witt! dot,.: OJ' Tas;{ l"orce A. Or:,anize and ncld position prepared to advance on Di'j order.

    d. ll~ Int at ...;" fro::l present pOSition at.A)()u, ~eize L,bj G and ill conjunction vnth atr: ~;y TaSl( l"orce .h. seize (,bjs D and D-l. urbanize and nola positions prepared to aavance on Div oraer.

    e. ~8 :>i v "rty support by s uccessive concentrations. ..:aintain wire com to ",rty oJ Ta", k l' orce "'.

    f. 1;,.,) ~nc:r C rin rOdd ;;,~ntenance, priority to route of Task lorce A. Prepare to as::>Lt aaV:C1uce 01 tna t Jorce. Appropriate eqJ.ipment Nill (;e available at selacted locations

    b .a3 ;{cr. Tr assie;n one plat to each re6tl zone to il.i1.illt ain cuntact. h. u.31J T:J En cooroin'-Lte ",T defense, one COI.lP"'ny .;irect SClpport eac!. recite i.

    -+47 ~ A." Bn - nor 1:& 1 M del' ens e ,J. 744 Tr;: oll support :J.i. .. operatint,; initiall.., in zon,~ 01 ...v'J In!.

    i{. Is t 3n 110 I nt' await or ders in present posi tion in :.>iv Les.

    x. (1) Houte of Tas.< !'orce ~ - Cverla.y. - ,.ill be clear of all oostructions by

    ,-".W. All AT t: cU1s l~efenc1ir'b portions of thi~ roau,.d.ll be off the rOl!1l',,'a~i. fh~sica.l road ;)loc'(s (!J.li.nes dnd barricades) if used on this road, JiJI.lst be re;r.oved lJy u...~ O.

    (L) t'ront lines \'nll :."e oJ.tlined .. ith yellow smor.:e at approach of Task Force A. 0) ",11 personnel 01 t ne Div will be t'alliliarized wi til tnis plan.

    LiRv. r; Comag

  • -- ---.

    Hq ~d Inf Div APU ~8

    lO~JJOb Aug i-~4 . essa,~e To: Distribution.

    1. .Jo:mdaries ana o:)jectives W1cnanged. '. 109 Inl con~olic1ate and nola l.resent position.

    J. 11u In1' (-1st ~ln, Div Hes) attac,

  • H'1 ~2 In! Diy APC, ~8 11")j03 A.ug 44

    l"essage To: Distribution:

    1. The Diy Atchd: bJO TO 3n

    744 'ftc Bn

    447 AM A','; Bn

    1lJ Ca'l Gp

    TasK r'orce ",,"

    att.aci.s 1~0700B Aug maKin;; na.in ef1'ort on its right to seize vbjectives t'-1 and t'. ~. 113 Cay Gp protect Diy ana CQrps right flaM and caintain contact with 9

    Inf Div.

    3. In!' Regts, vd.th atchd Tk ana. di.rect s ;lPPOrt TD Cos attacK in present aones.

    4. Taste Force A continues a ttaCl< on (.:bjective D and. Hill 307. ','ihen it crosses Div left (E) boundary Tasl< lorce A becooes attached. to ;(.9 In! Div.

    5. acn Tr continue present ,~ssion.

    b. 447 AM A':l Bn continue present mission.

    7. L8 Div Arty support Div.

    8. 103 Engr C Bn continue present mission.

    BR)'IlN Comg




    4NNEX. ?

  • .r.

    H~ .U.RTEaS AlS ClBPS

    APe '2.70

    111500B Aug 44

    SUBJECT: Letter of Instructions #17.

    TO See Distribution:

    1. The enemy is reported retreating along the front of VII Corps. The V Corps will advance immediate1-Y to a line through Truttemer le Grand.

    ;,c:. XIX Corps reSU1D1!I8 attack at 1900 driving to the S in its zone.

    3. ;,c:9 Inf Div will ad.vanCe rapid1-Y to secure Hill 307 and. the hill south 01' st Sauveur de Chaulieu, prepared to advance to the E to seize road. junction at bB3,,;,c:J.

    4. 43 Inf Div ad.vances to the S in zone and. seize the line Brouains - Sourdeval - ridge at 313 (o~B~").

    5. 113 Cay Gp is a.tached. to the ;(.8 Inf Div immediate1-Y.

    o. XIX Corps Ary will support advance of XII Corps.

    7. Task Force A after seizine Hill 3J8 will proceed rapidly to Hill )b7 and be attached. to '2.9 Inf Div when it crosses the lett bound.&ry to the :.:s In! Div.

    B. Blements 01' CCA, 2 Armd. Div, when paeel through by infantry, will revert to Commander 01' CCA, and. will be prepareel for rapiel action to the S.

    CHA-R1BS H. CORL&TT l4aJQ' General


  • ' ,


    Hq CC"A", ~ AD APO :l5~ In the Field 14"J)OO Aug 44

    FO #10

    lWlS: GSGS, 4:G50, scale, 1/50,000, sbeets, lroRTAIN.

    1. a. Germans are holding defensive positions in considerable strength along the EGRENNE river. Their defenees consist 01' strongpointe on high groun


    APO :l5:l 18 AugUB t 1944

    1.o:.O TO:' All units ~VEtt-.'T INSTRUCTIONS

    1. CC"A", ~ AD moves from present area to an assembly area in the vicinity of SEES, ","'RANCE commencing at 180645 18 .A.,U8 1944:

    :l. March Table

    ():WER Of I.::AR.CH TIloIE LENGTH HFAD II TAIL Rcn Co, both AR 10 0045B 0655B Advance Guard 35 0700B 0735B

    1st Bn, 66th AR

    Co E, 41st AIR

    1 Plat, Co A, 17th Eng

    Hq CC"A" 0740B 07408 14th AFA Bn 075lB 081bB Mail... ~:

    ooth AR (-1st & 3rd Bn, Rcn, Sv & J..aint Cos & w/~d Bn 41st AIR (-1 Co) atchd) 55 08:GlB 09108 Co A, 17th Eng Bn (-1 Plat) 5 OC).GlB 09.GoB Co A, 70~d TO Bn 5 09:G9B 0934B

    Reserve 3rd Bn, obth .A..~ 30 0939B 1009B CO A, 48th l.:ed En 0 10UB 10.20B kaint Co, obth AR 10 lOf3B 1033B Serv Co, 60th AR 5 lO'3bB 1~4lB

    a. IP - 0)8008. b. Route - To be announced. c. Rate of, l.:arch - 15 mph d. Distance - 75 yds between vehicles

    .3 min between march units

    5 min between serials

    e. GLlides: J.Jl guides will be posted at critical points along the route. acn Co, ooth till I.ill supplement the lil' guides ftlere neCf'ssary.

    f. Control ui'ficer at IP - Capt Bifano, Hq CC"A"

    -5. Trains:

    (1) Organic F & L, maintemnce, 'medical and kitchen sections and one aL~unition truck per battalion released to organizations.

    (2) All aJ:l!aunition t rucks in exces.s of 1 per battalion march with

    t..aint Co, ooth AR.

    (3) BaSZage and supply trucKS march with Service Co, obth' A.R under control of CC"A" 1"ie10 Trains Comlll

  • SiCR~T... --.--

    -. ...

    d&U~UI\.i.T'&l3 (;08.AT c.: G:._.AhD 11 rl. " SECOND AIt\.Gl.ZD l)I'JI.3IL1~

    APO ~5~ 18 ~~t.:St 1944

    1. a. Rcn has report-e'd no contact ~i3 I:,.i.les east 01' SF;1:'S. Ek.;)T of this point to ZuE river, small groups of eneqy and roadblocks r.ay be expected. The first ort;anized etlenvr resistance Nill probaole be net along EURE river.

    b. (l):2d ArJnd Div be prepired to move M;.)T in m'.J.ltiple ooluruns at any tim.e after 190700B ilUg 1944. (~) Probable r.; boundary ~d "rmd Div zone: E - .i line thru SZ3S. S

    botmdary ImKnovon. (3) Probable formtion ~d "rlflci Div: Combat COlil.":ancis abreast, Ce"A"

    on tne S (rit;ht), Div rl.es to follow CC1'DII, Div I\rty to follow CC"A", Di\r CP to tollow cOllibat elanents of CCII13", Div Tns echeloned to right rear followin5 .::>iv "rty.

    (4) r-robaule destination - EIJJE ::n hR.

    C5) 3~d acn Bn now reconnoiterine eastward.

    2. CC"A" be prejXl.red to move east in one or two columns at" any ti;ae after 190700B AUG 1944.

    J. a. t'ormations of CeliA":

    : L;h~ (.;(;i..UL.N Ren Co, ooth A..J:i 1/00 w/~/4l & 1 Plat ~/17 atchd Right Column Left Column Hq CeliA" 1 Plat Rcn 00 AR Ren t..IO (-1 Plat)14th ~'A En 1/60 w/~/41 & ~/66 (-1 lied Co uuth aR (-1 ~ 3 ~ns, Rcn, Sv & 1 Plat A/l? & plus 1 Co ~/41

    ..:t Cos, plus ~/41 (-1 Co) atchd) 1 Plat A/70~ atchd 1 Plat 1../17)A/17 (-1 PliJ.t) i-iq CC"a ll

    A/702d TD Bn 14th AF'.i Bn

    J/oo ~/4l (-~ Cos)

    i1./48 A/I? (-~ Plats)

    l.~aint Co, Clbth AR A/70~ (-1 Plat)

    liq 60th iIt 3/66 ;.iaint Co, 06th AR

    b. 0ther ci!tails to follow. e. Stand-to l90000B aug 1944 if no orders are received prior to that time. d. All units on one hour alert for movement effective at once. e. If no orders are received by 190?OOB Aug 1944, day 19 Aug will be

    devoted to raaintenance and reor..;anization until such tiJrle as movement orders ~re received.

    COLLIER Cmdg




  • .

    '" ..

    ~._IO-- .. -- ...~~ ..

    uJJ! Hq CC "A", ;G AD APO ;G5;G In the Field ;GOO1OOB August 44

    FO 11

    GSG8: Map of France, Scale: 1/50,0CJ0 and 1/;G50,0CJ0.

    ccu a iwt GACE - WGlK - VERNEUIL - DREUX. The enEllD11. a. :llg~:a~~ de~~nd thi~ llne stro~lJ' and act against a breakthrougtl to the NORl'H of this general line with a stubborn rear-guard actioni employing road blocks .. 0:1 mines covered by AT guns, tanks am int' an ry. The eneJJ13 is capaole of cougte~ttac~'J~doM6~c~~rt~;t~~ ~r~s i~~~~ts~~ha~tp-;~ba~i.r :nc~r:acted in our sector are the following: Armored _ 110 pz Div} with pouible

    1. 977 pz Div) tank strength ~d pz Div)of 150 tanks

    177 pz Div) ;Gl pz Div)

    :l. Intantrz - Elements of Inf Divswhich have withdrawn rom the WEST. Total strength approximately 15000.

    In addition to the above, tour InC Divs and 001 Para Div have been reported IDCNi~ to this sector trom PAS DE CALUS area, and. JJAy be 6 expected to arrive shortly. Total strangth estimated as a)l~tely.30000 In! (no tanks). For additional inforllBtion see Inte gence Annex to accompany FON1:l, Hq :ld. Annd Div. .

    b. (1) XIX Corp~ attacks IORTH in its zone (see Annex No 1 attached) on 20 A\18Ust 19441 30th Int Div on right! :ld Armd. Div on left, 28th Diyholding on lett. flank or :ld Armd Div nitial.l.y, folloring .lC1 Armel Diy

    I 'I on order.

    (~l Third lB Army attaclcs to the NORTH on right of XII. Gorps.

    (.3 ll.3th Cay Group protects lett flank of XIX Corpa.

    (4 2d. AI"lDd Div attaclca NORTH in ita SOnl (see Annex No 1 attached) at.

    :lOOS~ Auguat 1944; celiA" on right, CCIIB" on lAft, Div .s tollCIWina


    .t. a. CeliA" attacks NORTH in its zona 'aee Annex JIo 1 and. Annex No ;t attached.) at .~OO August 1944.

    b. Troops - No chang

    3. a. Ben COhbbth tt.,v. tro. prea.nt location at 2OObO(Il Auauat 1944, prec.. ~ ec in its SODI. B8tabUah and _ima1n ooataot with :J)thlot Divan r1&ht and ce"a" OD lett. Move rapidl7 to contaot With eDU7. Upon contact, bruah asica. 1nt'er.l.or. torc, cODtaiA &Ilcl"'~1!Pi:

    ttor~:sJ.~S"11 pt."CCecl tbroaab 8T. a*anc. ,,-rei. aec~1t.H.t.. iiMa o .~ ...ftr-u' au.'..o,.. "pert ooildl t.1oD ot all. 11"1.ot poaaible tarde.


    ~. . I

  • I~



    b. CC"A" (-Rcn Co, 66th AR, Combat & I'ield Trains) IWve from present location over route indicated on Annex No. 2 attached, to contact in accorc1ance with march table, Annex No.3, attached.

    c. Combat Trains under CO, }.taint Co, 66th All, remain in present location, reconnoIter"?or assembly area, vicinity of MARCHAINVILLE, move on order CO, both AR. .

    d. Field Train. revert to control of Trains Conmander, 2d Armd Div, in present locatIon.

    x. (1) t'fhen head of column is held up for a period longer than five (5) minutes for any reason, all units coil forward otf the road. (2) SOP reporte on crossing IP and phase lines and upon initial contact with enellJ. Combat reports hourly on the hour.

    4. a. 2d Armd Div Adm Order to follow. b. Axis of supply and evacuation - axis of advance.

    5. a. Current SOl, 2d Jumd Div in effect. b. AXis of Signal Communication - !Xis of Advance c. CP CC"A" remains present location until ~0084OB Aug 1944, thereafter

    follows Advance Guard. d. Other CPs to be reported.

    COLLIER Cmdg


    paYER S-3

    ANNEX #3 March Table.


    - ~

    A~~ 1112

  • ~,, I ..... to' '

    L.DER l,,;' : .den ",dvance ~ua.rd

    ~d En, 41st AIR (-1 Co) Co J, outh A.~ ;; 3try, 14th ,u.'", Bn 1 Plat, Co .~, l','tl! En[; En 1 Flat, Co ~, 70"d TD an

    i.l'J cp celiA" ~.4~h Mil. En (-) Btry). .::.:nn :30~

    Hq cC"iJ (-iwd CP) (plus i".ij) CP oottl ;LR) ~d 3n, oath AR (-1 Co) with 1 Co


  • ."l,;'I'Il: CO, ce"A" , 2 "D 1::11':

    L..the ,;C:~':H. III view 01 prou(.iole lack 01 first class reserves, am tne current laCk 01 or:~iJ.nizat.ion, tllis :~on right, Ce"B" on left, Div Res followinG CC"3 11 (3) Co :8, 82d :ten En vTill operate in front of CC".I1.", 2d rl.rlfld Div,

    reconnoiterirl: to tne I~OaTH in its zone (see o;erations overlay attacned) and maintai~ contact witn 30th In! Div on right.

    2. CClIAlI, 2d Armd Div continues attack 2~080OB Aug 44 in two columns to seize Objectives indicated (s~e operations overlay attached) and cross ITON River in its zone, prepared to continue attack to the NORTH.

    3. a. Rcn Co, bbth AR move out ~~ObOOB Aug 44, reconnoiter in zone indicated, (see operations overlay attached) reconnoiter for possible crossings or ITON River in its zone.

    b. Left Column consisting of 2d Bn, 41st AIR (-1 Co) with Co H, 60th AR, 1 PIat CO A, 17th Eng Bn, 1 Pl." Co A, ~ m BA at.t.&cA8G, attack at

    2~073OB Aug 44 to seize am secure objective C. Upon securing objective C, be prepared to attack on order to seize and ~ecure objectives E and G. If objective C is secured prior-to ~,073OB Aug 44, attack at ~~OOB Aug 44, tp seize and secure objective E and G .

    c. Right Column consisting of' ~d Bn, 66th AR with Co D, 41st AIR and 1 Plat, Co A, 17th Eng Bn attached, attack at ~800B Aug 44 to seize and secure objective D. Upon securing objective D, be prepared to attack on order, to seize ani secure objectives F and H.

    d. The following elements under CC"A" control follow left colwnn in sequence indicated on order:

    Fwd CP, CC "A II Co AI 17th Ene (-2 Plats) Co A, 70,d TD Bn (-1 Plat) Hq CC "A" (-Fwd CP) 3rd Bn, 66th AR (-1 Co) Hq 66th AR 1st En, 66th AR Co A, 48th ked Bn lIaint Co, 66th AR (with Conbat Tna).

    - 1

  • ,


    e. 14tn!FI Bn support the action of Combat Comraard nAil. x. Gerr:.a.n mine fields ilave oeen located in open fields. All persormel

    will r)e inatructed to recormoiter fields for mines before enteril1 or crossing.

    4 ~":o Chal1,c;e.

    5. a. Current SOl, ~d Arm Div in effect. b. CP, CC"A" follows left column.

    COLLIER Cmdg

    lil' 1" Ie IAL:




    ANNEX #13

    . , J .. :


  • ,.


    FO #13 Hq CCIIAII, A! AD APO A!5~ ~S: GSGS:' 4:l50, scale: 1/50,000. In the l"ield

    A!30l00d Aug 44 1. a. No change.

    b. No change.

    ~. CC"A II , 2d Armd Div continues attack O::!J073OB Aug 44, fiml objective SEINE River in its zone, prep9.red for further operations to the N on order.

    3. a. Rcn Co, bOth AR move at :l30000B Aug 44 reconnoiter in zone of CC"AII, on 1elt and 8;a1. Rcn on to the front.

    b. Rit;ntColumn as now constitutea attack ~j073OB Aug 44 to secure successive obJectivea inaicatea (aee opns ovly), consolidat~ on objective S.

    c. Left Column as now constituteCl attack ,,3Q'/3C13 Aug 44, to secure successive objectives inuicateCl, consolidate on objective R.

    a.. hemaining elements umer CCIIA" control tollow le1't colwnn on order. e. 14th ~"A Bn, support action 01' CC"I\.II.

    4. No chance.

    ,. a. Current SOl, 2 AD, b. CF, CC"A", follows left column.




  • .-~


    1"0 ri14

    :'iAPS: to' ?ANCE, G3GS: 4~50 , scale: 1/50,000.

    1. a. No Chant:e. b. (1) XIX Corps attacks H-Hour :.G5 Aug 44 to

    (2) 109th RCT, assisted by :.Gd Bn, 66th AR,

    Hq CC"A", 2 AD APO 25~ In the .field

    ~5010OB Aug 44

    seize and secure town of ELBEUF. attacks on right to seize and

    secure town 01' BLOEUF. Div Res, :.a:I. ~rnxi Div will protect rear 01' :Gci Bn, 41st AIR and 99th In! Bn.

    2. a. CC"A", 2d'~rj~d Div, attacks H-Hour 2b Aug 44, to seize and secure objective shown (~ee opns ovly atc-nd).

    b. 1st ~n ooth II.R 1st Bn, ooth Co E, 41st AIR 1 Plat, Co A, 702d TD Dn

    TROOPS ~d Bn

    d Bn, st AIR - Cos)

    Co H, 41st AIR

    Co H, both AR (-1 Plat) .

    1 Plat, CO A, 17th Eng Bn

    1 Plat, CO A, 702d TO Bn

    CC"A" Control

    Rcn Co, bbth AR

    6bth AR (-1st, 2d, 3rd Sn

    Rcn Co) 3rd Bn, ooth AR (-1 Co) l4th AlA Bn Co A, 17th Eng Bn (-2 Plats) Co A, 702d TD Bn (-2 Plats) D Btr,y, 195th AAA Bn Co A, 48th ::ed Bn

    99th In! Bn (reinf) 99th Inf Bn 1 Plat, Co H, 60 AR

    Det, 1:aint Bn, 2d Armd Di v

    .3. a. (1) Rcn Co, both An (-2 Plats) move at H-l, protect left fJank CC"A" (:.G) 1 !'lat, Rcn Co, 60th Ali assemble vic CP, CC"A", prepared to execute

    reconnaissance missions on order. b. 1st Bn, both AR (reinf) attack at H-Hour, secure first objective, block

    all roads leadinG to that. objective from Si: and N, move to seize anel secure final objective (see opns ovly atcnd).

    c. :Gel En, 41st AIR (-) (reinf) attack, crossing LD at H-Hour, seize and secure objective in zone (see opns ovly)

    d. 99th 1n1' 3n (rein1') attack, crossing 1.0 at H-Hour, seize and secure objective (see opns ovly).

    e. ~d Bn, both AR assist l09th RCT in seizing am securing town of EL3EUlo'. f. Cos D (,L G, 4tst AIR released from atchd CC"A", effective when elements of

    . 109th ReT pass through present position 2d Bn, obth AR, at which tine they become atchd to Div Res, ~d Armd Div.

    g. h.

    l4th it.FA Bn support action of CC"A". 3rd Dn, obth AR (-1 Co) Co A, 70~d TD Bn (-2 Plats), & Co iL, 17th 'Eng Bn (-2 Plats; assemble at H-Hour in CC"A" R~s, .in vic of area iBiicated on atchd opns ovly.

    x. H-Hour to be announced.

    - 1 -

  • 4. a. Current SOl, :i AD. D. Fwd CP, CC"A", initially vic .crossroads 081940. c. Reports upon crossing LO, phase lirss, and arrival on objectives.

    COLLIER Cmdg.



    ANNEX #15

  • " ,

    Hq CCItA", ~ A.D APO 25

  • Hq CcnA", :t AD APe 25'" In the Fielcl 27l000B Aug 44

    FO IIlb MAPS: GSGS, ~SO, PIWIZ, 1/50,000. 1. a. Omitted.

    b. (1) XIX Corp. concentrate. ~:t7 Aug in an area 811 or IlANTBS-GAS5ICOURT. (2) 2d A1"III1 Di.,. JllQVe. to assenbly area .tarting at :t5;t0()C8 Aug 44. f

    2. Ce"A", 2d ArJld Div moves to assembly area starting at 271815B Aug 44.

    3. a. March Table (Approximate oDly) HJW) TAILORIBR OF. lIARCH TIllE LDlGTH

    Rcn Co, 66th All 10 1815B 1U5B Hq eCA 8 18300 1838B 2d Bn, 4ls AIR 30 18538 192~ 14th AFA Bn 30 1938B 2OO8B 66th All (-Rcn eo) 135 202JD 22.388 Co A, 17th Eng Bn 8 22538 230lB Co A, 70:td TO Bn 8 2304B 231~ Co A, 48th Med Bn 8 23l5B 23238

    (1) IP & Route: See overlay (2) ~te ot Karch: 12 mph until 213

  • I ,

    Hq CCA, 2 AD APO l5~ In the Field 310110 Aug 44

    FO #18

    L1.PS: GSGS: 4 l 50, FRA.~CE, 1/50,000.

    1. a. See G-l, 2d Armd Div Periodic Report. b. (1) ld Arflrl Div continues movement at 310b30B Aug 44.

    (2).leather perrnitting, air support will be available.

    l. a. eCA, 2d Armd Div continues movement in its ZOI13 at 3l0bJ

  • ,

    / '- ,/. . ~ .) .

    "-- #I . ., / ~ ~ - ..

    - --!'J-- ~ ', ,I



    p ' ,0


    jL~C>, (.) ("' U / .' ( /1 Ir t::

    ( . , . 1.:. f- I

    TiD r.c / C1 / '1/ I

  • IIQS Cob A. DI Po IiI NS ~toA tJ.!JLJO 8 - 2'!olJ fJ -~-j/o



    A LV AREA .3 c:) ~~ It.lgo -n,

    ".____~~~~~4-------------. ( ,., I .,

    I . /1 ,r--." L.. __ .J


    (JV LAV VoZ


  • ( ,"'-1


    , . - l ~. '"

    ( , f ,l l ' :J .....

    I-- I ': : ~ ~_ I , -;., t ,I'. ,

    ,'- . ..I 1..:/ I

    /' I~c-' '''''''-

    ':),1\2=_..r I I

    ,. .__ .L _ . ~

    '. , ' --. : ; it!, --

    I - ,L._ ... __ ...

    /1/ 0


    - ._ . - - . /"' ,.......1.4___


    . c..

    ! I I,

    . ---.' ,;


    , I .

  • IIEAQ~U!.!iTi!!S 6 6 t h ~,.. ~

    ARMORED- - .- ---- - -- .-.


    : ,

    ~~ ~.

    ~\ ~ ,"\




  • 1 --'~-.- ........~ -...


    .... ,... ..

    8 October 1944

    lIIPO!r.r OF OPBltillONS FOR PBttIOD

    1 - 30 iKf1'PlBD 1944

    1 aut 19M 66th And ..st -eilDICl to CC I ,,-, 2Dcl.lrad. Diy, .. IpUt into two col__

    a. abo1rD bektw a.D4 ... l.ocateclln area. ... indicated C oTerlq 11). I1&btCol

    2IMl BIl, 60tJa A1wd ..at (-1 Co) 1 00, 2Dd BIl, 4lat A1Wi lilt bet 1 Plat, Co A, 11th" BD 1 BtI7, 14th Fiehl Artr FwclCP, CC-A- . 14t.b r1el.d btl' (-1 JJt,17) .q CO-A2rad :Ill, 4lat AlSi IDt bet (-) 1 Co, 2M Ba, ootJl ArM'bet Co A, 17th .... Bra f-)Co A, 7o:l!D Ia (-) Co H, 06ta AlSCl ..at Co A, 48tIl et BA a'", Co, 66th .lae st

    Lett Co1__

    Hq 6MIl. AnId "It 31'4 BIl, ootll AJ'IMl ..at (-1 Co) 1 Co, ~ BIl, 4lat ~ lilt bit 1 Plat, Co A, 17tb ... BIl 1 Plat, Co A, ~ !D ..

    18t BIl, 66th ANd"at .. in DiY1aioa ....m

    .It 02CXlt OrMN are rece1yecl tra. CC., ...ian:! DI -.1..10. of 60Ua AacI ..It .. to1l.Gln. (... ,nDR 11).

    JOn ~ 60th Arad. ..~ Jlgft out at H-BoUl', CUN COIIplete 1at...tloa of all oro~. of __ n in CO"I SO_, bT-pua reai.taDce lib.""!' _ ....,. to aCCOIIpl1ab ...lon. .

    Nt Coluua 110ft at H-liour plua l/~ hour a10DB axi. .. iDd1catM. Lett CollalU Koft at H-Hour plu l/2 hour aloaa u1... iDd1oat.ed. i aen co, 60th AnId ..at _wcl out aa ordeNCl, encountering ........18taaoe

    a loas ui. and ~becl point 166b9A2 Wbich tiler cured tor tbe Dip'_ j IWHIT COLlIDI a4Yucecl ap:lnat ..., rea1ataao. 1;e the Y1c1Jd.t7 of BOU.lcoar

    (27*3'5) 1IIbve patNla "N .ent out to iDft8t1pt.e creaa1D&. of til. CWMI. " ,_. !DI patzro18 UPO. OOIIpletioA of llia.ion NjoiaM the ~ BIl, Obtb 'I11III ..at


    I I

    ~, ... '. ",,",

    jj,,;,~,',c1";~i~i\j, . ......a!~~. *'" iJt.t; ..~,,",

  • r

    in an assembly area at ;t74355 ~b1.ch they aecured for the night. LIFT COLUMNa AdTanced along axis encountering light enemy resistance anel

    succeeded in reaching a point in the vicinity ot bb0945 which they secured for the night.

    Th. RIGHT and LEFT COLIJ(NS advanced a distance of 57 milea. At 223CB, wbile let Bn, 66th Armel Begt, in Division Ileserve wae closi.Dg in

    b17 area ill Tlcinit7 of 4LBDT" FRANCS, (ee. overlay) an enemy convoy ot trucks and armored car., attempted to penetrate their 11nea, atter a fire fight lasUng until OlC>m, the attupted. penetration was emaehed am all eI*D.Y vehicles were either captured or d .,tror.cl. The remainder of the night was spent without t urtber incident.

    2 Sept 1944 lliion ot ID'T OOLUKN under commam of Commarning Officer, 66th .lrnd Regt

    waa to a.iz. and aecure high ground EAST of ORCHIES, FRANCE.

    LBrT COLUKN moved from ita assembly area along axis as indicated, meeting light resistance. Leadicg eleDnts reached the objectlye at l055B, securing it at 1~5CB. Road blocks were established. on all roads leading in and out ot ORCHIIS, FRANCK. At approximately lbl5B, ordera were received to move LEFT COLtIlN to an aaaembly area in the vicinity of BACAY, BEIDIUlL, and. to secure itself for the nisht, closing at 174Cm after travelling 43 milee.

    IlIGHT COLlIIN lett aaaembJ..y area at 08158, ac1Yanceci along axi. aa 1ndicated., reached Corps objective and secured it by l7OCB, remaining theh for the night. A reconnaiasance partT of b6tb Armc1 Regt cros.ed Belgium bor4er at l,;l3

  • ~ . ',--,f

    .' ' ..... ,

    It I.pt 1944 (con't) at 093

  • ,


    t '

    8 Sept 1944 (conlt) LBPT COLllOl adY&nced. SO .u.. along ax1a aDd cloe--. ill ......q uea (...

    oYerla7 15) in Yicinit7 ot DDS!, BlWltIl. A patrol was sent into town ot IBRKPT

    and cleared it ot 11 enemy stragglers.

    18t BIl, 60th "!'lid Rest, continued in J)iviaioD ....m.

    9 See 1944 Day was spent in ..aembl.T areu performing- Minta_nce or equipaent.

    Tb. attached infantry reinforced wiih eectioDS of l1cht tanka weN aent thrOughout areu to PHp them ot &nl' 8DIID.Y that might have infiltrated.

    let Bn, 6bth.Arai Beet, r.a1Ded in DiYiaion Bea."_. 10 '.pt 1944

    Day W&8 spent in a.aembl areas (aee oTerlq 10) performing _intenance ....pere continued thru out areas for po.aible enaav infiltration.

    llCn Co, bbth Arm ..at, patrolled Albert Canal. for pre8ence or enaq anc1 reconnoitered tor possible crossinga.

    let Bn, 6bth ArK st, coDtinuec:l in DiYision Ilea."e. 11 Sept 1944

    Da7 spent in aas-.bly areaa perforaing maintenance. ....ps ot areas continued.

    At approximately l5O

  • 1, S.pt . 1944 (con' t) Orders wen rece1Tecl fraa COA at ~ (... An_x 17) a8a1p1ng aiion t,o

    J rei Bn, 6btb AJWIl at, ot continu1Ds a

  • 14 Sept 1944 (con' t) Objective 4 at 10JOB meeting light resistance and mineQ road blocks enroute. Objective 4 being secured, RIGHT OOLWN continued on mission assigned, reaching OBJE::TIVE 8 at 17OCB.. Reducing resistance at OBJECTIVE 8, RIGHT COLUMN secured i teel! for the night. Enemy mortar and artillery fire was received during the occupation of OBJECTIVE 8 and harrassing fire was received. through out the ~ht with no casualties sui'ferea.

    LEFT COLUMN as constituted moved into the attack at 09308 meeting resistance just NOR'l'H of OBJ!X:TIVE 4, redu:ing this the column moved along prescrioed route atter reducing numerous mined roac1 blocks, resistance in form 01' ma~ne gun, mortar and artillery fire succeeded. in reaching OBJ!'.tCTIVE 9 at 1845B, securing it tor the night at 193C8.

    b5th Field Arty was in atpport and. fired missions as called for.

    4lDd Bn, both Al'mQ aegt, in 00'- Reaerve left area NORTH of ~HmlEIDE proceeded along right axle ot CC-A- advance am closed. into assembly area NYf ot LA.NABKBN (5~)08).

    1st Bn, bOth Armc1 Regt, continued. in Divis ion Reserve.

    15 Sept 1944 66th &rmd a-gt (-) Rein! received orders (see Annex 1/10) to seize and secure

    OBJJl:TIVE ll, secure approaches into Bone from North at Objective 9, aweep zone between North boWlda17 and axis, Objective 0 - 8, from East to ~le8t from Z to Y. Upon completion or sweep assemble in present area. .

    COJllDaDiing Of"ficer, 66th Armd Regt, issued order for attack on Objective 11 to be made from the North from Objective 9 in conjunction With an attack from the S.outb with a force from Objective 8.

    Attack was launched at 0715.8 b,y both forces, the objective was reached at 083CB, found to be free of the enemy except for snipers. At 100CB the force from the North was ordered to return to Objective 9. Harrassing enem.y artillery fire was received on Objective 11 thru out afternoon and night. .

    SWeeps of areas as ordered were completed and no enemy was found.

    2nd Bn, 66th Armd Regt, sent out sweeping force in their zone and two platoons f* rom Company K were sent to bridge site to help secure it for night. .

    1st Bn, 66th Armd Regt, continued in DiVision Reserve.

    16 sept 1944

    As of 24OCI3 15 sept, the following troops were under command of Commarxling Officer, 66th Arm Regt, operating as North Foree of Ce"A":

    Hqs b6th Armd Regt 3rd Bn, 66th Armd Regt 99tn In! Bn 65th F& Bn Platoon Co A, 17th Ingre Oat Co ., 48th Keel Bn


  • " ., ,

    10 lept 1944 (con' t) Blements of this tore. were in area. as shown on overlay, eecuring North boundJ7

    XIX Corpe between Objectives 0 and 9 and. the 11ne 9 to 10 tUong V.u.m' CANAL. 82c1 Ren Bn under CC~A outpoating line b - 9 and maintaining contact with Britiah to the 'Borth. The following verbal orders were received trom CO,..: -B!fectiY. first light lb .ept 1944 you will be responsible tor securing tbe Corps Bounc1ry on tae IIorth rrea e te 9 aDd tlte Iiviaioft front along VAAllT CANAL trom 9 to 7. 8~ JtCn BD (plus D Co. 17th 1Dil'8) 11 attached to your comaand. PlatOon Co H, 17th .IDe"~ relJAveci.

    At. osoas the toU.lag order (in aubatance) _8 rece1Y8d. from Co-.ndiQg 0.-1'&1, 2Dd Arm4 D1TI "

    lifo. 1:1&... add1tloual mi8slon of brldg1ng tbe YMllT CANAL and. clearing all e... tfOOpe tram area bet.en the YAAIT CANAL and lfIUSB RIVE in the Division Zone. Group BDI1_e" will be placed at your dispoaal.

    ~uant "to initial order, .ecurity of Division Front west of VAlRT CANAL wa fteeted at Obl.SB~ relieving element. ot CC"AII at Objectives 7 ao1 10 and Bridgeh .ad south ot 10.

    It _21 the neceaeary to set up and effect a new deteasive plan in orcier to releue nec....ry troops to .stablian new Bridgehead an:1 clear the island. At ' 093(8 following verbal orders were issued by Conman:ling Officer, Task Force "Stokes":

    Comdg Officer, 8:-ai Ren Bn (Pol-us Plat Co H, bOth AR ani Plat Co B, 99th In! Bh) take over pNnt .ecurity line. Comdg Officer, 3r3rd Bn, both!rmd. Regt (-) will be prepared to move on order upon completion of bridge. You will pass thru 99th In!" Bn at Objective liEN, advance aggressively to eecure final objective - line UNKI.AER - STOC,~, clearing all enemy .from your area. A and B Companies, 99th In1" Bn, will be attached to you for this mission.

    Co D, 17th Engrs, will secure west bank or Canal at RECKHA1~ and be prepareCl to crose elements ot 99th In! Bn in assault boats.

    b5th FA Bn in direct support.

    - 7


  • .. ,

    1b 8ept 1944 (coni t) Group Engrs will be prepared to construct bridge at RlCKlWl upon 8ecur~ ot

    1000 1'U4 bad8ea.a4 oa KAaT bank. All Wlita on WIlT bank be pre}:8red to support attack with assault guns and

    mortars'rEDaining on that side".

    At 17()(B Co C (Plat Co B, bOth A.R am Co H, both All) attacked on axLs 8h~n ,

    on overlay. Upon securing line :x - I, they were, reinforced by 99th Int Bn (-Co C)

    crossing VAART CANAL on partially demolished bridge at BORGHAREN.

    Troops subjected here to heavy artillery c~ncentration tor twenty minutes,

    8upplementec1 by direct i'ire i'rom S8lI1ll Guns located EAST of 1;lE.USE.

    BY 21300 battalion reached a line 300 yards South of Objective ".let. This was 8ecured for the night.

    Bridge sections were built during the a1'temoon on that part of the Canal that was cleared and fioated dOWn Canal at night to point near line secured by infantry.

    At approximately l()()()J. leading elements of 60th Ju-md Regt crossed into' HOLLlND.

    Ren Co, 1st Bn, 2nd. Bn, anc1 l.iaintenance Co, 6bth Armd Regt, were under direct control oi' CC""" and. were split into Task Forces as shown on Annex #11.

    1st Bn, 6bth Armd Regt, released from Division reserve and reverted to control

    ot CC.,n an:1 moved to an assembly area in vicinity of GROOTSVEi.DEN, HOLIAND,

    closing at 1745B. I

    t2nd Bn, 60th Armd Regt, as part of Task Force "A" advanced along axis on lorder and reacned a position in vicinity of HDBSTRAAT (b58500) which it secureC1 ir or the night. j 17 Sept 19M ITask Force "Stokes-: Attack resumed at Qb;tJi. At 0800A., 99th In! Bn, relnforcec1 with Hn Co, 60th Arm Regt (-1 Plat) Resa tance JIB t consistea mai.n.l.Jr ot a.utomatic weapoIlS, mortar and bazooD i'ire. IlIape prove

  • ...

    Right Column (EX 0 let Bn, b6th All Lett Colwm (CO, ],at Sn, c,oth AI Co I, bOth Armd aegt Co P, both Armd Regt 1 Plat, Co C, 60th Armel Regt 2 Plats Co C, both Arnd llegt Assault Gun Plat, 1st Bn, 6bth Aft Kortar Platoon, 1st Bn, both .... Two '!'D's ;.t m'.

    Be'rv. 1 Plat, Co A, l7tb:lDa IA

    !uk Foree 'C' JIIOftd. into the attack in ODe colUIID, upon pu-iDa tbn VALDNBURl (658530) .pl1t aa shown above_ Both colu.aa ot Tau Poroe eac8 reached. a point in the vic1n1t7 of 1lJ (075555) encounterina ea8ID1' rea1.taace in tbe tora o t .JD&ll arms 1'ire.

    Task Porce "A. at thil time relieved. the rigbt column of Taak Force 'e' which rejoined the left column, consolidating Task Force C into one colUIID.

    Taak Force .,. ancl Taak rorce 'C' coordinated in an attack on objecti". at b7b585 anet 085585, meetilw light resi8tanCe coll1D& UDd.er eneJD art11le17 am mortar fire and auoceec1ed in aecuring objective. at ~, re..ining there for night.

    18 Sept 1944

    Task 'ore. Stoke., _weHT seized in initial attack br 074~j attack wal Continued through intezgdiate objectives to !iDal objective. Conaid.erable resistance .aa encountereet beginning at Objective -Ga. the en..,. ... dug in and npport.a. by mortara aDd artillery; at tinal objective, tire tro~ four 881... encountered., two ot tn.. weN knocked out .b7 direct taDk tire, other. mtutralized by artillery_ The clogs_dne ot the en8ilJl' infantry reeietance waa extreme, in -01' cas.s they remaioeQ in their trenche8 when the taDks came by, anr:l it .s nacsary to get them out in aoae ca.e. by WP grenac1es am b7 piatol fire from tank turrets. Bach town was mopped up by the coni:>ined use ot tanks and infantry.

    At 17351 final objective LA.NKI.AER - STOCKH1D4: was secured, organized anQ are. cleared.

    At ].;lJOA, 82d. Ren Sn, as released from Task Force -Stokes' by order Co!E8llctlng

    General, ;(nd lrmd. Div

    At 170Ql, 65th FA. Bn was relsased from Task Force Stokes" by order COJIID8Dct1nc

    GeMral, ~nc1 Anna D1v .

    At 15001, follOWing orders from Commanding General, atd Armd Diva

    Upon comp~tion of mission, turn oyer security reaponaibillt7 to 99th In!

    Bn anc1 proceed at 08C>0A 19 sept to area viCinity BiZK (6401) in Division Reaerv.-.

    - 9


  • 18 Sept 1944 (coni t) Task Force "A" and Task Force nc" continued attack at 0700B along axis with

    Task Force "A" on the right.

    Task Force "A" reached Objective 4, blocked all roads and secured. same for night.

    Task Force "C" reached Objective 5, blocked all roads and secured. same ["or night.

    19 Sept 1944

    Task Force "Stokes": Relief of' all Task Force "Stokes" elements by 99th In! Bn completed at 054~A.

    Movenent to new area begun at 0800A via 1rAASTRICHT, closing new area 104..

    Task Force "C" ordered. to continue advance along le1"t axis seizing objectives 3, b, 9, and Lt.

    Task Force "An on right of Task Force "C" was to attack and secure objectives " 5, 8, 11, and. 13.

    Task Force "C" launched attack at 0700A, meeting no enemy resistance, crosseQ GERMAN FRONTIER at l.400A and ac1vanced. rapidly to ObjectiYe 9, reaching it at 1500A.

    Task Force "An launched attack along right axis seizing objectives. " 5, 8, and II and secured. Objective II at 15001.

    Task Force C" was ordered to relieve Task Force "An of security or Ob"jective 11. This was accomplished. by lb30l. Task Force "A.Il upon being relieved by Task Force "C" of security of Objective 11 assemoled. in an area between Objective 11 - 7 - 10 on the right flank of Task Force "C".

    At approximately 17304 Task Force "C" received a counterattack consisting of 8 SP guns and. an in!antry regiment. reinforced..

    Task Force "C" was ord.ered to hold. Objective 11 agairet this coWlterattack while Task Force "An launched. an attack against the enemy's right flank and. rear. The attack was launched with artillery support and. illl SP guns C1estroyec1 and the counterattack successrully repelled by ~000l.

    Task Force "e" remainea on Objective 11 for the nignt While Task Force "A"

    returned. to its rormer assemcly area in the vicinity of 83005'.

    3rd. Bn, bbth A.rmd R.gt, was in Corps Reserve and located at BEEK, HOLLlND

    (041005) performing maintemnce of vehicles and weapons.

    ,0 Sept 1944

    bbth Arma Regt (-3ra. Bn, bOth 1R in Corps Reserve) reaained in areas

    indicated. ( overlay 110) outpoating a line as shown and securing ground hela.


  • :.to sept 19;; (COD' t) 2DCt Bn, 60th 'Nd .est, lent a platoon of light tanka on route reconnai.sance

    (... ov.rla.Y Ill), e~ _chiDI IUD aoc1 .mall anu t1re .. .ncountered at check point S. 'platoon of _diu. tanka with P.O.' a were sent out to reiDtorce the lilbt t.aDk recoDD&1ance part7. An art111eZ7 concentration was 1&101n the area fre. Wltieh the tire .s recei...d and then the area was swept b7 the tankl. The en..., toree ..... reduced.

    ;a. Sept 1944 60tb Arad Itest (-3rd BIl, bOth All ill Corps reaerve) remaioeci in areas indicated

    ( e oYerlq 110) continu1oc to outPOlt and a.cure lroUDtl. ~ B.D, both 1rac:l .eat, aent out a platoon of ~t tank. OD route and ,eDeral

    recoDD&1aACe. the reconaalss&nce torce _t no reaiatance. At approximatel.T203(8 an .~ counterattack was launchec11n front of polition occupied by Co K, b6tb Arad aest, .anDi from the ,8D1ral direction of BAUCHIK, GBlIIARY, conai.8t1.ac of illtantZ7 supported. by tanka. Artillery supportea by tank 75mm tire from Co I, 66th Armel aest, directed by the r .0., ...as J.aid on the en&m1' attacking force &DO. after the tire had de.troyecr two eneJDJ' tanks the German fore. withclrft.

    tJ!.it. s.pt 19M obtn lmc1 a-at (-3d Bn, bbth All, in Corpa rea.rve) raaained in areu, con

    t inue

  • ,..

    24 Sept 1944 (conIt) guns in woods \'lest of NEIDEHEIDE and in the 'WOods \msT of BAUCHEU. The AT fire received from these locations caused us a loss of five medium tanks, two being destroyed, three recovered. Artillery was lai

  • \ "1 \ l'

    I \

    '~ 0 )

    J. P. O. 262

    '2 october 1946


    &-1 SUppl e!MIlt "

    Battle casualties tor the Period 1-30 september 19"

    1 september 1944 - LW.. 10 sept 19" - 12 sept 19'" ,. BODe ott-

    13 sept.,.. 19" - LWA 00 "H- I ott


    fotal. 0 0

    1 september 194,. total ott


    2 september 194' - L'W.l . ott


    00 "C-Hq CO 1st lID 1

    'fotal. 1

    2 september 19" ~ !fatal ott-


    S Sept 19" - 8 Sept 19"

    9 september 1944 - LI.. ott-

    lIq 00 1st BD 00 nDw

    Total 0

    9 september 1944 - fotal Oft 0

    1 CO -a-rota]. 0

    - 13 september 1144: - .A 1 ott


    CO "G:.

    Total '0


    1 13 Septellbw 19".. total

    ott 2


    l' september 1944 - LWI.- ott

    2 ROn CO 00 -B- 1

    - KOlle

    ~al. 1

    - l' Septellbw 19". SW.A. 1 . ott 1

    ~D 00 I

    fotal 0 1

    ]I[ l' september 1946.. total. . ott

    2 - - 1 I

    - j 4 1. .4

    . !


    - 1


    - Z

    - 1


    - 1 i

    - 1

    ~-,-:-...-----------------,..,...------~-------~. - ..~-~-..... -I

  • ."', .\,' ,.. , ~ , .

    ',;, .' ~ 'f.; I/.

    , '1

    .. .

    .... __a

  • - -

    - -



    to _, I

    Y ') )r I

    9-1 Sippl~nt. 66th .a. tor Sept 194&, cant'd.

    22 September 19" - SW'.l 26 September 1944 - KIA , ott ott 11(

    CO "A" 1 CO "D" 1 'total 0 1 fot;al 0 1

    .22 septeJllber 1946 - 1'OteJ. 28 September 1944 - CB

    ot~ IIIe

    0 I Co "n" I )led net 1

    IS September 194' - Ilone

    fotal. 0 2

    .2' September 1944 .. KIA

    ott 26 September 194' .. ~ota1

    - ot~

    00 "D" 1 1 - - 0 !

    fotal 1 1

    %'I september 1944 - .one

    2' september 19". .."

    ott 28 BeEamber 19" - LW..&.- -

    ott Jlq CO 24._ ], - -CO "Iw I

    ,~~ 1 0

    total 0 I'

    It sept;aber 194ft - Dr"

    ,ott 28 Septellber 19" .. -total- -

    Oft 00 ... l' - - co WI" 1 0 1

    !otal. 1 . Ie &epteaber 1"' - LW4'1 ~ .,ott

    -&....., ... 19"'.. tot." CO "(lw -J.

    . -



    - -.'

    - ---

    tot11 0 1a

    21 l8P'tnber 1Nft - ur... 29 Septa'ber 1946 - CB

    ott ott


    ' c "I)- 1 co "G" '1 total 0 'I rC7bal 0 1

    29 sept... 194' _.A. ott


    ....i,~ jj.,..0 1 J

    ~,-7Otal 1


    ', ~ I,'~; ~, ~

    \ -I


  • " { I I "

    ; j I

    8-1 suppiement. 66th lB. tor sept 1944, conttd.

    29 september 1944 - rotal ott at o 3

    ~ september 1944 - None


    ott 1M!L2 KILLFD 3 0 5

    SffA 2 0 4

    LWA 3 0 12

    , LIA. 0 0 3

    OE 0 0 5

    MIA. 0 0 1

    8 0 30

    - 4

  • ',.-:; '.J E; ~h ~~--..- {' ~:--:I ....:. ,: :-::...:~": .':..:r.(". ?:J?

    IYl. te~, J ~~> .,., ~'3 Su;. F Ie. Y",r= :1.1: .(>or ~ 'Jrie:n.

    1-30 ~~'rt;~h2r 194' 1- t::o sertc J.i"C r

    .LJ"-tr:>r the c'.""ossing of th'~ :;~=!, ... : ':TT.:.~ O~ the 20~h of .l1l31',:"t th Z3..l"'1C general zituc.tio!l exists i~ ',';hicr the en,:"":/ is r'?treb.ti:r1.~ r!'l.p ~ly nne the only y'Ps t~.kS!'1 ~re ~tr~',.:31srs t:1V:C:l 1):: C'J!" rlpirl.1y :ldva,n,c r.;;

    :r'2:c0~_'1:lissanoe el~/"lent3. ~f!, s tak:>t1 ~'rer(' not told cX9.ctly/hcre to ':;0 8xce"[.t to th'9 n'-.~ZT 1.~~'~~!': Lr T ". r:'he morale of all F':-ts 'lllaS roor 4.l1 of t'-J.vy.' were ast')undedat the r",pidity of ou!" a.dv~.nce. ?1" s ~:.'C re frorr the 276th I"f'~~,ntry Div:silJl1 rmo. A7th Infantry ~j.vj'-'ion.

    r9-l ~ -11 ;:e t-3nho r

    Foi: in- Ijontact.

    12 ser t8:rtber :)urinc t~is r>0r'iod t",,=~ .:LBE'?T C.L':\~,L vn.s crossed. The ene17r'J made

    no detcrmin~d stand at sn~r 0ritj c;~.l poir_"'v. Cur )atrols advanc-=:1d to the East ~enernl1y me3ting onl~/ sfA fire. SO-:T!C sme.ll grou:?s of' t~l:~ evjdently unorganizec., ','Jere in llrea. as "Jell 8.3 a fe';" :-,icces of artilJClj" and 88rmn guns. prp S taken v/ere all mostly infontry.

    13-14 september

    Not in contaot.

    15-19 september The Regiljlf:nt as HSTOY:S" T.1'.3K FO~CE ",N.' as a. Fart of C0:mba.t col'im".cDi

    n ~t pushed the enemy beyond the EAAS RIY.3R where the encm~r rrorared derens~_ve positions, particularly N. "~. of l.:A.:.sT'-~I~{T. In this c.rea the enemy discarded thi8r uni.f'orms for nivilian clothes ~nd D.r-~ed withslA. grenades, and some bazook.' s, used hOURns !\long 'thp route ~of advance for sniping at our troops. MfS taken we~ nIl mostly from the 22nd ~!. IJ:r,.~~~ PEGn=~TT 'which -nas 0 rga..Yli ~ed as e. ;}sr;na., Infantry

    Regirn~nt. These P'!'1"s h~d pas sed f1 ight exnminat5_ons and vrcrf'J ':1.11 in excellent physical condition. Some had only 6 to 10 days tre.jning as Infantry and were then put into the lines. l:orale of t}-:.ese troops was good in oomparison with that of other troors taken prj.soner. ctl'Pr units on this front who were under control of the 5th German J.rrr'I we~ from the 176th Infantry Divicior. 275th rnfDntry Division, and the 271st Infantry Divj.::;ion. During 'all this rcriod the enemy 0dtntinued to resist vigorously our advance vnth hea.vy artillery fire, lYT :.::uns. Infantry, S/.:~ etnd automatio we"poDs. The enemy infantry althouGh offering stubborn resistanoe with S/A and automatic Vlcapons, f;enerally

    retired on approach of our tanks. During this period 875 prT8s 'Were taken by the 66th Arroored Re~iment.

    20-21 September

    l!ot in COntact.

  • l 22 september

    During this period our troops pushed the enemy l!;ast ot BRL1'T!SSUll where he dug in. lCotar and a.rl:il1ery fire continued to be received.

    ~emy units in contact were l76th Infmtry Division with 351st Infantry Regiment~ 343 Infantry Regiment, and 330th Infantry ~giment. Enemy activity Wt1S limited during this !'.eriod to artillery fire and resistance to our patrols by autoI1'latic weapons.

    25- 29 september

    Not in contact

    30 september The Regirent continued to hold the line East ot BRTTh:SSm;~ until

    relieved by the 29th Infant~ Division.


    During this period it was notieeable of the inoreasing number or aI"l'II3d patriots that appeared when U.S. troops entered to'Nns. Leading elements ,mre ableto obtain information from oivilians and use it in their mvements. The Belgian tmderground were found to be oOlli'letely org~ized~ and were able to give accurate information. During this advanoe the Regimental Intelligenoe Offioer was able to make oontaot with qui