Re -Elect Mashpee Vice Chairman Mashpee Wampanoag

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Re -Elect

MashpeeVice ChairmanMashpee Wampanoag

AaronTobey Jr.

Descendant of .




My focus has been and will continue to remain exclusively on the citizens of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

I have been guided by one orienting value: that is, my commitment to serving you.

I have worked aggressively to represent our tribe in Boston and Washington, advocating for our needs and ensuring that we are recognized and respected as a sovereign nation at the state and federal level.

I am just as gratified working hard locally, with other concerned tribal Councilors, by advocating at Council meetings for tribal citizens, such as:

Rebuilding our land base; Protecting our aboriginal rights such as fishing and hunting; Approved the Resolution to have a language department within our tribe;Assisting Tribal individuals and families navigate the public school or court systems to ensure that they get the services and support they need; Helping Tribal citizens in the criminal justice system to transition back into the community;Meeting with tribal members who want to share their concerns, ideas and dreams.

Help Shape the future of our tribe with your ideas and dreams.

Lets stay connected:

telephone: 508.982.3290

email: [email protected]

https://www.facebook.com/aaron.tobey.12 Special Thank You to Brenda Fernandes and Coreen Moore for the creation of this supportive presentation.

VoteSunday, February 24, 2013Mashpee High School500 Old Barnstable Rd,Mashpee, MA

Aaron Tobey Jr.Vice ChairmanMashpee Wampanoag Tribe


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