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The ABCDE (Awakening and Breathing Coordination, Delirium Monitoring and Management, and Early Mobility) is a comprehensive bundle that uses evidence based practice to promote interventions related to sedation and analgesia, delirium, immobility, and ventilator management in the intensive care unit. This project was completed at Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake, NY. The purpose of this study was in regards to the ventilator management quality indicator. AMC intensive care unit is falling short of the National Patient Safety Goals. In the most recent quarterly analysis of quality indicators, AMC was compliant with ventilator management goals by only 67%. Additionally, a survey was used to evaluate both the nurse’s and respiratory therapists’ knowledge of sedation vacations, weaning from a ventilator, and the prevention of delirium in the ICU patient. The implications of this research show that an interdisciplinary team of nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists need to form a wide-ranging protocol and procedure for ventilator management in the prevention of ventilator associated events. Within this protocol there will be a delirium prevention and assessment section. There is a need for this because there is no uniform and valid tool used to assess for ICU associated delirium at AMC. This project aimed to education the ICU nurses at AMC about iatrogenic delirium and the importance of optimal ventilator management.