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  • “The meetings were a fantastic opportunity to meet Indian companies that would otherwise be harder to approach due to our size. We have been able to send over 1000 tonnes of pulses to Tata [an Indian conglomerate] since July 2015. We hope to build on these relationships.”

    Sabrina Meharali, MD Quality Pulse Exporters, Nov 2015

    SITA SupporTIng IndIAn TrAde And InveSTmenT for AfrIcA


    Contact person: Aman Goel, Task Team Leader Pulses, Sunflower and Spices

    Tel: +41-2273079143

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Contact person: Angela Becaty, SITA National Coordinator, Tanzania

    Tel: +255-787191221

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Follow us on Twitter: @ITC_SITA

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    In November 2014, the Indian Pulses and Grains Association, an industry group, arranged a first meeting, in Mumbai, between SITA’s project team and prospective buyers and investors. The goal was to gauge Indian industry interest in doing business in East Africa.

    Among the East African entrepreneurs that built connections with Indian buyers through the project’s multi-stakeholder platform was Sabrina Meharali, Managing Director of Tanzania-based Quality Pulse Exporters. Another woman entrepreneur, Rose Mutuku, CEO of Smart Logistics, a Kenyan firm, is in advanced negotiations with Indian buyers, and expects to close its first contracts to export Kenyan pulses to India in 2016.

    In August 2016, SITA is organizing a B2B event in India where select east African companies will have the opportunity of meeting Indian pulses importers and investors. The B2B event will start in Indore followed by a roadshow in south of India in Chennai.

    About ITC

    ITC is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. ITC assists small and medium- sized enterprises in developing and transition economies to become more competitive in global markets, thereby contributing to sustainable economic development within the frameworks of the Aid-for-Trade agenda and the Millennium Development Goals.

    About DFID

    The Department for International Development ( DFID ) leads the Government of the United Kingdom’s efforts to fight global poverty, deliver the Global Goals, and tackle global challenges. Promoting economic development and prosperity in the developing world is a key priority for DFID, and includes the creation of sustainable jobs and livelihoods, in particular for women and young people. DFID operates under the International Development Act, which came into force in 2002 and establishes the legal basis for United Kingdom’s development assistance.

    (CC BY-SA 2.0) Swathi Sridharan, Market in Addis Abeba

  • SITA pulSeS AcTIvITIeS In YeAr 2

    Benchmarking of selected processors: Selected processors will be assessed and profiled under this activity, which would enable them to clearly identify their strengths and weaknesses vis-a-vis international standards. Based on these assessments, processors will be provided targeted recommendations for upgrading by sector experts.

    Quality standards: A strong system of quality certification can help in developing confidence between buyers and sellers. It is envisaged to train selected pulses processors and related Trade and Investment Support Institutions on Indian, regional and international quality standards.

    Post-harvest management support: SITA plans to support the de- velopment of a training module that delivers specific trainings on pre and post-harvest management. This is to address key constraints in productivity and quality and reduce losses from post harvest handling. At least 15 processors from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania will benefit from these trainings.

    Milestones to date

    Marketing and branding training provided to over 40 companies with 6 receiving intensive support

    Pulses handbook on variety terminologies developed

    7 East African companies participated in the Pulses Conclave 2016

    Established partnership with Indian Pulses and Grains Association

    Pulses Sector Value Chain Roadmaps developed in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania

    Over 2 million USD in business facilitated; and contracts worth ca. 20 million USD are under negotiation

    Investment proposals valued at over 8 million USD submitted by SITA stakeholders.

    SITA pulSeS

    Pulses play an important role for economic growth and food security in East African countries. SITA aims to support the pulses producers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania to unlock the potential of the sector internationally.

    To support the development of the Pulses sector in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, strategic roadmaps have been developed to enhance the sector’s competitiveness and organisation. These roadmaps provide a better understanding of the critical constraints to the sector’s development and provide a specific plan of action to enable a structural transformation of the pulses value chain.


    Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa ( SITA ) is a 5 year project ( 2015-2020 ) funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development ( DFID ). The objective of the project is to build productive capacities in five East African countries ( Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda ) in select value chains through institutional and business partnerships from India.

    pulSeS mArkeT poTenTIAl

    There is a great opportunity for East African companies to take advantage of the evolving global market for pulses. With an increase in global demand but with limited global growth in production, East Africa is in a strategic position to tap into this growing demand for pulses.

    Fuelled notably by the increasing demand from India and other developing countries, the annual global production of pulses has seen an unprecedented growth over the past decade with an average of 70 million tonnes produced yearly since 2009. The production is growing at a sustainable average annual growth rate of 2.1 % over the period 2003-2013, from 59.5 million tonnes in 2003 to 73.2 million tonnes in 2013 ( FAO ), indicating the excellent health of the sector.

    Exports of pulses over the last 12 years have increased from US$2.4 billion in 2002 to US$7.7 billion in 2014.

    Kenya: Mbumbu, nzavi, njahi, DL 1009 Tanzania: Ngwara nyeupe India/Hindu: val – वल

    Ethiopia: Shimbra Dubie Kenya: Ndengu, SAINA-K1 (ICCV 95423) Tanzania: Dengu nyeupe India/Hindu: Kabuli chana – काबुली चना

    Ethiopia: Keye boleke Kenya: Red kidney beans, Gituru, kitue,

    Canadian Wonder (GLP 24), KATX56 Tanzania: Maharage mekundu, Selian 97 /

    Massay red India/Hindu: Rajma – राजमां

    Ethiopia: Degera (Ye-lam atere) Kenya: Kunde, Nthooko nzau, thoroko, M66, K80 Tanzania: Kunde, Tumaini India/Hindu: Chaula – लोबिया

    Ethiopia: Degera (Ye-lam atere) Kenya: Kunde, Nthooko nzau, Kunde nthooko

    ndune, ndamba, KVU 27-1 Tanzania: Kunde, TZA India/Hindu: Chaula – लोबिया

    Ethiopia: Degera (Ye-lam atere) Kenya: Black eyed bean, Kangau, Nthooko

    kalitho, kaungami, Mathoroko, Likhubi Tanzania: Black eyed bean, Vuli-1 India/Hindu: Chaula – लोबिया

    Ethiopia: Mesir India/Hindu: Urad / Kaali – उड़ / काली

    Ethiopia: Masho Kenya: Ndengu, pojo, ngina, nylon (N26), uncle

    (KS20) Tanzania: Choroko Imara (deep green) and

    Nuru (shiny) India/Hindu: Moong – मूंग (मूंगी)

    Kenya: Mbumbu, nzavi, njahi, maharage, DL 1002 Tanzania: Ngwara - rongai India/Hindu: val – वल

    Kenya: Ndengu, pojo, N22 Tanzania: Yellow grams/ Choroko India/Hindu: Moong – मूंग (मूंगी)

    Ethiopia: Shibera Kenya: Ngara, ICCV 97105 Tanzania: Dengumawe India/Hindu: Desi Chana – देसी चना

    Ethiopia: Ye-Eregebe Atere Kenya: Mbaazi, Nzuu, Mbaazi 1 Tanzania: Mbaazi za muda muda mfupi

    (Komboa) India/Hindu: Toor (Arhar) – तूर (अरहर)

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