Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln. The Emancipation Proclamation. Think, Ink, Link. you will be given a few questions first you must think about the answer in your head then once you have done that, you must write down your best, most succinct answer to each prompt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham LincolnThe Emancipation Proclamationyou will be given a few questionsfirst you must think about the answer in your head

then once you have done that, you must write down your best, most succinct answer to each prompt

then you will share out and link your ideas with your classmatesThink, Ink, Link1) List some causes of the Civil War.

2) Which side would you say had an advantage in the Civil War, the North or the South?

3) What did the South aim to do in the Civil War? What was the Norths goal?

4) Name one strategy used by the North and one used by the South.

5) What would you have done if you were President when Southern states seceded? Why?Brief Reviewcollege words of the day




Academic LanguageAbraham Lincoln ran for President campaigning on an anti-slavery platform.

I agree with this statement because_________I disagree with this statement because__________

Use at least one college word (but use more than one for style points)Yes, No, Why?Share your answers with a partner!

If your partner has a different answer than you, listen to his or her rationale and try to convince him or her of your position respectfully

If your partner has the same answer as you, work together to come up with an argument for the opposing point of viewPartner DebateI (dis)agree with your response because _______

In response to your question, ________

I would like to respond by saying _________

I know that Lincolns policy was to _______

I agree that it would benefit Lincoln to ________

You made an excellent point when you _________

Possible Sentence StartersThink back to the tough decision that you wrote about on Monday

Speak to a partner about the decision that you madeTough DecisionsEmancipateto free from bondage

Proclaimto announce publically or officially

What can you predict the term to mean based on these definitions? (RNG)Emancipation ProclamationLook up Article II (President and the military?) Constitution establishes the President as Commander in Chief of the armed forces

What is martial law? (Discuss with a partner)Martial law is military rule during a state of emergency.Did Lincoln Have the Power to Free Slaves?Gave Union troops ability to enlist black soldiersthis gave the Union a valuable influx of soldiers

Gave government power to reject the Fugitive Slave Actescaped slaves were granted freedom

Turned the war into a fight over slaverydiscouraged foreign countries from entering the conflict

Which one of these results do you think was most important?

ResultsLincoln declared the Proclamation due to his power to rule in an emergency.

Predict which states were named and included in the Emancipation Proclamation. Predict which states were not. (Partners)Who did it apply to?it turned the war into a fight about slaverystrengthit discouraged foreign countries from aiding the Southstrengthit did not free slaves in states loyal to the unionlimitationit did not hold any legal weight outside the context of warlimitationStrengths and Limitations1) Why did Lincoln wait until 1863 to declare the Emancipation Proclamation?

2) Use the college word, policy, in a sentence.

3) Did Lincoln have the power to declare the Emancipation Proclamation

4) Did the Emancipation Proclamation hurt the Souths chances of foreign involvement in the war? Why or why not?Exit Ticket


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