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Abraham LIncoln. Mrs. Chen; 8 th grade U.S. History. Background. February 12 th , 1809 – April 15 th , 1865 Self-educated Kentucky lawyer; Whig Party 6’4”; Married to Mary Todd Lincoln; 4 Sons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Abraham LIncoln

Abraham LIncolnMrs. Chen; 8th grade U.S. HistoryBackgroundFebruary 12th, 1809 April 15th, 1865Self-educated Kentucky lawyer; Whig Party64; Married to Mary Todd Lincoln; 4 SonsIllinois congressman; opposed Kansas-Nebraska Act; lost to Stephen Douglas in the Senate race of 18581st President to be photographed at inauguration and 1st to be assassinatedHouse DividedAfter being nominated for the U.S. Senate by the Illinois Republicans, Lincoln delivered a speech in Congress known as the House Divided Speech.Drawing upon the bible verse Mark 3:25, Lincolns words would rally Republicans all across the North as he warned of the dangers of disunion caused by the slavery debate

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved I do not expect the house to fall but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Election of 1860The new Republican party nominated Lincoln to run for president in 1860. Lincoln won the clear majority electoral votes and 40% of the popular votes.As states began to secede, President James Buchanan told Congress that the states had no right to secede, but that he had no power to stop them.1861 Inaugural AddressMarch 4th, 1861He said that secession would not be permitted and vowed to hold federal property in the South and enforce the laws of the United States.At the same time, he pleaded with Southerners for reconciliation.

SecessionLincoln also addressed the legality of secession. Countering the Souths argument of States Rights, Lincoln reminded people of the primary goals of the Constitution: In order to form a more perfect UnionLincoln argued that even if the Constitution were to be interpreted as a simple contract, it could only be rescinded if ALL states agreed to that.War Changes LincolnAs the Civil War dragged on, Lincoln changes his mind and decides to end slavery. Ending slavery would discourage Europeans who opposed slavery from assisting the Confederacy and it would deprive the Confederacy of a large part of their workforce.On January 1, 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation declaring that slaves in the Confederate states are free.Emancipation ProclamationConfederate states ignored the document.For many in the North, the Emancipation Proclamation changed the primary goal of the war from simply preserving the Union to ending slavery as well and living up to the Declaration of Independences ideal that all men are created equal.

Gettysburg AddressIn November of 1863, Lincoln traveled to Pennsylvania to speak at the dedication of a new burial ground for soldiers lost in the Battle of Gettysburg. Although his speech was merely ten sentences long and lasted just over 2 minutes, it would become one of the most important political speeches in American history.His words echoed those in the Declaration of Independence and reminded Americans what the men had died for: equality and lasting democracy.

1865 Inaugural Address: A message of Reconciliation

let us strive on to bind up the nations wounds but let us judge not, that we be not judgedto care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphansAssassinationApril 14th, 1865: President Lincoln and his wife, Mary went to a play at Fords Theatre, located between the White House and the Capitol. They sat in the flag-covered presidents box with some other guests and the play was funny.Then there was a gun shot, a man climbed out of the presidents box, leaped on to the stage, said something in Latin, and was gone. A woman screamed and a voice cried out, The president has been shot!

AssassinationAbraham Lincoln died the next day in a small house across the street from the theatre, it was April 15th 1865He was shot by John Wilkes Booth, a 26-year-old actor who was sure the South would cheer his act. They didnt. Confederate General George Pickett said: The South has lost her best friend and protector in this her direst hour of need. Booth was hunted and trapped in a Virginia tobacco barn. The barn was set on fire. When he wouldnt come out, he was shot.