Abraham’s chronology

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Abraham’s chronology. Age 75, left home in Ur forever Age 86, Ishmael born Age 100, Isaac Age 137, Sarah died Age 160, Jacob born Age 175, died Four words summarize his life. Go (Hb.11:8). By faith . . . Abraham went. Gn.12:1, land I will show you = by faith (7) Ac.7:2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Abraham’s chronology

  • Abrahams chronologyAge 75, left home in Ur forever Age 86, Ishmael born Age 100, Isaac Age 137, Sarah died Age 160, Jacob born Age 175, died Four words summarize his life

  • Go (Hb.11:8)

  • By faith . . . Abraham wentGn.12:1, land I will show you = by faith (7) Ac.7:2God called; gave no reason; Abraham did not understand Contrary to common sense

  • Nu.13:32-33 . . . Hb.3Ja.2:21-23Obedience is outward evidence of faithGod calledAbraham wentGn.13:14-16

  • GoII. Stay (Hb.11:9-10)

  • By faith . . . Abraham stayedHb.11:9 = Gn.12:6Sojourned: to inhabit a place as a foreigner, be a strangerForeign: not ones ownHb.11:9, tentsGn.23:4

    Hb.11:10, City aboveDressLanguageManners

  • GoII. StayIII. Wait (Hb.11:11)

  • Hb. 11:11Twenty-five year wait for a sonSarah was barren and agedGn.16; 18:9-15

    Laughed in unbelief Gn.18:12Laughed in belief Gn.21:6

  • GoII. StayIII. WaitIV. Obey (Hb.11:17-19)

  • When he was tried (17)

    Left: homeland, Haran, LotDo I trust God with my future? Is His will part of my decision-making? (Ja.4:13-15)1. Separation, Gn.12:1-7

  • Do I trust God when resources run low?Do I blame God in hard times?2. Famine, Gn.12:10-20

  • Mt.19:23-26 Abraham was an exception: Lk.16 3. Wealth, Gn.13Lazarus andAbrahamLazarus andrich man

  • Do I trust God that things will turn out right even when I get the short end of the stick? 1 Co.64. Strife, Gn.13

  • Real test of mans faith is not his weakness but his power Is my strength under control?A man who does no evil is not right-eous, but one who has the power and does not want to 5. Power, Gn.14:15-18

  • Do I aid those in need?Jude 22-236. Concern, Gn.14:15-18

  • Honored God through MelchizedekDo I thank God for His deliverances?7. Thanks, Gn.14:17-24

  • He believed God would give him a son, Ro.4Do I trust Godor worry that He wont do what He said? Worry is not faith, Mt.68. Trust, Gn.15:1-6

  • Ac.7:5Land promise would not come to pass for hundreds of yearsDo I act in the best interest of future generations though I will not benefit personally? 9. Delayed fulfillment, Gn.15:7-11

  • Waited many years to get Isaac; Sarah improvisedAm I willing to wait for Gods best blessings? 10. Waiting, Gn.16

  • Abraham circumcised every male in his family . . . just because God said soAm I willing to obey God even when I dont understand why?11. Ignorance, Gn.17:9-27

  • Abraham welcomed strangers; he did not know they were angels, Hb.13:2Do I love strangers?12. Hospitality, Gn.18:1-8

  • Abraham prayed for Sodom Am I eager to see the wicked punished, or do I want them to be saved?13. Salvation, Gn.18:22-33

  • Abraham confessed his sin When I sin, do I cover up or fess up? Do I usually repeat it or repent of it? 14. Confession, Gn.20:1-17

  • Only son Had him long enough to be attachedToo old to have anotherThe promise contradicts the command15. Sacrifice Isaac, Gn.22

  • His hardest test, Hb.11:17-1919, its Gods problem! What would I sacrifice for God?

    Abraham trusts and obeys God blesses (Gn.22:12)Career?Family?Fortune?Life?

  • Abraham lives to GodLk.20:37Jn.8:33-36 Only way to know about Christ is through word of GodJewish leadersOriginal readersModern readers