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Leveraging LinkedInLearning, Leading, and LegacyScott Freehafer, Ph.D., SPHRJune 13, 2015

Leveraging LinkedIn: Learning, Leading, and LegacyLinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking, but it is much more than that. In fact, it is a powerful learning and research tool and it can even help us lead and leave a better legacy.@ACBSPAccredited #ACBSP2015

This is the session description.2

Leveraging LinkedIn: HistoryLinkedIn - the world's largest professional network with 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe.Its mission is simple: connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.LinkedIn started out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman in 2002, and it officially launched on May 5, 2003.


LinkedIn is a publically traded company and it opened at $81.58 on May 31, 2011 and it closed at $196.23 n May 22, 2015. On May 22, 2015, its Market Capitalization stood at $24.72 Billion dollars. Source: retrieved on May 24, 2015.3

Leveraging LinkedIn: Members or Users?LinkedIn is the premier Business Networking tool with over 300 million users worldwide. So, How many of you belong to LinkedIn?Free Membership?Premium Membership?How many of you actively use LinkedIn?How do you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIns Premium membership allows you to search more of the LinkedIn database (all of it if you are a Premium Recruiter). There are plans available for those who want to: Land Their Dream Job, Grow and Nurture Their Network, Unlock Sales Opportunities, or Find and Hire Talent.You can use LinkedIn effectively with their free membership, but the paid memberships do provide additional opportunities and abilities. 4

LinkedIn: NetworkingThere are Four Connection Levels in LinkedIn:First Degree Directly Connected Allows InMail (LinkedIns email)Second Degree - Indirectly Connected Requires Premium Membership or Group Membership ConnectionThird Degree - Indirectly Connected Requires Premium Membership or Group Membership ConnectionGroup Connection Requires Premium Membership, but you can reach out and connect with that person most will accept.

You can think of LinkedIns connections kind of like Brothers and Sisters (First Degree), Cousins and Friends (Second Degree), Acquaintances (Third Degree), and Community Members Professional or Geographical (Group). In LinkedIn, the more good connections you have, the better. Having 1,000 people with just a few connections each is not worth all that much compared to having just a few hundred connections who also have a few hundred good connections. You need to connect with people and be open to connecting with people in order to grow your network. Some people are called LIONs LinkedIn Open Networkers they will accept anyones invitations. Many LIONs are actually recruiters who benefit from having a larger network. Of course, if you want to have the ability to connect with and email a lot of like minded people, you can join appropriate groups. For example, I belong to LinkedHR which is one of the largest groups in LinkedIn it has 971.027 members (as of May 24, 2015). This gives me the ability to connect with a very large group of people with similar interests. 5

LinkedIn: Networking IdeasDo you invite people you meet to link with you?Do you link with people you meet?Are you easy to find on LinkedIn?There is one Scott Freehafer on LinkedIn. There are 85 Paul Sears on LinkedIn. Are you looking for UFs COB Dean or the Buddhist Monk in the United Kingdom?Do you use tag so you can be found more easily?Have you customized your Public Profile Link so it is easy to remember?

Instead of collecting business cards and putting them somewhere in your desk, why not connect with a person in LinkedIn? As long as you both maintain your LinkedIn accounts and keep them up to date, you will be able to find that person!It is actually easy to customize your Public Profile Link when you are in Edit Profile. Click on Edit Profile and scroll down to your Public Profile Link. There will be an * to the right of it click on this and it will open up your Public Profile page. Look to the upper right and you will see Your Public Profile URL you can edit the profile link there!6

Leveraging LinkedIn: LearningAs a Learning Tool, LinkedIn has several features:1) You can contribute your learning and observations through a Status Update or by Publishing a Post.2) You can add to your own learning by asking a question to your First-degree connections or to the members of a Group you belong to like LinkedHR or ACBSP.3) You can link other peoples work to your profile through an Update or you can post a link to the work in Groups you belong to.4) You can create a Group and have your students, colleagues, advisors join it and you can use the Discussion function to interact. Group members will get updates and invitations to participate in the Discussions.

Leveraging LinkedIn: Learning

Leveraging LinkedIn: Learning

Leveraging LinkedIn: ResearchOnce you have created a group and populated it or you have joined an existing group, you can use the group to conduct research. If you are the Owner or Manager/Moderator of the group, you can post questions or a Survey link in the Discussion area. If you are a member of a group, you will need to get permission to post a question or survey (some groups which are more academic will even require IRB permission!).

Seven months ago, I posted the following question in LinkedHR: I teach HR in our Undergraduate and Graduate programs and I would like some input about what topics I should include in the class which are not typically covered in a typical HR Textbook. I received 203 responses from LinkedHR members and will work those responses into a future paper.


Leveraging LinkedIn: LeadingTo quote John Maxwell Leadership Is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing Less.So if you think about how you can influence people through LinkedIn, then you need to realize that LinkedIn can really increase your ability to influence those you are connected to. Status Updates; Blog Posts; Links to Articles, Videos, Webinars; Groups You Create and Lead all of these can increase your Influence.In order to get more from others, you need to give more to others!

Leveraging LinkedIn: LegacyOne of the biggest frustrations for many schools or colleges of business is that once students graduate, they scatter. But we are required to keep track of them. With LinkedIn, once we are connected to students, as long as we both stay connected, we will stay connected. Consider creating a group for each years incoming class or graduating class and having each of the students create their profile and join the group (and maybe even link with you). Keeping track of students is no longer a challenge.

I dont know about your school, but when we ask Alumni Relations when our College of Business alumni are located and where they are working, the response is often we dont know or well, s/he used to live in ______ and work ____, but that information is 5 years old. If you can get your students to link with you, your college, or your university, then it would be much easier to keep track of your students!12

Leveraging LinkedIn: Legacy - LinkedIn Updates

Every day, you will get updates on the people you are connected to (First degree connections only!). Imagine how your connections will feel if you stay in contact with them wish them Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary on their job or Congratulate them on obtaining a new job and wish them well. If you have a tremendous


Leveraging LinkedIn: Legacy - University

One of the most recent things that LinkedIn has added to its platform is their Universities function. If your university does not have a presence there, it should!14

Leveraging LinkedIn: Legacy - University

The University of Findlay has 10,349 people on LinkedIn who either attended or graduated from the university. You can also see where the students work, what they do, what they studied, what they are skilled at, and how I am connected to them. 15

Leveraging LinkedIn: Legacy - University

And you can also use their tools to narrow down the student information by the years the students attended as well as the other 6 variables. Since you can sort down to your First Degree connections, what better way to get one of your students resume to a potentially valuable connection!16

Leveraging LinkedIn: Legacy - University

Leveraging LinkedIn: Legacy - University

Leveraging LinkedIn: Legacy - Companies

Companies also have their own Company pages in LinkedIn. This allows you to find out who you are connected to at the company and how many employees they have who are on LinkedIn. In todays connected world, what better way to get your information or your students information to the right person!19

Questions and Comments?Thank you for attending and participation. I hope you learned something here that can help you take your LinkedIn presence to the next level.

Scott Freehafer, Ph.D., SPHR Freehafer@Findlay.eduAssociate Professor of Business 419-434-4002The University of Findlay