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  • Access Apprenticeships will take all the hard work out of training your workforce.We wont charge a fee - and you could get a grant of 1500!

    Does your business need some help?Employ an apprentice and grow your business

    access apprenticeships

  • Why you should employ an apprentice

    Apprentices have been shown to be more productive, have higher morale and produce higher-quality work than similar level employees not on the programme. BT values this at 1300 profit per apprentice.

    Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them. 88% of employers believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

    77% of employers believe that apprenticeships make their business more competitive.

    Two thirds of employers believe that training an apprentice is more effective than hiring new skilled staff.

    To employ an apprentice costs as little as 2.65 per hour on an average working week of 37 hours that is just 5,100 per annum.

    If you are a small company and have never employed an apprentice then grants of up to 1500 are available if you take on an apprentice aged 16-24.


    All statistics from National Apprenticeship Service

  • Why you should work with Access Apprenticeships

    Access Apprenticeships are offered FREE of charge. Many other providers charge a fee to the employer for the training aspect of the apprenticeship.

    Access Apprenticeships can offer a quality-assured service for any company. We are specialists in training apprentices for the creative industries, as well as creative people for other industries.

    Access Apprenticeships are delivered nationally by a company with many years experience in back-to-work training, mentoring and further and higher education.

    Access Apprenticeships will work to successfully recruit your apprenticeship vacancy.

    Access Apprenticeships will design a training programme around what you need from your apprentice. We ensure that your Apprentice meets the required standard for all aspects of their work.

    Your apprentice will spend the majority of their time working for you. At the same time they will study towards qualifications delivered by Access Apprenticeships using e-learning, distance learning and in-centre sessions and workshops.


  • Access Apprenticeships key questions

    What are apprenticeships? They combine gaining qualifications with workplace learning. They provide the opportunity for participants to develop practical skills, earn a wage and work towards nationally-recognised qualifications.

    What skills do they develop? Apprenticeships deliver skills designed around your business needs which can help you to develop the specialist workforce needed to keep pace with the latest technology and working practices in your sector.

    What areas are covered? Access Apprenticeships specialise in:Please contact us for more options.

    creative and digital media social media and digital

    marketing music business customer services business administration

    live events and promotion technical theatre team leading management community arts management

    Who can be an apprentice? Anyone aged over 16, living in England and not in full time education can be employed as an apprentice.

    How long do they run? Most Access Apprenticeships run for between one year and eighteen months. Apprentices must work for a minimum of 30 hours per week.


  • What levels are offered? Access Apprenticeships offer training to suit the employer and apprentice from Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) through to Level 5 (foundation degree equivalent).

    How is the apprenticeship structured? An apprenticeship includes the following components: a competence-based element, such as an NVQ, a knowledge-based element or technical certificate, transferable or functional skills (English, Maths) and a module on Employer Rights and Responsibilities.

    How are people recruited? Apprentices are recruited for you by Access Apprenticeships working with the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS) and a network of employment services. This saves your business expensive recruitment costs.

    What are the wage costs? The minimum wage is just 2.65 per hour and apprentices must work over 30 hours per week. Evidence shows that those employers offering a higher than minimum wage level not only attract high quality candidates but are more likely to retain their apprentice in the long term.

    What grants are available? If you havent recruited an apprentice before, or in the last 12 months, and you employ less than 1000 people, then you may be able to get a grant of 1500 to help you employ an apprentice aged 16-24.

    Access Apprenticeships key questions


  • Recruiting an apprentice: how it works for you

    You discuss with us your skill gaps and

    apprenticeship needs.


    We advertise and recruit candidates for the apprenticeship.


    You choose the apprentice you want.


    We provide induction and training so the

    apprentice is ready to work straight away.


    We work together to decide the right qualification and

    programme of support.


    We provide masterclasses to develop the apprentices

    professional skills.



  • We use e-learning to teach knowledge and skills. Some subjects are delivered by 1:1 coaching and group



    You allocate the apprentice a line

    manager and mentor for the duration of the



    Our Apprenticeship Co-ordinator manages each apprentices

    learning, ensuring that they do a good job in their day-to day work

    in your business, making sure that your expectations are fully

    met. They monitor and review the learning plan and deal with any

    issues, should they arise.

    9. We send an assessor to visit your apprentice to observe their progress

    and give feedback.


    You manage and mentor the apprentice daily, providing work that will develop their skills and experience. You

    will have the support of Access Apprenticeships to ensure that everything runs


    11.Your apprentice starts

    making a positive impact on your




  • Contact us to arrange for one of our business development managers to come and visit you to discuss your options:Mobile: Geoff: 07825 314 327 or Lee: 07595 040 014Office: 0330 123 3155Email:

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