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Accountability Update School Grade Changes. Dr. Karen Schafer Office of Accountability and Testing March 14, 2012. Highlights: School Grade Changes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Accountability UpdateSchool Grade ChangesDr. Karen SchaferOffice of Accountability and TestingMarch 14, 2012Highlights: School Grade ChangesStudents with disabilities (SWD) and English language learners (ELL) will now be included in proficiency/performance categories for Reading, Math, Writing, and ScienceWill include Florida Alternate Assessment (FAA) scores as well as FCAT and EOCELL scores will count beginning in their second yearA special task force will make recommendations on how to implement2Highlights: School Grade ChangesLearning GainsFCAT: For students in level 1 or 2Level 2 must score 1 point more than one years expected growthLevel 1 must score 2 points more than one years expected growth

FAA: Students who remain in levels 1, 2, or 3 must gain at least 11 points3Highlights: School Grade ChangesLearning Gains: Lowest 25%Only level 1 and 2 students will be includedRetained lev. 1& 2 students will be includedAdequate progress requirement for L25% in Reading and Math suspended for 2011-12

Learning Gains: Levels 4 and 5 Reading & MathAdded weight for students moving into levels 4 and 5 from lower levels (for FCAT 2.0 and EOCs)4Highlights: School Grade ChangesReading Threshold PenaltyWill NOT be implemented in 2011-12Beginning 2012-13, schools with fewer than 25% level 3 or above in Reading will be penalized a letter grade

5Middle School Grade ChangesUse of More Rigorous Assessments

Highest score of FCAT Math or EOC will be used in calculation*

EOC score used for performance and LG unless FCAT score is higher*

*legislature considering bill to eliminate requirement to take both tests6Middle School Grade ChangesNew Acceleration ComponentIncludes participation in and performance on HS EOC assessments (50/50 points)2011-12: participation will only be counted if it results in a higher grade2012-13: Industry Certifications will count

New Civics Component2014-15: Percentage of students scoring at levels 3 and above.7High School Grade ChangesEOC assessments included in calculations2011-12: Alg 1 EOC counts for Math performance and learning gains2012-13: Geom added to Math perf & LG2012-13: Biol counts for Science performanceNo HS Science component in 2011-12Cell size =10Repeat EOCs will count as retakes for bonus pointsPercent tested in Math (2011-12): Denominator = students in Alg 1 survey 2, 3, summer + SWD tested on FAA in Math8High School Grade ChangesSatisfactory MS EOC scores banked for HS grade calculation when student enters Gr. 9Learning gains will be calculated for EOCsMaximum points for growth in non-FCAT areas limited to 10 (was 20)Denominator for accelerated participation will not include students who take FAA2014-15: New performance component for U.S. History9High School Grade ChangesGraduation Rate Calculation ChangeBased on Federal uniform cohort graduation rate (FUR)New combined rate for overall rate (200 pts) and for at-risk rate (100 pts)Half the pts based on 4-yr FURHalf the pts based on 5-yr adjusted FUR that includes special diplomasAt-risk grad rate target now 65% (was 75%)10

Total Pts800 ptsA=525+B=495+C=435+D=395+K-711

2011-12Total Pts900 ptsA=590+B=560+C=490+D=445+Includes configurations thru gr. 8 Brevard: 6-82011-12 and 12-13: 8 assessment components plus MS Acceleration component2014-15: Adds Civics component for 1000 total points Changes grading scale12

Total Pts1600 ptsA=1050+B=990+C=870+D=790+2011-12: No Science component Each assessment component x 1.143 to = 800 pts.Gr. 9-1213Combination High SchoolsSchool Grade will include8 assessment componentsMS Acceleration componentHS components

HS Combination Schools w/ 3 or fewer grades below gr. 9 (7-9)Assessment components count 70%

A= 1115+C=925+B= 1050+D=840+



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