Achieving the Dream Financial Literacy Program Los Angeles Harbor College

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  • Achieving the Dream Financial Literacy Program Los Angeles Harbor College
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  • Financial Literacy Program Logo Designed and Created by Eric Romero Apple Represents knowledge about financial situation Wings Inspired by ATD Logo Colors Green for money Gold for success
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  • About Our Campus Approximately 9000-10,000 students Foster Youth: 50-60 Veterans: 80-100 Demographic Breakdown: Hispanic: 52.3% White: 16.9% African-American: 15.5% Asian/Asian-American: 13.6% Other/Unknown: 1.7% 1 of 7 Los Angeles Community College District Schools First school to receive YouthSource Grant
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  • Current Projects Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service January 30 th, 2013 Foster Youth Getting Priority Mid March Workshops on: Debt Reduction Loans Life Insurance
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  • Outreach Efforts Working with on campus departments First Year Experience Life Skills Center Cultural Equity & Awareness Intervention Counseling Department Financial Aid Department Los Angeles Harbor Youth Source Center Being a component of job readiness USC United Friends of the Children Presented to high school foster youth
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  • Program Development Opportunities Financial Coaching Training 5-day intensive training On Course Workshop 3-day staff development Foster Youth Success Initiative Conference Sacramento, CA 2 day Southern California Higher Ed. Foster Youth Consortium Fall and Spring participation California State University, San Marcos Working Scholarship program info. Session Cerritos Community College LINC
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  • Where We Began: July 2012 Hired and began Financial Coaching Training
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  • Where We Began: July 2012 Program Development: Application Pre-Test Interaction sheet Publicity documents
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  • Last Semester: Fall 2012 Created local resource list including: Housing, utilities discounts, clinics, food banks, bus passes, etc. Presented first group orientation September 5 th and September 6 th 7 participants, 6 foster youth Chaffee Grant Informational Workshop September 19 th 12 participants, 8 foster youth Chaffee Grant Recipient Workshop October 15th 9 participants, 9 foster
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  • Last Semester: Fall 2012 3-Day Workshop: Wheres My Money? Worked with Life Skills Center on campus ~40 students, 15 Foster Worked with Jean Pann, MSW
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  • Last Semester: Fall 2012 Laptop Scholarship Workshop Cultural Equity & Awareness Intervention Once a month meetings Program for MLK Jr. Service Day Program Modification Curriculum development Online intake Define program objectives
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  • Fall 2012 Evaluation Current student participants in our program Total: 25 Foster Youth-21 Network with Financial Aid Foster Youth Liaison Maria Chavez Veterans- 1 Other-3 Overall, good feeling but want to reach out to veterans more Meet with Veterans Center to get more access
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  • Current Situation: Spring 2013 New online documents New presentation evaluation New Application New Student Assessment New modifications on website Completed MLK Jr. Day of Service Event 60 student participants 2 hour presentation on Financial Literacy New intake form for optimal data collection
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  • New Publicity Information
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  • Future Plans: Spring 2013 Foster Youth Getting Priority Scholarship Awarded to FLP Coalition with other on-campus resources
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  • Future Plans: Spring 2013 Current student participants in our program Total: 15 6 new Foster Youth 9 returning 1 Veterans 8 Foster Youth OPEN to NON VET and FOSTER YOUTH students Desired Goals: Be able to reach out to Veteran Population and supply services however we can
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  • Contact Us Hours of Operation: Contact Info: Armando Villalpando: Eric Romero: Main Office Phone Number: 310-233-4046 MONTUESWEDTHURSFRI 9AM 5PM 9AM 2PM