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  • 1. IntroductionIt was started in 2007.The DI team ofGodrej worked on the idea for 1.5yearsand studied its various aspects ofconsumers like cost, compatibility, powerconsumption and to serve the bottom ofthe pyramid people.

2. True Innovators 3. Concept Of Chotukool Came up with the idea to explore as 70% of indian population does not have refrigirators It consumes only 55 watts and runs on dual power supply,hence it can be easly operated by battery in power shortage areas. 4. CHOTUKOOL5 5. Working Of Chotukool It works on AC as well as on DC,consists of a cooling chip and which are similar to computer fans but it does not have a compressor which makes the device less bulky and it has a high end insulation as it helps to stay cool for a longer time without power.It operates at low power rating ranging from 15-65 watts. 6. Uniquness 7. Impact On DevelopmentThe rural women are given betterchances to grow and develop thereoccupation.Can be used for domestic purpose andsmall shopkepers. 8. Portability Of Chotukool 9. ChallengesIt can not be profitable overnight.It is a difficult task to replace theprototypes and current technologiesused.Has to face immediate competitions. 10. Benifites For EcosystemIt can also be operated byinvertors,rechargable batteries and ups.It saves power and does not havecompressors hence there is no CFCemmissions. 11. Cost Saving CapabilitiesInstead of compressors small coolingchips are used so the price is reduced bya good margin.Other circuitary used is quite resonable. 12. MembersPratap Nair.Nihit JaiswalPikesh SharmaSunny Bhawsar