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Adaptive Aerostructures Services mobile.afiklmem.com A D A P T I V E N E S S Cost-effective solutions for your Nacelles, Radomes and Composites

Adaptive Aerostructures Services Cost-effective solutions ... · Adaptive Aerostructures Services mobile.afiklmem.com ADAPTIVENESS Cost-effective solutions for your Nacelles, Radomes

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  • Adaptive Aerostructures Services


    A D A P T I V E N E S S

    Cost-effective solutions foryour Nacelles, Radomesand Composites

  • Adaptiveness:We innovate for youIn relying on AFI KLM E&M you will be benefitting from our40 years expertise in inspection, repairs, spares pooling,and an extensive array of capabilities to ultimately benefitfrom a partnership approach.

    Customized solutions via a partnership approachThanks to our spirit of Adaptiveness, among all the possibilitiesoffered, the co-engineering solution designed jointly with youmay differ from your initial requirements.From tailor-made long-term care (fleet program) to immediatepurchases, and from Power by the Hour rates to Time andMaterials (T&M) solutions, all options based on our engineeringexpertise are available.

    Extensive in-shop or on-site capabilitiesFrom minor repairs to overhauls with complete re-skinning,including AD/SB implementation, we provide a broad rangeof solutions in all our areas of excellence:

    n Thrust Reverser & Transcowl, n Inlet Cowl, Fan Cowl & Core Cowl n Radomes n Flight Control surfaces

    Our capabilities range from pure metal Aerostructures work,to metal bonded honeycomb sandwich solutions and rightup to advanced composite repairs. AFI KLM E&M expertise has served as the basis for developingcapabilities on new generation aircraft involving greater use ofcomposites, such as the 787 and the A350.

    Best cost-effective option availableworldwideSelect the best option: repair or replace As an airline-MRO organization, we have an insidersunderstanding of the issues facing you. We offer innovativerepair solutions with our Part 21 Design Organization Approvaland Designated Engineering Representative approval.We can repair rather than replace - more than 200 repairsbeyond OEMs CMMs.

    24/7 worldwide spares and parts coverageTo ensure maximum A/C availability, we offer you a full rangeof spares solutions: loan support, routine replacement, andpool access. A variety of nacelle parts are also available either at our facilities or on your premises as a main base kit (or hold).As part of the service, our 24/7 AOG Desk provides door-to-door transportation solutions with minimum lead-times foryour spare parts through our worldwide logistics network.

    Cost-effectiveOur robust long-term agreements with OEMs, combined withour significant spares level, contribute to reliable aircraft operation by shortening AOG immobilization and cost-effective maintenance.

    The most appropriate solutions for your Aerostructures maintenance for greater aircraft availability and cost control

  • Best aerostructure support solutions? Go for adaptiveness with AFI KLM E&M!

    Continuous improvement

    AFI KLM E&M continuously invests in both facilities and modern equipment to maintain its recognized level of quality:

    n In 2015, opening of our latest workshop Helios, at Paris CDG Airport: 18,500sq.m, 250+ experts and large-capacity engineeringresources designed for former and new-generation modules, including A380, A350 and 787.

    n AMES (JV AFI KLM E&M-Safran Nacelles) capabilities expansion with new autoclave to broaden the range of available repairs: nacelle, radome, flight control

    n Cross-fertilization programs between Helios and AMES to mutualize engineering and technical know-hown Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles, and new materials (composites), new technologies and industrial solutions; to lower costsand shorten turnaround times

    n AFI KLM E&M, among the four operators worldwide is the only MRO with extremely advanced 787 nacelle capabilities


    Optimal logisticsn Shops located in Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai

    n Regional Logistics Centers supported by technical representatives

    Bespoke solutions to your unique requirements

    Whether you need a homebase or an outstation intervention,we dispatch a working team of specialists. Our preventive maintenance range of solutions improve thecontrol of maintenance costs, and includes on-wing inspections or repairs, as in case of AOG.

    As an airline-MRO, AFI KLM E&M has an intimate knowledge of parts lifecycle and optimized maintenanceprograms. Based on this experience, we can also provideyou with customized training, both theoretical and practical.

    On-site services and preventive maintenance Operational experience

    n More than 150 airlines worldwide have selected us, fromone-off repairs to fleet programs

    n Specialist for new generation aircraft777, 787, A380 and A350

    n 20,000+ repairs or overhauls on Thrust Reversers, Inlet Cowls,Fan Cowl doors, exhaust nozzles, Core Cowls, radomes andflight control surfaces

    n 75 million euro-worth of spare parts

    n Parts manufacture under EASA part 21G

    n Very large-size autoclaves and ovens

    n 5 clean rooms, protected against contamination and 7 large cells for painting solutions

    n Digital machining

    Key figures

  • A wide range of adaptive Aerostructures solutions


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    n A318/A319/A320/A321 CFM56-5A/5B n n n n

    n A318/A319/A320/A321 V2500 n n n n

    n A320neo* LEAP-1A & PW1100G n n n n

    n A330(1) Trent 700 n n n n

    n A340-500/600(1) Trent 500 n n n n

    n A380(1) Trent 900 n n n n

    n A380 GP7200 n n n n

    n A340 CFM56-5C n n n n

    n A350 Trent XWB n n n n

    n 737-600/700/800 CFM56-7 n n n n

    n 737Max* LEAP-1B n n n n

    n 747-300/400 CF6-80C2B n n n n

    n 767 CF6-80C2B n n n n

    n 777-200 GE90-90/94/110 n n n n

    n 777-300 GE90-115 n n n n

    n 787 GEnx & Trent 1000 n n n n

    n Embraer 170/175(1) CF34-8 n n n n

    * Under development (1): Unique AMES capability

    n Repair and Overhaul Services

    n Engineering Services

    n Spare Nacelles and Radomes Servicesn Dedicated AOG Support Team

    n On Wing Support (24/7 days)n Worldwide Logistic Services

    n LRUs Servicesn Extensive Operational Experience

    n Additional Servicesn Consultingn Training

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