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  • To provide an overview of the assembling process of the artwork I offer a small map of photos that will give direct insight to the forming process.

    1. Sourcing the material of common reed (if possible) locally around wetlands of the area. The reed is stacked into 10 bigger bundles, each cca. 40 cm in diam-eter and 350 cm high.

    Vladimir Novak, Relations

    * Additional assembling documentation, NEU NOW 2016.

    2. Setting up the metal construction that will hold wooden beams at needed hight level [170 cm].

    4. Deconstruction of metal holders leaves the assembled artwork in freestanding position.

    3. Bundles of reed are placed into the position and pressed between the beams. Beams are locked into the fixed position by two iron clamps [15x1x12 cm] at distance of 15 cm. In that position, strongly compressed reed becomes very dense and strong so it can take all the weight oppossed to it by the oak beams.

    **The position of sculpture depends on exhibiting space. If it is an empty room, it is needed 3,5 - 5 meters of isolated space surrounding it. It can also be put in some specific situation related to the architectual elements of the space, or as a temporary outoor installation.