Adhesive Trim Tape - Trim Tape High-strength double-sided adhesive tape with polyethylene carrier and acrylate adhesive. Very strong adhesion. Your advantages:

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  • Adhesive Trim TapeHigh-strength double-sided adhesive tape with polyethylene carrierand acrylate adhesive.

    Very strong adhesion.Your advantages:l The tape provides outstanding

    adhesion immediately after instal-lation of the trim. A high level offinal adhesive strength is achievedafter a curing time of 24 hours.

    l Very strong adhesion also onrough and slightly uneven surfaces.

    Foam carrier.Your advantage:The tape has a vibration-dampingeffect and compensates for theexpansion properties of two diffe-rent materials.

    High temperature, UV and weatherresistance.Your advantages:l The tape can be used indoors

    as well as outdoors. l Does not lose adhesion

    at higher temperatures.


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    Instructions for usel The surfaces to be joined must be

    dry and free from dust, grease andsilicon.

    l In order to assure perfect adhesion,sufficient pressure must be appliedto the tape during installation.

    l Optimal final adhesive strength is reached after 24 hours.

    l In case of sensitive surface finishes(e.g. PP, PE, rubber) and porous surfaces (e.g. wood or stone), carryout a preliminary application test.

    l In case of plastic materials to be joined containing plasticizer addi -tives, these additives may changethe adhesive layer and impair thestrength of the adhesive (performpreliminary test).

    Areas of applicationl Trim and functional metal strips, logos, emblems, screens and holding

    brackets in the automobile industry.l Attachment of name plates on machines.l For attachment of spoilers in connection with mechanical elements.


    Adhesive base acrylate adhesiveCarrier Polyethylene (anthracite)Adhesive strength 19 N / 25 mmElongation at rupture > 300%Application temperature +5C to +40C

    (applies to surface and adhesive tape)Temperature stability 40C to +95CShelf life(at approx. +20C and 50% humidity) 12 monthsUV resistance yesMoisture resistance yes

    Width mm Length m Thickness mm Art. No. Pack Qty.4 0894 910 4

    1210 0.8

    0894 9101

    19 0894 910 024 0894 910 1

    These notes are intended to provide our advice to the bestof our knowledge, based on tests and experience. How -ever, we cannot assume any liability for processing resultsin individual cases due to the wide variety of applicationsas well as storage and processing conditions beyond ourcontrol. This also applies in case our technical and com-

    mercial customer service is consulted free of charge andwithout obligation. We recommend carrying out individualtests. We guarantee the constant quality of our products.We reserve the right to make technical modifications andadvanced developments.

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