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    The Leader in Sports Nutrition strikes again! The elite team of scientists at Max Muscles research and development has struck nutritional gold once again! Introducing the ADRX Advanced Adrenal Support. ADRX is a scientifcally-based formula delivering comprehensive nutritional support for healthy adrenal function. The ADRX formula was designed to promote optimization of the adrenal hormones and reset adrenal homeostasis. It is an ideal formula for post-thermogenic (fat burning) cycles, or for those who have a high usage rate of various stimulants, including, but not limited to, coffee, energy drinks and energy supplements. While Max Muscle Sports Nutrition (MMSN) began in the sports nutrition realm, the company has more recently committed to transferring that sustained excellence and quality into the general health realm. ADRX is simply the latest example of Max Muscles commitment to your health.

    Combat AdrenalFatigue

    After a round of thermogenics, it will do your body good to get some adrenal support and reset

    adrenal homeostasis.

  • What Are Adrenals and Are They Important?The adrenals are major endocrine

    glands in the body and produce a

    variety of hormones in response to

    both acute and chronic stress. During

    acute stress the adrenals secrete

    both adrenaline (epinephrine) and

    noradrenaline (norepinephrine). These

    hormones are involved in the bodys

    fght or fight response. The adrenals

    also produce corticosteroids, such as

    glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids

    in the response to chronic stress using

    carbohydrates, proteins and fats as

    fuels and regulating fuid and electrolyte

    (salt) balance within the body. Failure

    to maintain proper adrenal health can

    result in adrenal fatigue, low energy,

    sleepless nights, severe drops in the

    ability to recover, lower sex drive and

    potential hormonal problems, states

    NASM Certifed Personal Trainer and

    Nutrition Coach Paul Volstad.

    How Does ADRX Work?ADRXs special formula combines the

    benefts of Whole Adrenal (Bovine)

    and Adrenal Cortex (Bovine) in

    addition to a robust mixture of herbal

    adaptogens and standardized extracts.

    Plant adaptogens are compounds

    that increase the ability for humans

    to adapt to environmental stressors.

    Adaptogenic herbs have been used

    effectively for hundreds of years

    primarily in traditional medicine.

    Ashwagandha, an adaptogen herb that

    has been used for centuries, contain

    withanolides providing multi-functional

    support for promoting general mental

    and physical wellness. Cordyceps

    provides anti-fatigue and anti-stress

    effects to the formula. Rhodiola

    contains rosavins and salidrosides

    that act to balance adrenal function to

    modulate the effects of physical and

    emotional stress.

    Astragalus promotes immune support

    and compliments the adaptogenic

    activity of this formula. Bacopa, a

    traditional Ayurvedic medicine, has

    been used for centuries to support

    the nervous system and promotes

    relaxation. Magnolia helps maintain

    healthy adrenal cortisol activity and

    offers support for stress, mood and

    emotional well-being. Panax ginseng

    and Eleuthero function primarily as

    adaptogens supporting overall adrenal

    health including physical, chemical,

    physiological and biochemical factors.

    Why Should You Take ADRX? ADRX is the most advanced and

    clinically validated formula from MMSN

    delivering comprehensive nutritional

    support for healthy adrenal function.

    As someone who has overdone

    stimulants in the past, ADRX has

    become a staple of mine when I

    cycle off of caffeine, assures NESTA

    Certifed Fitness Nutrition Coach, Terry

    Goetze. ADRX allows the user to take

    stimulants responsibly and can allow

    them to reintroduce them sooner.

    What Are Users Saying?MMSN customer Sam Mosier of

    Loveland, Colorado had this to say

    about ADRX: I started taking ADRX

    about a month into writing my

    dissertation. Although exercising daily

    and eating clean was helping me make

    progress, the added stress of research

    and the demands on a PhD candidate

    created major stressors that lead to

    an endless pooch that no limitation

    of exercise and the right food choices

    could combat. Enter ADRX. Not only

    did I start sleeping better, waking up

    feeling like I had actually rested, but

    I also began to generally feel less

    stressed and the endless cycle had

    been broken. I no longer felt wired all

    the time from the stimulants that got

    me through the day and could actually

    settle the stress and get progress back

    on track. MS&F