Adulthood: Biosocial Development

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Adulthood: Biosocial Development. Age 25 +. What is senescence?. Gradual physical decline related to aging. How does the brain change?. Neurons fire more slowly Brain size decreases Processing takes longer Severe brain loss due to: Drug use Poor circulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Adulthood: Biosocial Development

Adulthood: Biosocial Development

Adulthood: Biosocial DevelopmentAge 25 +

What is senescence?Gradual physical decline related to aging

How does the brain change?Neurons fire more slowlyBrain size decreasesProcessing takes longerSevere brain loss due to:Drug usePoor circulationVirusesGenes

How does physical appearance change?Age 30-Skin becomes thinner & less flexibleAge 60 All faces are wrinkledHair turns gray & thinnerMiddle-age spread appearsMuscles weakenHeight decreasesNatural collapse of vertebrae in spineEffects are less if you exercise

How does vision and hearing change?VisionPeripheral vision narrowsColor vision shifts (vivid to faded more quickly)Farsightedness increasesHearingLoss not apparent until after 60

Do you remember?How does the brain change?How does your skin, hair, muscles, and height change?How does your vision and hearing change?

How does the sexual-reproductive System change?Sexual responsivenessArousal is slowerOrgasm takes longerAll ages enjoy sexMen & women most likely extremely satisfied with sex if in a committed, monogamous relationship

How does fertility change?15% of all couples are infertile40s = half are infertile, half risk complications

What causes infertility?MalesResponsible for 1/3 of infertilityAge, radiation, drugs, stress, drug abuse, alcoholism cigarette smokingReduces sperm number, shape, and motilityFemalesResponsible for 1/3 of infertility1/3 of infertility is a mysteryAge, diseases, smoking, esteem dieting, obesityPelvic inflammatory disease (PID) Can block fallopian tubesWhat are the treatments for infertility?Assisted reproductive technology (ART)Overcome low sperm count & blocked fallopian tubesIn Vitro fertilization (IVF)Eggs (ova) removed and fertilized with sperm in the laboratoryAfter fertilized cells (Zygotes) have divided several times inserted into the womans uterusWhat are the effects of menopause?Around age 50 Menstrual periods ceaseOvulation stopsEstrogen, progesterone & testosterone dropsHormone replacement therapy (HRT)Usually estrogen & progesteroneMinimizes menopausal symptomsReduces risk of osteoporosisInvolves health risksNot recommended as much todayWhat is male menopause (Andropause)?Drop in testosteroneReduced sexual desire, erections, & muscle massEffectiveness of HRT is questionable

Do you remember?How does your sexual response system change?Men are responsible for how much of infertility?What causes infertility in men and women?What are some treatments for infertility?What causes menopause?What is andropause, and what causes it?

What is the effects of health habits and age?Diseases and chronic conditions are strongly affected by lifestyleDrug abuseAbuse of illegal drugs decreasesAbuse of prescription drugs increasesTobaccoLung cancer = leading cause of cancer deaths (including women) in North AmericaDeclined in U.S.Rising in developing nationsAffected by social norms, laws, & advertisingHealth habits & age (Cont.)DrinkingIn moderationReduces coronary heart disease and strokesIncreased good cholesterol (HDL)Reduces Bad cholesterol (LDL)Heavy drinkingIncreases violent deathImplicated in 60 diseasesDrinking alcohol is not a health strategyOvereatingExcess weight increases every chronic diseaseE.g. diabetesHealth habits & age (Cont.)U.S. = Highest rate of obesity and diabetesMetabolism decreases by 1/3Genetics Correlates with weight and diabetesCultural influences are more importantInactivity Correlates with almost every unhealthy conditionDo you remember?What is the leading cause of cancer deaths (including women) in North America?What is the bad cholesterol in a blood test?What increases every chronic disease?What is the effect of aging on metabolism?

How can you deal with stress?Dealing with stressProblem focused copingSolve the problem causing the stressUsed more by menEmotion focused copingChange your feelings about the situation causing the stressUsed more by womenHigh stress increases the risk of disease

How do we measure health?Mortality = DeathNumber of deaths each year per 1,000 people in a populationMorbidity = DiseaseThe rate of physical, emotional and fatal diseases in a population

How is income related to health?Well-educated, financially secure adults (with high socioeconomic status SES) live longerHealthy habitsBetter housingBetter medical care

Do you remember?What are the two strategies for dealing with stress?What is the difference between mortality and morbidity?What is the relationship between income and health?