Adventures with acs and odl

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  • 1.Adventures with ACS and ODL

2. Who is that guy anyway? Hugo Trippaers Mission Critical Engineer @ Schuberg Philis PMC @ Apache CloudStack Contributor @ OpenDaylight OVSDB Gamer @ Home ! Contact @Spark404 @ Twitter Spark404 @ Freenode hugo @ 2 3. What i want to talk about What if you never heard of Apache CloudStack and/or OpenDaylight? Why would someone want to do an integration between ODL and ACS? What happens when you decide to go ahead and do it? 3 4. Apache CloudStack A highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. ! Supporting Hypervisors: XenServer, KVM, VMware, Hyperv Networking: VLAN, VXLAN, GRE, Nicira NVP, Midokura, Stratosphere, Contrail, BigSwitch Storage: NFS, S3, Swift, Nexenta, NetApp And a lot more ! ! ! 4 5. OpenDaylight OpenDaylight's mission is to facilitate a community-led, industry-supported open source platform, including code and architecture, to accelerate adoption of Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization. ! Controller platform OpenFlow OVSDB Virtual Tennant Network OpenDOVE and way more.. 5 6. Apache CloudStack networking Basic Networking Tenant isolation by security groups External Router ! Advanced Networking Tenant isolation by isolating the L2 broadcast domain Virtual Router construct for Routing, Firewalling and other services Virtual Private Cloud Multi tier construct with multiple isolated networks and a core router construct. 6 7. Why integrate? As an orchestration platform, you need an eco system that you can orchestrate. ! Supporting open software defined networking solutions means wider adoption of SDN ! I hate reinventing wheels. ! Its fun to do. 7 8. Down to business What is this beast called OpenDaylight multiple sub projects, which ones are feasible to support? ! Goal: KVM hypervisor with ODL orchestrating the overlay network ! Should be easy, where is the API exactly? 8 9. What the bleep to integrate with.. Existing support for KVM and openVswitch already in CS. Easiest to go with that and have OpenDaylight orchestrate the openVswitch and the overlay network I know OVSDB and OpenFlow, lets stick with that ! 99 10. OpenFlow / OVSDB OpenFlow Tells the switch what action to take on which condition. OVSDB Manages the openvSwitchhardwarelike ports, tunnels and switches. 11. Down to business OMG I have API docs and still no clue. ! Ouch, OVSDB is very much a work in progress. ! Guess i need to talk to a human about this Brent Salisbury (@networkstatic) Madhu Venugopal And a lot of other folks at #opendaylight-ovsdb (freenode) ! ! 11 12. Integration issues At which level to we integrate and what do i expect from OpenDaylight OpenDaylight supports direct interaction with OVSDB and a higher level API Higher layer API designed for Neutron, can it be used by ACS? ! ! ! ! 12 13. Integration issues Where are the brains at Who decides what? Who owns the state of the network and is the authoritative source? Reconciliation between controller and CMS? ! 13 14. Integration issues OpenDaylight is about to make its first release (Hydrogen) But what is going to be in in there? And is it enough to support the functionality i need for ACS 14 15. What did we end up with Apache CloudStack OpenDaylight plugin Works with KVM hypervisors (using OpenVswitch) Provides tenant isolation using overlay networks based on gre or vxlan ! Plugin available in ACS master branch targeted for the next release cycle (4.4.0) 15 16. How does it work The test setup i used Two KVM hypervisors with OpenVSwitch CloudStack Management Server OpenDaylight controller ! OpenVswitch on KVM hypervisors pre setup with the bridges required by CloudStack and a bridge called br-int. 16 17. How does it work 1 In ACS setup a physical network with isolation type ODL Physical network is a construct where tenant networks actually send their data Provides trac isolating using the selected method (VLAN, ODL, VXLAN, ) Determines with bridge to connect VMs to on KVM (br-int in this example) ! Add an OpenDaylight controller to the network 17 18. How does it work 2 Setup a network oering for the tenants with virtual networking As a tenant Create a network based on the new oering Start a new VM 18 19. How does it work 3 Magic happens in the OpenDaylight plugin Does OpenDaylight know about the hypervisor where the VM will be provisioned? No, use the ODL ConnectionManager to create a new OVSDB node for that hypervisor OVSDB creates a br-tun switch and creates a patch between br-int and br-tun ACS pushed a network object to ODL using the NeutronNetwork API ACS pushes a port object to ODL using the NeutronPort API 19 20. How does it work 4 Tenant starts another node (which we assume starts on another hypervisor) ACS configures the second hypervisor using the ConnectionManager API ACS pushes a port configuration using the NeutronPort API OpenDaylight recognizes that ports belonging to a network are present on two hypervisors and pushes a tunnel configuration to both nodes. OpenDaylight pushed flows to all switches to make trac move from A to B 20 21. 21 22. Are we there yet? This is just the first step, ODL oers a lot more. ! Cross pollination of ideas implement networking features from ODL in ACS support networking scenarios from ACS in ODL ! What do you guys think? 22 23. 23