Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

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Create Your Own Market of ArticlesAs you start finding your own affiliate market on whatever website...


  • 1. Affiliate Marketing Without a Website Create Your Own Market of Articles As you start finding your own affiliate market on whatever website(s) you've chosen and writing articles, you'll probably notice that there are a lot of other products out there that relate to the ones you're trying to sell. It may be a good idea to add mini reviews to these products in your main articles, but you might also consider making completely new articles about these products specifically, especially the higher priced ones. Your goal for any niche market should probably be to have anywhere from five to fifteen articles on specific products and topics. What you want to do with all these is connect them, linking the in together by having specific spots in the sidebar or throughout your article to advertise them. This is good for several reasons. You can only make yourself seem like even more of an expert in your niche than you already are, Your readers will trust your opinion more if you can show you've really done your research, and more of their questions will get answered. And you have a higher chance of keeping your readers on one of your articles for longer, so if there's any chance that they might click through and buy something, they're buying it from you instead of one of your competitors. What to Do Next? After you've got all your articles up, running, and connected together, the next step is to increase your SEO. Get as much traffic as possible to make as many sales as possible. Think of it as just like having a storefront. Even if you just get a random person off the street to step through your door, there's still a chance you might be able to convert them into a buyer. Just rememmber that as you've created a beautiful collection of articles with the potential to make lots of money, you've got to keep all your backlinks coming from relevant sources. Just like you wouldn't link one of your articles to another article about a completely random topic, because nobody would really be interested in such a jump in context (unless they're surfing YouTube). Relevance can only help to establish your credibility. Finally once you've maximized your traffic, you may want to consider expanding. By this point you're probably making a decent amount of money from your efforts, maybe a couple hundred dollars a month. Wouldn't it be great if all this information could be centralized in one place, on one site that could have its own reputation for being the go-to place for finding out about whatever you're selling? If you're making anything more than $10 a month, then even the most expensive web hosting

2. package would already be paid for. You might even consider an easy set up solution like Weebly, where you can register a domain name with them ffor only a few dollars a year, and the hosting is free. Set up and sell whatever you want, and build your brand. Good luck on all your ventures, and to find out more about affiliate marketing without a website, please visit my own site, where I post new tips, tactics, and analyses every day: