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INSIDE Find out how AFK helped little Isaac and his family Lots of amazing achievements and smiles Award-winning COMedian Lost Voice Guy ISSUE 38 HELPING YOUNG DISABLED PEOPLE LIVE INDEPENDENT LIVES

Afk magazine issue 38

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Find out all out latest news from national disability charity, Action For Kids.

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  • INSIDE Find out howAFK helped little Isaac and his familyLots of amazing

    achievements and smiles

    Award-winning COMedian Lost Voice Guy

    ISSUE 38


  • Its been a jam-packed 2015 !

    Take care, look after each other and enjoy the magazine!

    My name is Dom and Im a proud supporter of Action For Kids as theyve funded my wheelchairs over the years.

    Its been a fun, busy year at the charity and theres lots of exciting news...

    You can also read about what happened when my wheelchair was stolen and I ended up on the news talking about Action For Kids and the importance of my wheelchair.

    Thank you to everyone who continues to support AFK it makes a huge difference to many.



    Action For Kids newsletter is published to keep you informed about the charitys work and developments. The views expressed are not always those of Action For Kids. If you would like further information about anything you have seen in this newsletter or would like to help us in our work, please contact us at our head office.

    Join in the conversation?www.actionforkids.org

    Twitter: @actionforkidsFacebook: www.facebook.com/actionforkidsInstagram: ActionForKids


    We are expanding our services to help more young disabled people!

    Linking with even more schools and colleges to help young people with special educational needs prepare to be independent.

    there have been... Students gaining work experience and paid work

    Moving on to college

    Learning to drive

    Exciting holiday programmes

    Gym trips

    Sports days

    Parents evenings

    Police safety training

    Voting in the elections and much more...

    Beach Volleyball

    Dont forget AFKs he


    event, the Beach Vol


    Championships, will

    be back

    bigger and better tha

    n ever in

    2016. For updates vi





    Sports Day

    Hello,and welcome

    to an ALL NEW,revampedmagazine!

  • Laya is five. She likes kittens, purple, going to school

    and playing princesses. But she has spinal muscular

    atrophy (SMA) and cant sit, walk or crawl.

    With your help we got her a dragony wheelchair

    and shes now whizzing around, helping her mum and

    sitting with her family at mealtimes.



    Its not just shopping and One Direction that Clare loves her first ever electric wheelchair from Action For Kids has made her really happy!Clare, from Derby, said: Its good, I feel confident. I am independent now. I go on buses and go shopping in my chair - I love shopping!Clare has cerebral palsy and her parents had to push her everywhere before.Dad, Paul, said: The wheelchair was so expensive, it was a pipedream. It has been a godsend, Clare can go out by herself for the first time in her life. It means so much, thank you.

    4 5

    I S A AC

    Isaac is six and has global development delay (GDD). You helped us get him a wheelchair-bike.Claire, Isaacs mum, said: Were thrilled. Now we cycle together to school, and we had our first family ride along Portsmouth seafront. Isaac shrieked with excitement. Thanks for allowing us to do this together.





  • New LifeNew Lifeon the

    head ABDUL


    Abdul, a former Aston Villa wheelchair football player, had

    his life put on hold when he outgrew his electric wheelchair.

    After we gave the 22-year-old from Birmingham a shiny new

    set of wheels, he said: Thank you, everyone. I am

    overwhelmed. I cannot stress how much this means to me.

    It is like being given a new life.

    I have muscular dystrophy and my body hurts a lot but this

    chair is more comfortable and its given me a confidence

    boost, Ive even started going out more - it is a

    massive change!

    6 7

    King Alfie

    I am five and I live in Leicester with my mum. I have a girlfriend called Maisie and I like Lego, Octonauts and The Simpsons.

    I have cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease. I really want a blue bike. If I get a bike and start riding it, my legs might work soon.

    Would you like to help Alfie get his mobility trike and do more physiotherapy?

    Well, you can !Text TRYK15 10 TO 70070 TO DONATE 10or donate online at www.actionforkids.org

    thank you

    eey oop!

    I'm Alfie

  • Lots of our students want paid work but only 7% of people with learning disabilities are in paid employment... so we help develop skills and find the right work for each person.

    Here are some of our success stories:

    Annalie, wanted to find paid work and eagerly took part in our employment skills programme and work placement at an Italian restaurant.

    Action For Kids couldnt have been happier when Annalie was chosen to star in Channel 4s Kitchen Impossible with chef Michel Roux Jr.

    Annalie told us: I feel wonderful, really happy really excited about the future.

    I was nervous at first and it was tough at times, but I loved every minute. All the people were so lovely.

    Disabled people deserve to be paid. They just need encouragement, then they will show you how many skills they have and work hard and make your workplace better!

    Annalies mum, Michelle, said: I am a very proud mummy. It is lovely to see Annalie on TV, working hard. I hope it brings more opportunities and paid work for her.

    Action For Kids is amazing - being at the charity has given Annalie enormous confidence and increased her independence. It has been key to her development.


    outgoing, friendly and

    charming waitress

    success stories

    8 9

  • Yi Ling got her first job at a cinema after taking part in a competitive panel interview, and her second after helping out at her local Co-operative store.

    Her manager was impressed with Yi Lings natural customer service skills and told us customers came back just to be served by Yi Ling!

    Yi Ling said: I was happy and excited when I got my first pay cheque! I enjoy working here because I like my colleagues and my boss, greeting customers and helping them.

    Lily and Nathan are a young couple who like Mondays, love their colleagues and really like making customers welcome.


    Yi Ling With t

    wo paid jobs, Yi Ling has impres sed everyone!

    Lily Nathan

    After building their skills with training and work experience, they gained confIdence and paid work at Sainsburys.

    Lily said: I get on really well with my colleagues I love them! I really enjoy working.

    Nathan adds: At first it was scary but it is fun and exciting! You get to meet colleagues and choose your days off. Its a really good place.

    Nathan was even congratulated after a customer emailed commending Nathan for his good taste and thoughtfulness and saying she was delighted with his assistance when she was buying flowers for a friend.


    Well done, Lily and N


    are NOW?I enjoy working here, I like helping people


    10 11

  • Cant talk but isnt silent

    Q. How do you feel when people laugh at your jokes?A. Its an amazing feeling. I was hooked on it after my very first gig, its just such a buzz. Ive always enjoyed making other people laugh so to do it on a bigger scale is even more fun!

    Q. Do you have a joke for us?A. I started off in a disabled Steps tribute band, we were called Ramps.

    Q. What advice would you give to us about getting a successful career?A. I would just advise people to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. Never in a million years did I think that Id ever do stand up comedy but look at me now. As long as you have passion and belief then you can achieve most things in life.

    Q. Was it harder to get where you are with a disability?A. Theres certainly been more barriers, yes. Obviously some things are going to be harder with a disability, thats just the way it is. You just have to see that as an extra challenge though. My disability frustrates me all the time, but I never let it beat me in the end.

    12 13

    Power 100 Disability List 2015 - WINNERBBC New Comedy Award 2014 - WINNER

    - A very funny guy. Ross Noble - A wonderful comedian. Matt Lucas - Lost Voice Guy is fantastic. Sean Hughes- A great talent! Jason Manford

    Our students Louis and Barry got the chance to ask Lost Voice Guy AKA Lee Ridley, all about his life as a top comedian who has cerebral palsy and uses an electronic communication aid.

    12 13




  • Myis my legswheelchair

    Over the years, Action For Kids has funded Doms wheelchairs so we were shocked when he had his stolen.

    Not one to be left stranded, 27-year-old Dom told the TV and papers all about it and the importance of being independent, saying: My wheelchair is my legs, I use it every day. Its part of me.

    Restoring Doms faith in human nature, kind souls on the internet raised over 25k in just 24 hours for a new one!

    Dom told us: A desperate and incredibly upsetting situation turned amazingly positive.

    Were so happy Dom finally has his legs back!

    back on the




    ess m

    akes the world go round

    Once again, we are one of GamesAids chosen charities !We cannot thank the British computer games industry enough for their ongoing support, which means we can help even more disabled children and young people!

    TOYTASTICOn a sunny day this summer, members of The British Toy and Hobby Association raised a whopping 30,000 for the charity!

    Staff and young people cheered them along while they tackled a 20km run and walk, a 10k family walk and a 72 mile bike ride.

    14 15

  • GAME ON Book MagicAward-winning writer-illustrator of picture books, Steve Antony, popped by to give our students a fabulous, free drawing workshop.

    Creator of bestselling books Please Mr Panda and The Queens Hat, Steve also used to work as a disability school support worker.

    Steve talked about what inspires his work, and helped our young people build stories and create their own fantastical tales.

    With up to 90% of people with learning disabilities having communication difficulties, creative sessions like story building are a powerful medium for self-expression.

    thanks Steve

    1616 17

    PUSH the


    Games innovator, Eddie, has been working with some of our students to develop and design computer games in a non-technical way and theyve had lots of fun while gaining more skills.Eddie said: Games are a fantastic way to educate people but also to help them share experiences and tell their own story, which is important for people with varying disabilities, especially if they are non verbal.


    The games industry is going to be bigger than the film industry.

    There are lots of job opportunities within the industry and many, many roles required to make games on different levels.

  • Why not get involved with some of Action For Kids fun-packed fundraisers?Here are some of the stories from this years charity champions...

    If I can do it anyone can...

    Matt used to weigh almost 19 stone and was a self confessed couch potato but hes transformed into a lean 12 stone sportsman.

    Whats his secret? Cycling.

    Matt cycled over 1,000km in the UK and abroad, including part of the Tour de France route in the French Alps, and all for Action For Kids.

    Describing training as his fun weekly routine, Matt said: Im addicted to cycling! People think Im crazy for doing as much as I do but it is a great way to stay fit, explore, meet new people and raise money for a great cause.



    This summer, 58-year-old Sue popped her trainers on and ran 10k for Action For Kids!

    Sue said: Im more a tortoise than a hare but if I can do it anyone can! I was never a sporty person in school, then after years of watching the London marathon, I just started running again!

    18 19


    Daredevil Danglers!

    It was a 007 lookalike and 27 other Action For Kids corporate supporters abseiling off the UKs tallest sculpture, the ArcelorMittal Orbit!Trainee solicitor, Kerri, said: I was quite apprehensive about my first abseiling experience being off the tallest structure in the UK but it was a great experience with my colleagues from Devonshires Solicitors and all for an amazing charity.

    Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No...

  • Laura is an Action For Kids student, and Loukia, her mum, is a volunteer at the charity. Sadly, Lauras aunty and Loukias sister, Rita, passed away but in her memory, their family decided to run six, 10K runs throughout 2015.

    Family spokesperson, Kyriakos, said: We joined together to raise money in memory of beloved Rita. 2015 would have been the year Rita turned 60. As a tribute we have decided to run 1km for each of her 60 years.

    EVENTS From sponsored walks to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, running 10k, taking on a half or whole marathon, cycling in London, Paris or in the duathlon, or being part of our headlining beach volleyball championships.Read more stories and find out how you can make a difference in 2016.You can contact our events team on 020 8347 8111 or email [email protected]

    To everyone who has taken part in an event for Action For Kids this year, thank you!


    weve had so many out of this world performances



    of Rita


    In Memory

    Rallying his friends and family together, Robert, 24, convinced them to cycle 32 miles from Wigan to Liverpool to raise money towards his Action For Kids wheelchair.

    Robert, who has brittle bone disease and hand-cycled the route, said: Ive been told by many that I cant take part in activities but thankfully my family and close friends have never stopped me and have always supported my passion for helping others.

    I really enjoyed the ride - it was blue skies, perfect weather and I wasnt in too much pain or too tired. It all felt worthwhile, it was a great day.



    LIVERPOOL I really enjoyed the

    ride .

  • MEET USQ. What is your job role?Im Julia, the mobility advocacy officer. I get involved in cases when families apply to us for wheelchairs and disability equipment and I believe we could get funded by wheelchair services or the NHS.

    Q. Why do you do this job?I have a profound sense of empathy with the families I work with. My youngest child Lana has cerebral palsy and I want her to be independent and live an ordinary life. Yet even having worked in childrens rights for years, it can be immensely challenging accessing services.

    Q. How do families respond?Families are usually keen for me to get involved. They often feel worn down by the system and have endless hospital appointments, disputes about their childs needs and piles of application forms.

    Q. How do you help?My role involves gentle persuasion, offering creative solutions and making complaints. I save the charity 300 - 6000 each time I am successful. Families can also receive their equipment quicker.


    WHAT a lovely picture



    Like any young adult, spending time away from home and learning to work with others really helps you become more independent.

    So what better way to learn than going to the countryside and the beach to focus on work skills, with your friends?

    Students focussed on team work, navigation, communication and exercise while being taught survival skills, using GPS mapping, climbing and much more!

    Many achievements were made - for some it was the first time away from family, for others it was the first time on a beach in a wheelchair.

    Despite having scoliosis and using a wheelchair, student Shaquille, was determined to climb the wall - and he did!

    He said: I am proud of myself because Ive done things I havent done before, and Ive been walking lots with my crutches and havent used my wheelchair much.

    Thank you to Wide Horizons and AFK partners Devonshires, M&G Investments and Unum.

    did you know ?*An advocate = someone who speaks up for someone else and helps them get the support they need.22 23

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