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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p> Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, County Superintendent of Schools </p><p>Barbara Morton, Executive Director, SELPA </p><p>Special Education Administrators Committee (SEAC) </p><p> Location Date/Time Placer County Office of Education April 17, 2015 </p><p> PCOE Main Burns Room 8:30am 12:00pm </p><p> 360 Nevada Street, Auburn, CA </p><p>AGENDA </p><p> 1. Call to Order and Establish Quorum </p><p>2. Public Comment This is the time in which anyone in the audience may address the Committee on any item that is not on the agenda. Comments will be limited to three (3) minutes unless the Committee agrees to extend the time beyond three (3) minutes. The </p><p>Committee has the discretion to restrict public comments to those matters it deems relevant to its subject matter jurisdiction. </p><p> 3. Action Items: </p><p>3.1 Approval of Minutes - Approval of Minutes from the March 20, 2015 Special Education </p><p>Administrators Committee (SEAC) meeting is requested. </p><p>4. Discussion Items: 4.1 Compliance Update - Recent updates/notification including Discipline Discrepancy and Data </p><p>Identified Non-Compliance (DINC) Prong II will be discussed. </p><p>4.2 Behavior Advantage - Aaron Stabel will present on his Behavior Advantage Program for </p><p>member discussion. </p><p>4.3 Allocation Plan Update Updates from other governance committee meetings and the </p><p>difference between the Local Plan and state-level determinations will be discussed. </p><p>5. Information Items: 5.1 Staff Development Update An update of staff development activities and plans for 2015-2016 </p><p>will be presented. </p><p>5.2 Special Education Information System (SEIS)/California Special Education Management </p><p>Information System (CASEMIS) Update Changes to State SELPA IEP forms, data to determine </p><p>funding and other updates will be provided. </p><p>5.3 Legislative Priorities The legislative items that will be presented on Legislative Sharing Day </p><p>are provided for member review. </p><p>5.4 Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Update An update on recent and upcoming CAC </p><p>activities will be shared. </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>SEAC Agenda </p><p>April 17, 2015 </p><p>Page 2 </p><p>5.5 Comments from Committee Members Members can share any important information and/or </p><p>reports with other members. </p><p>5.6 Executive Director Report Updates on committee meetings and other current SELPA </p><p>activities will be shared. </p><p> Accommodating Those Individuals with Special Needs In Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Placer County SELPA encourages those with disabilities to participate fully in the public meeting </p><p>process. If you have a special need in order to allow you to attend or participate in our public meetings., please contact our office at (530)886-5873, well in advance of </p><p>the regular meeting you wish to attend, so that we may make every reasonable effort to accommodate you, including aids or services. Documents distributed for </p><p>public session items, less than 72 hours prior to the meeting, are available for public inspection at the Placer County Office of Education, 360 Nevada Street, </p><p>Auburn, CA. </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>PLACER COUNTY </p><p>SPECIAL EDUCATION LOCAL PLAN AREA </p><p>SPECIAL EDUCATION ADMINISTRATORS COMMITTEE </p><p>AGENDA ITEM NO. 3.1 </p><p>MEETING DATE: 4-17-15 </p><p>SUBJECT: Approval of Minutes. </p><p>AGENDA ITEM SUBMITTED FOR: SUBMITTED BY: </p><p> Public Hearing Barbara Morton </p><p> Reports/Presentations </p><p>X ACTION PRESENTING TO COUNCIL: </p><p> Information Barbara Morton </p><p>............................................................................................................................................................ </p><p>Request for Action: Approval of the March 20, 2015 SEAC meeting minutes is requested. </p><p>............................................................................................................................................................ </p><p>BACKGROUND AND SUMMARY: The minutes are attached for review. </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>PLACER COUNTY SELPA </p><p>Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, County Superintendent of Schools </p><p>Barbara Morton, Executive Director SELPA </p><p>PLACER COUNTY SPECIAL EDUCATION LOCAL PLAN AREA </p><p>Special Education Administrators Committee (SEAC) </p><p>Minutes for March 20, 2015 </p><p>1.0 Call to Order After a quorum was established, the meeting of the Special Education Administrators Committee </p><p>(SEAC) was called to order by Barbara Morton, SELPA Executive Director, at 8:30 am in the </p><p>Placer County Office of Education, Burns Conference Room. </p><p> Members Present: Phil Williams - Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) </p><p>Holly Van Doren-Ackerman Charter School District </p><p> Jennifer Lewandowski-Auburn Union School District </p><p> Lynn Barbaria Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District </p><p>Karen Everett-Foresthill Union School District </p><p>Ramona Rogers -Horizon/Partnerships for Student-Centered Learning (PaSCL) Charter Schools </p><p>Jean Crouse- Loomis Union School District </p><p> Sue Latham-Newcastle Elementary School District </p><p>Debbie Morris-Roseville City School District </p><p>Craig Garabedian-Roseville Joint Union High School District </p><p>Anthony Farenga-Tahoe Truckee Unified School District </p><p>Susan Watkins-Western Placer Unified School District (WPUSD) </p><p>Others Present: Jillian King-SELPA Support Coordinator </p><p> Sonia Moscatelli-SELPA Program Specialist </p><p> Kristi Gregersen-SELPA Program Specialist </p><p> Ann Vollaro SELPA Program Specialist </p><p> Laura Blackburn SELPA Program Specialist </p><p> Melanie Purdy-SELPA Administrative Secretary </p><p>Susan Watts PCOE </p><p>Theresa Prestedge PCOE </p><p>Anna Langen CAC Representative </p><p> Members Absent: Lisa Graham Alta Dutch Flat School District </p><p>Open Position Colfax Elementary School District </p><p>Kristi Ellison-Eureka Union School District </p><p>Marsha Weis-Niegmann-Placer Hills Union School District </p><p>Elena Dalfavero-Placer Union High School District </p><p>Patti Stevens-Rocklin Unified School District </p><p>2.0 Public Comment </p><p>There was no public comment. </p><p>3.0 Action/Discussion Items: </p><p>3.1 Approval of Minutes </p><p>Lynn Barbaria moved to approve the February 20, 2015 minutes and Jean Crouse seconded the </p><p>motion. It was carried unanimously by Aye votes of members present: Phil Williams, Holly Van </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>Doren, Jennifer Lewandowski, Karen Everett, Sue Latham, Debbie Morris, Craig Garabedian, </p><p>Anthony Farenga and Susan Watkins. </p><p>3.2 Assistive Technology (AT) Follow Up </p><p>PCOE and SELPA staff asked for feedback regarding the AT Program model change for high </p><p>incidence students requiring AT supports. The Accessible Curriculum for All (ACA) project was </p><p>presented and the following districts responded: </p><p>o Loomis Union School District (LUSD) is including AT tools in their technology plan as a way of beginning to fund some equipment. LUSD is also increasing the number of Chrome </p><p>Books the district purchases, and educating teachers at each site on Google accounts. </p><p>LUSD has identified staff for the role of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) coaches and </p><p>will be ready to begin in the fall. Some of the referrals that are currently being made to the </p><p>AT program will be addressed by mentoring district staff to begin the shift to the new </p><p>model. </p><p>o Auburn Union School District (AUSD) is assigning their Curriculum Coordinator as their UDL coach and will also be ready to begin in the fall. They are also adding </p><p>Chrome Books for their middle school students. Their English Learner (EL) population are </p><p>using Google documents and the translation applications. </p><p>o Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District (DCJESD) already has staff serving in the role of AT specialists. They will have access to the training and resources if they choose to </p><p>participate. </p><p>o Roseville City School District (RCSD) and Western Placer Unified School District (WPUSD) would like to set up individual meetings with project staff to begin planning. </p><p>Larger districts that may not be ready to move district-wide initially, may want to consider selecting </p><p>a few sites and training UDL coaches for those sites as a starting point. </p><p> ACA project staff have met with PCOE Educational Services and will plan for a joint presentation </p><p>at the county-wide Curriculum and Instruction meeting by the end of this year. An overview of the </p><p>project will also be provided at the April 28 Regional Coordinator/Manager/Program Specialist </p><p>meeting. ACA project staff are available to meet with LEA staff if that would help move forward </p><p>the discussions. Contact Theresa Prestedge of PCOE to make those arrangements. </p><p>AT Program staff have been assigned to the project part time this spring in order to develop the AT </p><p>toolkit, website and curriculum for training and supporting UDL coaches that will begin with the </p><p>initial group in the fall. As a reminder, this new model will have no impact on students who are </p><p>referred with LI disabilities (e.g. students with orthopedic impairments or AAC needs). Those </p><p>referrals and the supports of the AT Program will continue as a Tier 3 support. AT Program staff </p><p>that are supporting these students may use the same Student-Environment-Tasks-Technology </p><p>(SETT) teaming process that will be used as the Tier 2 AT consideration process in the ACA </p><p>program, but this should not be perceived as replacing the AT/AAC assessment that is needed for </p><p>these more specialized and intense-need students. In regard to students who at the end of this </p><p>transition will be served by site UDL coaches (e.g. high incidence students), and are currently being </p><p>referred or assessed by the AT Program or are receiving ongoing services by the AT Program, it is </p><p>suggested conversations are initiated with the team, especially the parents, about this change. </p><p>3.3 SEAC Schedule </p><p>Members discussed the option of meeting bimonthly in the 2015-2016 school year but decided they </p><p>would like to continue meeting once a month. </p><p>3.4 Non-Public School (NPS) and Agency (NPA) Update </p><p>Every year the Master Contract is reviewed by an attorney and SELPA is seeking input on changes </p><p>that should be considered. One item that may need to be included in next years Master Contract is </p></li><li><p>6 </p><p>in regard to who is responsible for the purchase of iPads/tablets. The Master Contract states that </p><p>NPSs are responsible for purchasing all equipment but if the student has an LI disability, the device </p><p>may be purchased through LI funds. If LEAs are purchasing iPads/tablets for all of their students </p><p>on comprehensive campuses, the LEA would find it difficult to require the NPS be responsible for </p><p>making these purchases. The other item that may need to be added to the Master Contract is who is </p><p>responsible to provide Diastat training and administration at the NPS. Members were asked to </p><p>provide SELPA with feedback on other additions to the Master Contract. </p><p>On May 13 and 14, SELPA will be performing a review of Sierra Foothills Academy (SFA). </p><p>SELPA informed SFA that in addition to an observation and review of selected student files, </p><p>SELPA will be asking to review invoices for Placer County students, service logs, behavior </p><p>emergency/incident reports, documentation of staff training, staff lists (credentials/licenses), </p><p>parent/staff handbooks and lesson plans. SELPA asked for feedback if there are any other items </p><p>that should be reviewed. </p><p>A Master Contract Clarification Document which summarizes some important sections of the </p><p>Master Contract was included and will be available for members. </p><p>A legal opinion was shared that stated a doctor will have to evaluate a student for Occupational </p><p>Therapy (OT) and Physical therapy (PT) in order to bill MediCal. </p><p>3.5 Frequency of Services </p><p>One of the compliance items that California Department of Education (CDE) staff is focused on is </p><p>service frequency. Specific concerns are with stating annual or monthly services when the service </p><p>is delivered weekly. CDE staff is concerned about implementation over the entire school year and </p><p>whether students may miss services due to staff schedules. SELPA staff recommends that LEAs be </p><p>very specific in comment boxes. The amount of time must be appropriate for the specific service </p><p>and must be clearly stated on the Individual Education Plan (IEP) in a manner that can be </p><p>understood by parents and staff. An example of how CDE would prefer the service be written was </p><p>included. </p><p>3.6 Special Education Task Force </p><p>The Special Education Task Force has released its report. The report recommends one unified, </p><p>coherent system of supports for all students. The specific areas of focus are early learning, </p><p>evidence-based practices, assessment and accountability, educator preparation and professional </p><p>learning, finance and family/student engagement. </p><p>4.0 Information Items: </p><p>4.1 Staff Development Update </p><p>Patty Schetter from Autism &amp; Behavior Training Associates (ABTA) does not feel there is a need </p><p>to continue with the Autism Institute since the date has passed for staff to acquire the Autism </p><p>Added Authorization. Patty has suggested to SELPAs that have California Autism Professional </p><p>Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN) members, as we do, that they adopt a Professional </p><p>Learning Community (PLC) model. A PLC for Autism Rationale proposal from Patty was </p><p>included. SELPA is seeking feedback on which LEA staff are interested in being members of the </p><p>coaching model and would like this feedback at the next SEAC meeting. </p><p>SELPA is working on the needs assessment for the 2015-2016 school year and has asked members </p><p>for feedback to start the process. It will be sent to members next week. </p><p> TTUSD staff would like to attend trainings via video conference so SELPA will make </p><p>arrangements and work with TTUSD staff to implement this. </p></li><li><p>7 </p><p>4.2 Charter School Update </p><p>CORE Charter School has been denied membership in El Dorado County Charter SELPA and is </p><p>seeking membership in Desert Mountain SELPA. Horizon Charter School (HCS) has made </p><p>improvements according to CDE but still demonstrates systemic noncompliance so sanctions are </p><p>still in effect. </p><p>4.3 Mental Health Update </p><p>A letter from several legislators requesting an audit of mental health funding in schools was </p><p>included for member review. The opinion letter from Jonathan Read of Fagen, Friedman and </p><p>Fulfrost was also included. Mr. Reads legal opinion reiterates the legal advice from several years </p><p>ago. Absent updated legislation and with the strong likelihood of an audit he strongly cautions </p><p>against using those funds for behavior intervention or crisis counseling. </p><p> 4.4 Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Update Anna Langen, the CAC representative from Rocklin Unified School District reminded members </p><p>that May 15th is the joint meeting with CAC and SEAC. She also asked members to communicate </p><p>to parents that on April 16th there will be a Birds and Bees training from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Members </p><p>were asked if they would like to host this training. If so, please contact the SELPA office. </p><p>Legislative Sharing Day is April 29th, and members were asked to contact the SELPA if they would </p><p>like to attend. </p><p>4.5 Comments from Committee Members </p><p>PCOE received a Maintenance of Understanding (MOU) from Placer County regarding </p><p>prescriptions for epipens which requires clarification. Updates will be provided when available. </p><p>The WPUSD director asked for input on the most...</p></li></ul>


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