AGR 376-Meat Processing Technology

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AGR 376-Meat Processing Technology. Beef Slaughter Procedures and Carcass Identification. Captive Bolt Stun Gun. Stun site. Stun site. Sticking. 3-3.5% of live wt. is lost as blood. Sticking severs Jugular Vein and Carotid Artery. Removal of head between the Atlas and Axis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of AGR 376-Meat Processing Technology

  • AGR 376-Meat Processing TechnologyBeef SlaughterProcedures and Carcass Identification

  • Captive Bolt Stun Gun

  • Stun site

  • Stun site

  • Sticking

  • Sticking seversJugular VeinandCarotid Artery3-3.5% of live lost as blood

  • Removal of headbetween the Atlas and AxisVertebrae

  • Atlas joint

  • Fore shank-removed betweencarpals and metacarpalsHind shank-removed betweentarsal and metatarsals

  • Cattle arelaid in a cradle forskinning

  • Weasand Rod-used to separatethe weasand fromthe Trachea

  • Rodding the weasand

  • Weasand:(esophagus)is striated muscleTrachea-notice thecartilage rings

  • Weasand:is tied off toprevent rumen contentsfrom contaminatingthe carcass

  • Sweet Bread:(Thymus Gland)located around thetrachea and esophagusin the throat area

  • BungBunging:separates the rectumand colon fromthe pelvic cavity

  • Evisceration

  • Removing viscera

  • TracheaLungsHeartPluck

  • Lungs

  • Heart

  • Trachea

  • Splitting the carcassdown thevertebral columnallows for morerapid chilling andeasier handling

  • Can you identifythe fourvertebral regions?

  • The fourvertebral regionsCervicalThoracicLumbarSacral

  • Washing the carcassto removecontamination

  • Pizzle Eye:Attachment site of penis

  • Gracilis MusclesHeifer:Bean-shapedSteer:Diamond-shaped

  • Cod Fat is lobularlooks like grapes

  • Udder fat issmooth

  • Cod Fat vs. Udder FatCodUdder

  • Can you identifythe sex ofthis carcass?

  • Gracilis muscleAitch boneUdder FatHeifer Carcass-Bean-shaped Gracilis muscle-Flat aitch bone-Udder fat

  • Can you identifythe sex ofthis carcass?

  • Pizzle EyeDiamond shapedGracilis muscle Curved AitchBoneLobular Cod FatSteer Carcass-Diamond-shaped Gracilis muscle-Pizzle Eye-Cod Fat