AGS Work Ethic Rubric

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<ul><li><p>CRITERIA UNSATISFACTORY PROFICIENT ADVANCED</p><p>(Below Performance Standard) (Meets Minimum Criteria) (Demonstrates Exceptional Performance)</p><p>WORK ETHIC Students RARELY follow directions. Students USUALLY follow directions. Students ALWAYS follow directions.</p><p>Students RARELY follow student norms.Students USUALLY follow student </p><p>norms.</p><p>Students ALWAYS follow student </p><p>norms.Students FREQUENTLY come to class </p><p>without required materials (paper, pen </p><p>or pencil, etc.).</p><p>Students USUALLY come to class WITH </p><p>required materials (paper, pen or </p><p>pencil, etc.).</p><p>Students ALWAYS come to class WITH </p><p>required materials (paper, pen or </p><p>pencil, etc.).Students are FREQUENTLY off task </p><p>and/or conduct themselves in ways that </p><p>distract others.</p><p>Students are USUALLY focused on their </p><p>work, but occasionally are off task </p><p>and/or distract others. </p><p>Students are ALWAYS focused </p><p>throughout class. </p><p>Students FREQUENTLY copy work </p><p>inappropriately from other students or </p><p>resources.</p><p>Students OCCASIONALLY copy work </p><p>inappropriately from other students or </p><p>resources.</p><p>Students NEVER copy work </p><p>inappropriately from other students or </p><p>resources.Students DO NOT turn in their work on </p><p>time.Students turn in ALL work on time.</p><p>0..1..2..3..4..5..6 7..8 9..10</p><p>Academy of Global Studies @ Winton Woods High School</p><p>Work Ethic Rubric</p><p>Student Name:</p><p>Evaluator:</p></li></ul>


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