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AIA Seattle article on disaster aid

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  1. 1. Exploring the Changing Practice of Architecture A publication of AIA Seattle | Winter 2008/09 Vol.1 No.3 Designers Making Change AGentler Gentrification DesignersMaking Change Perform/ Transform Seattle Winter Cover B:Layout 1 2/12/09 3:18 PM Page 1
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  3. 3. Forum Winter 09:Layout 1 2/13/09 10:19 AM Page 1
  4. 4. 2 | AIASEATTLE.ORG Winter 2008/09 Vol 1, No. 3 Forum, a publication of AIA Seattle AIA Seattle provides the architectural community with resources and relationships to make a difference through design. Forum is a platform for critical dialogue about architecture. FORUM EDITORIAL BOARD Daniel Williams FAIA Brad Khouri AIA Mark Hinshaw FAIA Ken Tadashi Oshima PhD Rico Quirindongo AIA Tony Gale FAIA FORUM DESIGN CONCEPT/ART DIRECTION Wolken Communica PUBLISHER Dawson Publications, Inc. 2008-2009 AIA SEATTLE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Marilyn Brockman AIA, President Anne Schopf FAIA, President Elect David Spiker AIA, Secretary Tammie Schacher AIA, Treasurer Lee Copeland FAIA, Past President David Kunselman AIA Peter Steinbrueck FAIA Larry Hurwitz AIA Geoff Anderson AIA Craig Curtis FAIA Amanda Sturgeon AIA Peter Locke AIA Connie Petersen Bob Shrosbree ASLA Dan Say John Edwards Gladys Ly-au Young AIA AIA SEATTLE STAFF Lisa Richmond, Executive Director Brad Barnett, Office and Gallery Manager Kristin Boyer, Controller Lisa Duncan, Events and Programs Manager Debra Haraldson, Information and Membership Manager Stephanie Pure, Director of Marketing and Communications Janet Stephenson, Program Director Isla McKetta, Marketing Assistant Karen Dale, Forum Copy Editor Robin Bundi, Intern AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS SEATTLE CHAPTER 1911 First Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 206.448.4938 e-mail: [email protected] Forum is distributed as a benefit of membership of AIA Seattle and AIA Washington Council. For more information on membership, call 206.448.4938. One-year subscription (4 issues): $40 (US), $60 (foreign). To advertise in Forum, please call Dawson Publications at 800.322.3448 The opinions expressed herein or the representations made by advertisers, includ- ing copyrights and warranties, are not those of the Board of Directors, officers or staff of AIA Seattle, or Dawson Publications unless expressly stated otherwise. Forum is produced on paper that has recycled content, and printed with green inks that do not contain solvents and are VOC-free. Alcohol substitutes, water-miscible press washes, acid-free paper, and VOC-free cleaners are used. Our printer has eliminated film and film processing, and uses aqueous plates, waste recovery programs, and EPA-licensed handlers. 2009 AIA Seattle All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. Comments and contributions welcome. Some sales insertion orders may reflect Winter 2008 only. EDITORIAL CALENDAR February 2009 Designers Making Change May 2009 New Ways of Living: Residential Design ON THE COVER 107 DON BRUBECK, AIA, BASSETTI ARCHITECTSKATE CUDNEY AND TOM MULICA WITH AWB MASON STEINBRUECK ART DIRECTOR James Colgan Members of The Global Studio at work on a project with Agros International in Nicaragu. See story on page 23. Photo courtesy of The Global Studio. 15 Forum Winter 09:Layout 1 2/13/09 4:49 PM Page 2
  5. 5. 38 40 41 42 45 18 AIASEATTLE.ORG | 3 Departments Why Designers Making Change Marilyn Brockman AIA Currents Architects Without Borders Seattle help create a training center in Kenya Dear Libra Libra suggests engaging with your community to achieve positive change Industry Rachel Minnery AIA explains how architects can step up after disaster strikes Up Close Rick Browning AIA interviews Ray Gastil, Seattles new Planning Director Groundwork Jim Nicholls inspires the next generation of architect- activists with his Storefront Studio Practice Peter Steinbrueck FAIA sheds light on Seattle architects long history of Viaduct activism Rim Jeff Hou discusses design activism in the Pacific Rim Edge Krishna Bharathi Assoc AIA chats about community with Steve Badanes AIA Partner Landscape architects at Jones & Jones reinvent the highway Program Highlights What Makes It Green? Awards, Water Forum Buzz 2008 Honor Awards at Benaroya Hall Meet the Chairs AIA Seattle welcomes its 2009 committee chairs Index to Advertisers Categorical and Alphabetical listings Features A Gentler Gentrification Linda Baker asks how good design can mediate the impacts of gentrification Designers Making Change Julia Levitt introduces seven young professionals who are focusing their energies on the public realm Perform/Transform AIA Seattle announces the winners of the 2008 Honor Awards for Washington Architecture TABLEOFCONTENTSWinter2008/09 5 7 9 10 12 13 15 17 36 18 23 28 2823 PHOTO COURTESY OF PROJECT ROW HOUSES ROBERT HUTCHISONPHOTO COURTESY OF BEN SPENCER 1 Forum Winter 09:Layout 1 2/16/09 9:46 AM Page 3
  6. 6. 4 | AIASEATTLE.ORG For more information on beautiful Coastal Douglas Fir and Mahogany products from Loewen contact: Discover the worlds most inspiring windows and doors at Design. Create. Inspire. WINDOWS DOORS & MORE, INC. Authorized Loewen Dealer Seattle Showroom: 2423 NW Market Street P. 206.782.1011 Redmond Showroom: 15324 NE 92nd Street P. 425.882.1087 structural mechanical electrical Seattle Spokane Anchorage Los Angeles LASTING creativity | results | relationships Recognized as a leader in the consulting engineering industry when it comes to applying the concept of integrated building system design and building information modeling. Member of Seattle Revit Users Group (SeaRUG) BIM Forum Winter 09:Layout 1 2/13/09 10:23 AM Page 4
  7. 7. W hen I was in college, I taught art in the public school sys- tem as part of an NEA grant to provide arts education to children in extremely low-income communities. I volun- teered for this mostly to get myself out of the universitys ivory tower, and to explore parts of St. Louis that I would normally be too afraid to visit. It was a life-changing experience for me. Each week, my teaching partner (also an architecture student) and I would make our way through partially demolished neighborhoods, littered with bro- ken bottles, used needles, and trash, to work with a group of kids, age 517. They were black and poor; we were white and privileged. Our teaching goal was to get them to think about their com- munity. We asked them to draw their homes, their city, and their world. What they drew were their dreams of what their world should be. We learned more from them than we could ever teach them: that design is a way to imagine the future, using its inspira- tional language that we all share. We took a field trip to the uni- versity; our students saw models of what we imagined the future to be. I hope they were encouraged to act on their dreams. I was motivated to continue volunteering. Participation matters. The world needs whatever you can con- tribute. Join a board or commission and influence planning and de- sign in your neighborhood. Mentor a child in their quest to understand buildings and the environment. Help a community envision some- thing beyond what seems reachable. Dig wells, build houses, plant gardens, re-use cardboard creatively. Architects are trained to believe they can make the world a better place. Act on that. This past year, AIA Seattle members have been recognized for their willingness to step up to the needs of the larger community. Grace Kim AIA received a National AIA Young Architect Award for her extraordinary effort to build a roadmap for architectural licensure for IDP candidates. Norman Strong FAIA received the AIA Pacific North- west Region Medal of Honor for his push to elevate sustainability in the national AIA agenda. If you talk with either of them, they will tell you that they have spent countless hours in these pursuits, and that it has been worth every minute to make such an impact. AIA Seattle is a great place to make a difference. By joining a committee or task force, you will find like-minded individuals working together to make our world better. Members of the Committee on the Environment lobby for changes in state legislation. The Viaduct Task Force advocates for an urban design solution that benefits city livability. The Laddership Group mentors interns on their IDP path. Visit and find out whats happening and how to join in. You will be surprised by what a difference you can make. I President Marilyn Brockman AIA COURTNEY ROSENSTEIN, BASSETTI ARCHITECTS WHYDESIGNERSMAKINGCHANGE AIASEATTLE.ORG | 5 Since 1888, the AIA has been leading the industry with the most widely accepted construction and design contracts. In 2008, theres a new standard Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). IPD encourages intense collaboration among contractors, owners, architects, and engineers right from a projects strengths of your construction and design team using the AIAs new IPD Agreements. To learn more, visit to download your free copy of Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide, and to purchase the IPD Agreements today. The American Institute of Architects 1735 New York Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20006-5292 A NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD. Forum Winter 09:Layout 1 2/13/09 10:23 AM Page 5
  8. 8. 6 | AIASEATTLE.ORG BBUUIILLDDIINNGG IINNFFOORRMMAATTIIOONN MMOODDEELLIINNGG is changing the architectural industry. We understand that change can be potentially disruptive to an operation. The PPI Group s in-house BIM experts can help you move to building information modeling technology through superior quality consulting, customization and implementation of your BIM software with the least amount of distraction for your organization. CCOONNSSUULLTTIINNGG && CCUUSSTTOOMMIIZZAATTIIOONN We assess your immediate and long term needs and offer crea

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